♀♂⚢⚣ | How to type Gender Symbols on keyboard (Male and Female Signs)

The easiest solution is to use a key combination of the keys on your keyboard.

The “gender symbols text” is a keyboard shortcut that allows typing in the male and female signs. The sign can be typed on any keyboard with a QWERTY layout.

♀♂⚢⚣ | How to type Gender Symbols on keyboard (Male and Female Signs)

Using keyboard shortcuts, this tutorial will discuss numerous techniques for entering or adding any Gender Symbol or symbols in Microsoft Word, Windows, and Mac.

Let’s get started without further ado.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Gender Symbols (for Windows)

The table below lists all of the Gender Symbols Alt Code shortcuts.

The directions for utilizing the Alt Codes to enter these characters on your keyboard are included below the table.

So, go through this table for the Gender Symbol you wish to input, write down the shortcut, and then type it into your documents using the directions below this table.

Note that the majority of these alt codes only function with Microsoft Word. To use this procedure, you must first open MS Word.

Description of Symbol Symbol ALT Code
Symbol for Women ALT 12
Male Significance ALT 11
Doubled Symbol for Women ALT 9890
Doubled Male Significance ALT 9891
Interlocked female and Male Significance ALT 9892
Male and Symbol for Women ALT 9893
Stroke sign on a male ALT 9894
Male with stroke and male and Symbol for Women ALT 9895
Vertical Stroke sign on a male ALT 9896
Horizontal Stroke sign on a male ALT 9897

Alt codes are used to enter symbols or characters that are not present on the keyboard in Windows.

Some of these alternative coding approaches are only compatible with Microsoft Word on Windows. All of this needs a separate numeric keypad with Num Lock activated on your keyboard.

When attempting to write unusual characters like these, using this way to create Gender Symbols is incredibly advantageous since it saves a large amount of time.

The full procedures to enter this symbol on Windows using the Alt Code keyboard shortcut are as follows:

  • Open the Word document where you’ll be typing the symbol.
  • The cursor should be placed where you want it to be.
  • Keep one of your Alt Keys pressed and held.
  • While holding down the Alt key, input the Gender Symbol Alt Code on the right numeric keypad (see above table).
  • After inputting the code, release the alt key.

The Gender Symbol you choose will show as soon as you release the Alt key.

For the Gender Alt Code to operate, the following requirements must be observed.

  • You must hold down the Alt key before inputting the code.
  • You must use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard to input the alt code.
  • Because you’re utilizing a 10-key numeric keypad, NumLock must be enabled. The number keys become disabled when NumLock is turned off, and you won’t be able to input any numbers.
  • If your laptop doesn’t have a numeric keypad, you’ll have to first enable the hidden numeric keypad. On most computers, you may switch it on by simultaneously hitting the Fn + NmLk buttons. Not every laptop has a concealed numeric keypad. If it doesn’t display in yours, you’ll have to use an external keyboard with a numeric keypad or the on-screen keyboard to input symbols using the alt code approach. You may still utilize the other ways mentioned in this tutorial.
  • You should also be aware that not all symbols can be entered with the alt code, depending on the text editor you’re using. Some alt codes are only recognized by Microsoft Word.

Gender Symbols on the Mac

On a Mac, you may use the Character Viewer to get the Gender Symbols.

On a Mac, the Character Viewer allows you to insert special characters and symbols into text, such as Gender Symbols, arithmetic symbols, Latin letters, and pictographs.

Follow the instructions below to add these Gender symbols to your Mac.

  1. Place your cursor on the text area where the symbol will be inserted.
  2. Press Control + Command + Space bar to bring up the Character Viewer. Alternatively, choose Edit > Emoji & Symbols.
  3. In the top search area, type the name of the Gender sign and hit Enter. Type (Male sign or female sign) for example to obtain (or).
  4. The emblem should be visible. To incorporate it into your text, just click on it.

These are the procedures for using the Character Viewer on Mac to insert this and any other symbol.

Gender Symbols from the Office Symbol Library should be used.

If utilizing the keyboard isn’t your thing, you may also access the Gender Symbols in Office products like Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint using the mouse.

We’ll use screenshots of Microsoft Word to demonstrate the processes. In Excel and PowerPoint, though, you may apply the same way.

Here are the measures to take without further ado:

  • Open Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Place your cursor where you want it.
  • Toggle over to the Insert tab.


  • Select More Symbols from the drop-down menu after clicking the Symbols button in the Symbols group.


The Symbol window will be shown. It has a million symbols, including all of the Gender Symbols.

  • Gender Symbols may be found in the symbol collection.

Use the Subset dropdown option to see particular sorts of symbols to quickly discover these symbols. Gender Symbols may be found in the Miscellaneous category in the Subset list.

  • Simply double-click on these Genders to insert them into your document. Alternatively, after choosing the appropriate symbol, click the Insert button.
  • Close the conversation.

If you carefully follow the procedures above, you may use Word to insert Gender Symbols or any other sign or character that is not accessible on the keyboard.

Gender Symbols to Copy and Paste

This is the most straightforward method for obtaining any symbol, including Gender Symbols.

Simply copy the symbol someplace, such as a web page, and then move to the document where you need it and hit Ctrl + V.

The methods below will teach you how to duplicate this symbol from the Character Map on a Windows PC.

  • Find the Character Map app and open it.
  • Select the Advance View checkbox beside the button to see additional Character map possibilities.


A search box may be found in the Advanced view. Enter the name of the Gender Symbol in this search box and hit Enter. Type (Superscript two) for example to obtain 2.

  • In the search results, the symbol will display.
  • Simply double-click it and pick it in the Characters to copy text box before pressing the Copy button.


It might be difficult to find symbols that do not have keys on the keyboard, such as these Gender Symbols.

It should no longer be a challenging chore with the help of the techniques and directions given here.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our information.

The “male symbol text font” is a keyboard layout that allows you to type male and female signs on your computer. The symbols are in the same order as they appear on the keyboard.

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