10 Best Parental Control Apps in 2021 [Updated]

Families now depend on smartphones and tablets for daily chores. Mum wants to read and practice a recipe they saw on their favorite website. For dad, he can catch up with world news and sports on his phone.

All you need is an internet connection to make such things possible. While the parents know what they are doing, the children have a different story. They will want to watch the kids’ channels and check on what dad is reading too.

When you are not around, kids will want to try different things. Since you don’t want them to stumble on irrelevant content, that is where parental control apps come into play. Keep reading to see the ten best apps in 2021 to watch over your kids.

Part 1: Spyier Parental Control Solution

There are numerous solutions that parents have seen on the internet. Since not most of them work as they should, you are bound to face the devastation with every app you try. Parental control apps are advertised every day, which means some work.

One of the solutions that can help you view children’s phone activities remotely is Spyier. It’s recognized globally due to the simplicity and the features it possesses. It has also involved the best practices to ensure that you monitor your kids without alerting them.


You can use it on both Android and iOS devices, and that’s an excellent consideration. Having a cross-platform is essential since those are the widely used phone operating systems. While it addresses both, it has qualities that make it the top-notch application.

They include the following:

No Phone Alteration

Plenty of the apps out there will demand rooting or jailbreaking where necessary. That applies to Android and iOS, respectively. Such practices are a double-edged sword. Why? Because you will get exclusive features and more information but at a cost.

Rooting and jailbreaking alter how a phone looks and functions, and it may not end well with kids’ security. Malware will always find an easy entry after the compromise. That is how your kids will end up being hackers victims.

Spyier does not allow such techniques, yet you get most of the activities from the phone. It’s due to the presence of cutting-edge technologies in the solution.

Easy Setup Process

With no tricky parts before or within the setup, it takes you five minutes at most to setup Spyier. You are a parent with a busy schedule, but some applications still give you a hard time. For a parental control app to prove it’s worth, it should provide smooth sailing.

The steps should be easy to comprehend and execute. If there are additional instructions, it should also be something that you can easily do with the devices available. You can visit this page to spy on Android phones as you learn the steps.


They may be a little different from what you will see on the iPhone side. Regardless of the difference, it will still take you a short time to set up an application like Spyier. In fact, for iOS, it will be easier since everything will be happening online.

Real-time Results

Kids will be on the device all the time, loading things instantly. The internet is much better these days, and that’s why it should do the same honors on your end. Spyier is one of the few solutions that will show you the activities as soon as the kids update them.


It’s essential to have that so that you can know whenever the kids are landing in danger. There is a lot of information to view here, from the made calls to the keylogger reports.

It’s also possible to view information anywhere since the dashboard is compatible with all browsers.

Part 2: Minspy Parental Control Application

You can also try Minspy as another reputable parental control solution. It has also won global recognition by having numerous features and being cross-platform. That means you can use it to check on your kids’ Android and iOS devices.


Part 3: Spyine Parental Control Application

Spyine has also proven to be worthy thanks to the exclusion of the rooting and jailbreaking techniques. That leaves you with clear instructions that will only take five minutes to execute. Here, you can check on calls, SMSs, location, and social media activities.


Part 4: Spyic Solution

You may have read about Spyic on major news outlets. CNET and Business Insider are just a few of the prominent ones. It’s an app that has also been used by millions of people in over 190 countries. You can, therefore, count on it to help you protect your kids.


Part 5: Neatspy Solution

When you use Neatspy on the kids’ devices, all the results will be viewed remotely. It has features such as contacts, messages, browsing history, photos, and videos. The dashboard is compatible with all browsers. You will only need an internet connection to access it.


Part 6: Cocospy Solution

You cannot go wrong, choosing Cocospy as your favorite child monitoring tool. It has all the features you need, and it takes a few minutes to set it up. Androids require a one-time installation. For iOS, everything happens online when you have the iCloud credentials.


Part 7: FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor also works with Android and iOS devices. You don’t need any rooting or jailbreaking measures due to the presence of cutting-edge technologies. Some of the features include calls, location, SIM Card details, and calendar notes.


Part 8; TeenSafe

TeenSafe is dedicated to keeping kids out of online harm. That’s why it’s another trusted platform by parents the world over. If you use it on their devices, it will show you information quietly and remotely.


Part 9: Spyzie

When you use Spyzie on the children’s phone, it will never avail due to the stealth mode. It’s also designed to fetch information quietly by not draining the battery. You get all the data in your online account, and the control panel also works with all browsers.


Part 10: SafeSpy

Lastly, we have the SafeSpy solution that also contains all the features you need. It will tell you where the kid is and what he/she is doing at all times, thanks to the 30+ features. You can also use it on Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking.



In this digital age, checking what the kids are doing with the devices is crucial. You don’t want an incident where you can’t control the kids’ behavior because of their learning.

Take charge and deploy the control measures now before they outgrow your move.

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