16 Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

Voice changing apps are one of those things that might seem cool, but are practically useless, and have a lot of restrictions on them, which makes it hard to find the best one to use. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best voice changing apps for Discord, with their best features, pros, cons, and a rating.

Voice changer apps have been around for some time now, and there are a lot of them out there that can make your voice sound like a robot, a cat, or a hedgehog. Some of the more popular ones include the Audacity, iFunny, and Pottrid voice changer apps. Today we’re going to be looking at the Discord voice changer app, which can be found on both Android and iOS. Discord is arguably the most popular voice changer app on the market, mainly because it has a wide range of silly voices, and it’s free.

In this article we will list some best voice changer apps for Discord. We will help you to download and install each app.

best voice changer apps for discord

Discord is a popular gaming, texting, video calling, and other services platform. Users can enjoy a variety of channels on Discord thanks to its multiple servers, where they can discuss topics or simply relax. The features of this application are great, from establishing groups to interacting anonymously. We’ll talk about the greatest voice changers for Discord in this post.

Discord can be a lot of fun, especially if you’re a gamer. We have fantastic news for you if you really want to immerse yourself in the game’s character and have a real-time experience. You can now change your voice and sound like anyone you want thanks to voice changer applications. With Discord voice changer software, you can make yourself sound like Satan, a child, or a robot.

Some people want to modify their voice to protect their privacy, while others simply want to have fun. You can also amuse your pals by altering your voice, because a little fun never hurt anyone. Here’s a list of the greatest Discord voice changer programs to help you make the funniest, weirdest, and most irritating sounds possible.

Discord’s Best Voice Changer Apps

Clownfish Voice Changer is a program that allows you to change the voice of a clown

Clownfish is without a doubt the best voice changer software because it has so many amazing features. The nicest part about this program is that it is installed on the system level, allowing your customized voice to be received by any device with a microphone.

Your voice will be changed not just on Discord, but also on Steam, Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Viber, Mumble, and many other apps. You can choose from a wide range of options, including Alien, atari, clone mutation, helium pitch, baby pitch, male pitch, and female pitch. Furthermore, the software is really simple to set up.

best discord voice changers

2. Voice Modification

Voicemod is another excellent Windows program that will be released for iOS and Android in the near future. This app operates in real-time and is compatible with Discord, Fortnite, Overwatch, VRchat, and PubG. You can have a lot of fun with Voicemod, from changing your voice to making prank calls.

It can even transform your voice to that of a robot or a girl. This program is quite popular among gamers since it helps your speech sound more genuine. Furthermore, it is simple to integrate, so you may change your voice on any app in under a minute.

Morphvox Jr. is the third member of the Morphvox family.

This app is ideal for those who want to completely change their voice for privacy reasons. Give your character a new voice to add to the game experience. You can also add sounds to the game, such as drum rolls, to make it more engaging.

This is a free voice changer that allows you to choose between the voices of a toddler, an adult man, or an adult lady. You get everything in one app, from background cancellation to outstanding sound quality. Playing games with your pals or pranking them with different voices may be a lot of fun.

AV Voice Changer (n.d.) (n.d.) (n

You can change your voice in real time as well as edit waveforms with this voice changer app. You can not only change your voice, but also record, cut, and mix it to create sounds of your choice.

The feature that we like best about this app is that it allows you to change every aspect of your voice. You can make it deeper, younger, older, or sound like a cartoon character, and you can do it all. Additionally, audio files can be edited and stored for later use.

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5. Voice Changer by Voxal

Another Discord voice changer tool is Voxal, which alters your voice according to your preferences. You can change your voice in real time as well as apply it to audio recordings. Make yourself sound like a boy, female, alien, or whatever you wish to be.

Furthermore, the features of this application are fairly advanced, allowing you to experiment with numerous ways to modify your voice. It is simple to install and utilize the vocal voice changer on your device. It’s one of the greatest voice changers because it works with Discord and a variety of other apps.

6. Voice Changer by RoboVox

The RoboVox voice changer app, which is an android application, is next on our list. It has 32 different speech types, so you can feel afraid one second and then laugh the next. You may change your voice by sliding your fingertips across the X-Y axis, which has many modulations and pitch settings.

In addition, the app has three different modes: real-time, parrot, and recording. Users can keep and share their recordings on SoundCloud. The RoboVox software offers a wide range of vocal models, including pitch shift, badman, disco shirt, cyclin, singing robot, and prophet.

Voice Changer Plus is number seven.

Here is the greatest voice changer discord for iOS users. This application has a unique function that allows you to reverse the sound. Isn’t it incredible? You can also add layers of change to the recording in addition to changing your voice.

The software has a simple UI with roughly 55 voice effects, trim control, and full voiceover capabilities. With a tap, record your voice, listen to it in many voices, and keep the one you like most. You are free to share it on whatever platform you want!


VoiceMeeter is number eight on the list.

VoiceMeeter is another another fantastic Discord voice changer that delivers on its promises. You can give the application many inputs and have it combine them into a single output. Beginners will find it difficult to utilize this program because it is extremely complicated.

However, there are numerous videos and step-by-step tutorials available to assist you in learning how to utilize VoiceMeeter. Change your voice and alter it in any way you desire. This program can be used for everything, from gaming on Discord to pranking your pals, so take use of it.

9. The Most Effective Voice Changer

This is the app for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful voice changer. This program is simple to use because it supports mp3, WAV, and a variety of other file formats. You can either record your voice and edit it, or you can choose an audio track from your library and edit it. You may also share the recording on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and Line using the app. As of right present, this Discord voice changer is only accessible for Android smartphones. Enjoy your new voice by selecting from a variety of effects.

Voice Changer with Effects (No. 10)

This software is compatible with all Android devices and has a lot of cool features. You can also make a voice out of text without recording your own voice. You can use this program to make a ringtone, generate a notification voice, or change your voice in general.

It offers over 40 different effects for users to pick from. Share the finished result with your friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, email, and other social media platforms. Create an image that includes a sound, or choose a pre-recorded sound and tweak it to your liking.

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11. Voice Editor, Voice Changer, and Voice Recorder

Not only can you change your voice with this program, but it can also be used for music editing. Installing this software is simple, and you may use it on your smartphone with ease.

The program may be used for a variety of functions, including planning someone, composing music, and changing your voice for safety reasons. Access over 15 voice mod options and transform yourself into a child, a woman, or a man; the possibilities are unlimited. At addition, the recording can be done in a variety of quality levels.

12. Voice Changer All-in-One

If you’re looking for a Discord voice changer, you should definitely give this app a shot. It’s ideal for gaming because it allows you to alter your voice in real time while on the phone. You can quickly change your voice whenever you’re playing next.

The software is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and has a simple UI. The software also teaches you how to utilize it in four simple steps. Simply record your voice, import it into the voice changer, modulate it to your liking, and distribute it everywhere you want.

Super Voice Changer (#13)

This program is for you if you desire complete customisation and aren’t a fan of presets. Users must alter the settings themselves and build their own voice because the software does not have any presets. However, the procedure is straightforward and can be completed fast.

Super voice changer is Discord-compatible and can also be used on other platforms. Create your own own voices, use them in real-time or record them, whatever you like. This program may appear confusing to some, but it provides you complete control over your speech.

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MasqVox Voice Changer (version 14)

Originally, the software was solely for Skype, but it is now also compatible with Discord. This free voice changer will suffice if you want to have a good time while playing without making any significant changes.

It contains a large number of human and cartoon voices that you can utilize to meet your needs. The app does not slow down your computer because of its simple UI. It is also small and compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. On Discord, you can record, change, share, repeat, and have a good time.

Discord Voice Changer is a tool that allows you to change your voice in Discord

Another amazing software for changing your voice while gaming is Discord Voice Changer. Because this software was created specifically for Discord, it’s simple to use, has a clean UI, and is simple to install. However, because this app is not yet accessible on the Play Store, you will have to get it from a third-party source.

The presets range from helium to cellar, adult robot to kid robot to monster. With only one press, you may record your voice and edit it to your taste. Furthermore, the interface is user-friendly, allowing you to utilize the program without difficulty.

16. Audio for Pleasure

This voice changer for Discord is for you if you are tech-savvy. Advanced elements in audio for fun may not be easily comprehended by everyone. Furthermore, the software provides a variety of customization options that allow users to create their own voice.

Although it is a little complicated, it provides you complete control over the voice, allowing you to change it as you desire. You’ll also need to tweak the settings to get the most out of this program. Before using this app, make sure you’re familiar with voice-changing apps.

Advice on how to pick the best voice changer app

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Determine why you’d like to utilize a voice-changing app. If you want a fun app, go with a free app; otherwise, go with a professional app with extensive capabilities.

•Think about how you’ll use Discord on your system. While some apps are cross-platform, some are only accessible for Android, Windows, or iOS. •Before purchasing a premium app, make sure it offers a free trial period of a few days so you can familiarize yourself with its features. •Consider how many voice effects you’ll require. Voices for men, women, and robots are available in practically every app. Check out the impacts it has to give if you want something different. • If you’re new to voice changer apps, make sure the software isn’t too complicated. Start with something simple, such as apps with presets, which are straightforward to use.

Final Thoughts

These are the finest Discord voice-changing apps you should try. Have fun with these apps as long as you’re using them responsibly.

Voice changer apps can be a great tool for a variety of things. Some of them are used as a novelty to have fun with, others help you in some way, while others are simply a prank for your friends to enjoy. If you are looking for one that can add a little bit of fun to your Discord experience, look no further.. Read more about morphvox voice changer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best voice changer for Discord?

There are many voice changers for Discord. Some of the most popular ones are listed below: -Discord Voice Changer -Discord Voice Changer – Free -Discord Voice Changer – Free Trial

What is the best voice changer 2021?

The best voice changer is a voice changing app that you can use on your phone.

Is Voicemod for Discord safe?

Yes, Voicemod is safe.

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