10 Best Linux Distros For All Professonals 2020

Linux distributions

Linux Distros is widely recognized as the third sacred triptych of computer programs, simultaneously with Windows and MacOS. We have here a list of the top 10 Linux 2020 distributions for all professionals.

Therefore, Linux can be defined as the most rebellious of the three, because it is flexible and customizable, including some different best Linux distributions developed by unique associations for different values.

In addition, the Linux kernel and most distributions are free, which is an important selling point for the operating system compared to Windows and MacOS.

Since there are different distributions of Linux for different situations. Even if you are behind an operating system configured for desktops, workstations, laptops, servers, games or audio/video editing, there is a distribution for everyone.

That’s why we try to give you a short description of the most reliable Linux distributions, each configured for desktop use.

So you can install these Linux distributions on Chromebook, PC or Mac as a replacement for your existing operating system, use them in dual-boot scenarios or in combination with one of the best practical tools.

Well, if you want a Linux distribution that looks like Windows? Or would you rather use commands than click? Or do you want something special in your personal life? Each of these factors and a few other determinants summarize what Linux Distros is best for you.

Usually the list of the most popular Linux distributions is adapted to the needs of the user. Kali Linux, for example, is specifically designed for digital forensic investigation and penetration testing. Therefore we have selected the top 10 Linux distributions in this article and updated this list from the 2019 Linux distribution.

What is the Linux distribution?

As mentioned before, Linux is flexible and adaptable, with a number of unique features for different applications.

In addition, we can also say that Linux is home to almost all programming languages, and it is a Unix-like operating system.

This open source operating system is therefore primarily designed for the Linux kernel and is usually integrated with multiple Linux distributions.

Linux distributions, traditionally called distributions, are operating systems developed by compiling software based on the Linux kernel.

Different users use Linux by downloading one of the different distributions of Linux. Linux operating systems are most commonly used by programmers, users and gamers.

So we can say that Linux is a gift from the world that has shaped our modern life. Well, in today’s world, we can’t imagine a single moment of outside technology.

This is how Linux has produced the most important and significant innovations in the creation of modern technology.

In the beginning Linux was not as it is today, it has come a long way through various developments and editions by a friendly association of free software.

It is therefore safe to say that Linux not only looks excellent as a desktop manager, but also offers a wide range of useful and productive free and open source software that meets all basic and necessary user requirements.

Well, without wasting any time, let’s get to work and go through the whole list below.

Best Linux 2020 distribution

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Linux Coin
  • Arc Linux
  • Solutions.
  • Fedora
  • basic operating system
  • Kali-Linux
  • MX-Linux


http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/10-Best-Linux-Distros-For-All-Professonals-2020.PNG Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions because it has several good reasons. The most popular qualities of Linux and at the same time Coin are fully approved for beginners in Linux, because it is remarkably user-friendly.

Since the latest versions of Ubuntu are released every six months and every two years, the developer officially releases the LTS version of Ubuntu.

This promises five years of protection and general maintenance. Standard models are generally only recommended for one year.

For example, the latest version of Ubuntu LTS uses the GNOME 3 desktop context, which may be less familiar to Windows and MacOS users.

In addition, there are variants of Ubuntu that work in different situations, such as Lubuntu, which uses a minimal LXDE-based desktop context and a set of quick and easy applications.

The result is a much lower load on system resources than the graphics-intensive unit.

Main features: –

  • Satisfy the demands of increased productivity.
  • kernel 3.11
  • LibreOffice 4.12



Linux distributions CentOS

This Linux operating system is popular because it is part of the corporate version of Red Hat Linux.

The emphasis is therefore on safety and not on constant updates. Therefore, as with Red Hat, security updates and support for CentOS are downloaded up to 10 years after the first release of each version.

That’s why CentOS is designed to be extremely reliable, making it an excellent alternative to the server.

But we can say that it is not the best solution for those who see a new operating system for daily use on their desktop or laptop.

You can also experience the satisfaction of having something for free – the kits selected for the industrial version of Red Hat Linux are fully CentOS compatible. That’s why you can use it for free without any doubt.

Main features: –

  • Excellent documentation and supporting community.
  • Based on Debian.
  • Battery interface open.

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Debian Linux distributions

Debian makes the Internet work all over the world. If you agree with the statistics, more than 96% of web servers, websites and cloud hosts run on Linux.

Although Debian is not designed to be user-friendly or to allow quick and easy use, right out of the box.

So, if you try to download and run Debian in real time, all you get is a black screen with a message at the top of the screen.

As with the pre-compiled distributions we talked about earlier, Debian gives you more practice than you can do yourself.

You define the packages you need to install, the wallpaper you need and any operating system add-ons.

Well, you can introduce Debian as the standard android. MIUI, Samsung’s One UI are usually made on Android shares.

Companies that build it for their phones can be linked to Debian-based Linux distributions.

Main features: –

  • Ordering branch of GnuPG
  • Improved UEFI support
  • Standard MariaDB

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Linux component

Linux distros Linux mint

Linux Mint is the standard Linux distribution for today’s Linux users because it contains a number of software required for migration from Mac or Windows, such as B. LibreOffice, the preferred productivity suite for Linux users.

For example, it also provides sufficient support for installed media formats to play lists of videos, DVDs and MP3 music directly from the box.

However, you can also download three important functions of Mint 19, each with a different office atmosphere. In the top panel of the user interface you can define items such as the presence of windows and menus.

Cinnamon is currently the best known, but you can also choose a simpler version, MATE or Xfce.

Therefore Linux Mint 18.3 was the latest version with an already installed version of KDE.

Fortunately, this is no longer possible with Linux Mint 19, but if you miss it, you can install it in the 19 pattern.

While Timeshift was released in version 18.3 and for all advertising, Linux Mint is one of the main features of Linux Mint 19.

Time Shift allows users to recover their computer since the last time they started working.

All these desktop environments therefore allow a wide range of configuration options. Feel free to download and test some of them to see which one works best.

Main features: –

  • Software manager.
  • Automatic updates.
  • It is best to search for files in Nemo.

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Arch Linux

Linux distros Arch Linux

If you want to try a slightly less comfortable Linux distribution, Arch Linux is one of the most popular options.

With Arch Linux you can easily configure the interface with a terminal to download and install packages.

This is very useful for developers as well as for those who use more traditional machines and do not want random packages to take up space.

So the main goal of Arch Linux is to store simple things that are not so important to the user, but to ensure that the code is clear and correct, with minimal access to everything.

Therefore there is not as much that comes with Arch Linux as with other Linux distributions. Users are therefore expected to download additional software and adapt Arch Linux to their needs.

This can make Linux distributions a little more complicated; reducing inflation can make the distribution very attractive to users who need a clean practice of Linux with little or no confusion.

This is the effect of using Linux, which supports more advanced users and not beginners.

This is what the original version, made for more practical use, was originally called Antergos, but it is no longer available.

In addition, Arch Linux has another feature that, instead of large releases, comes with a continuously updated, scalable implementation model.

Main features: –

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent learning tool

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Linux distributions Conclusion

Tails is one of the private Linux distributions that aims to verify your location and identity, that’s why Edward Snowden practiced it.

Tails OS forwards all its Internet transactions to the Tor anonymization network, which was set up to block the interception and analysis of data.

So it is based on all the security features of Debian Linux and uses the GNOME desktop, so the interface is always clear and convenient.

However, Tails isn’t for everyone, but this OS corner offers you amazing peace of mind in light of all the privacy laws proposed today.

Main features: –

  • Current Insulation
  • Onion chains graphic front piece
  • Network manager

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Fedora is not based on additional Linux distributions and has been fully deployed by the community.

If you are a developer, you can also be a distributor. You probably think you’re offering Fedora something so unique? And the answer is undoubtedly to support society.

The association is very active and you can quickly get answers to your questions in their community forum.

When the developers made it, their main goal was to create an operating system that has a very sarcastic container of software on the side.

For example, a package that is not yet available in other Linux distributions is built and made available to Fedora.

Main features: –

  • Dynamic firewall.
  • The best software for end users.
  • Support the virtual office.

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Elementary OS

Distros Linux Basic Operating System

If you can find a Linux distribution that you can easily use from the image of a boring hacker defending himself in the terminal interface.

It is the most beautiful Linux distribution in the region, with MacOS-related settings.

The excellent desktop environment of this operating system is known as Pantheon and meets the requirements of GNOME.

Well, the most advanced version of Elementary OS is called Loki, which is not only a little more attractive and stylish than its predecessor Freya, but also has its own accredited user interface installer AppCenter.

It’s a wonderfully easy way to install applications that you can use outside the terminal.

In addition, Elementary OS comes with the Epiphany browser, the Geary email client and a number of important tool applications.

It may therefore be necessary to add other add-on programs, but with the combined AppCenter, which contains paid programs designed specifically for the operating system, such as B. Quilting for beginners or boosting presentations is easy to do.

The Elemental OS class supports issues related to purchasing and downloading additional applications.

Main features: –

  • Easily reduce the size of the image
  • scam card with keyboard shortcuts
  • Bold when using colour

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Kali Linux

Linux distros Kali Linux

If you find Linux for ethical hacking, there is no better distribution of Linux than Kali Linux.

To be honest there is no additional distribution that Kali Linux can host. The distribution comes with the Kali Linux Hacking Toolkit, which allows you to hack any system ethically.

These devices are grouped in different verticals, such as wireless attacks, stress tests, web applications, vulnerability scanning tools, vulnerability exploitation tools, etc.

That’s why Kali Linux is based on the Debian test industry and most packages come from the Debian repository.

Moreover, previous versions of the updates were not presented in a very precise form.

But in the more advanced version, he worked with Offensive Security and Cloudflare to make sure all updates were handled securely.

One of the main advantages of Kali Linux is that it can be hosted on different systems such as Chromebook, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone, among others.

With the Kali NetHunter package, users can also use it on Android smartphones.

Some of the benefits of using Kali Linux are daily updates, analyzed and tested hacking tools, excellent tutorial resources and a solid Debian database.

Kali Linux is the most widely used distribution for penetration testing.

Well, the number of built-in penetration tools makes it more convenient for ethical hackers.

Not only is it an excellent programme for penetration testing, but it also provides knowledge for modern ethical hackers. It also has an existing community and provides adequate documentation.

Main features: –

  • Full customization
  • Full disk encryption
  • Metapacities

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MX Linux

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605660813_334_10-Best-Linux-Distros-For-All-Professonals-2020.PNG MX Linux

As a middleweight Linux distribution, MX-Linux works like a dream, but on a lower PC, and its relatively small initial installation makes it the preferred and most desirable distribution among developers.

You could say that this is the standard XFCE wallpaper, which may seem a bit outdated compared to the more popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu.

However, there is something to announce to keep things simple.

That’s why the basic things in MX Linux are never more than a few clicks. That’s why the taskbar serves as a list of MX tools that combine important things like data storage on your PC with options for system configuration and keyboard quality.

For example, a basic MX-Linux installation consists of a solid group of packages combining Firefox, VLC, LibreOffice and GIMP, and of course you can get even more with Synaptic Package Manager, which leads you to the packaging containers for MX-Linux.

Main features: –

  • Turn on the sound of the event with a single click.
  • Sleep mode is now enabled by default.
  • Easy and flexible installation.

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In principle, we have already established that such better or ideal distributions do not exist.

But in this article we will simply point out the best distributions of 2020, but for a beginner a completely interrupted environment is a more relaxed start.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the options above and learn from it.

So we have just mentioned in this article a list of the top 10 distributions of Linux 2020 that will certainly help you in your daily tasks.

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