2 Ways & Shortcuts to Open Clipboard in Windows 11

Windows 11 has three ways to open a selected item on the clipboard. This article gives an overview of two ways: with keyboard shortcuts and by right-clicking

The “two ways to live” is a short article that explains how to open the clipboard in Windows 11. There are two methods, one using the keyboard and another using the mouse.

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On the 27th of May, 2022,

  • For every PC user, the copy and paste feature is perhaps the most often used shortcut.
  • It’s now simpler to move copied things from one window to another using Windows 11’s newly redesigned clipboard capability.
  • Because the clipboard function is widely utilized, finding better and faster methods to access it will be highly valuable.


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If you’ve ever needed to copy many objects from one program to another, you know how time-consuming switching windows to copy and paste can be.

The clipboard is a component of the Windows operating system that comes in handy. You may copy and paste data from one area to another using it.

For years, it has been a standard component of the Windows operating system. When you copy text from one area and paste it in another, the copied text is saved in this location. You may open any of the copied things from the clipboard if you wish to utilize them.

In terms of functionality, the Windows 11 clipboard considerably outperforms previous versions. It also has an emoji and GIF area, making it more intriguing and entertaining.

You may also save and organize recently copied stuff so you can go back and check your history later. To learn how to utilize the Windows 11 clipboard, see our detailed article.

In Windows 11, what is a clipboard?

A clipboard is a temporary storage location for text or photos. When you copy text from a document, for example, it is kept on the clipboard. 

It’s not copied again when you paste it someplace else; instead, it’s just fetched from the clipboard and pasted where you desire. You won’t have to retype anything if you do it this way.

Instead, copy and paste the content as many times as necessary when you need it again. It’s a handy feature that allows you to copy and paste stuff across apps as well as inside them.

In Windows 11, how do I access the Clipboard?

1. Take use of keyboard shortcuts

This is the simplest way to use Windows 11’s Clipboard functionality. In order to do so, just press Ctrl + V.


2. Make use of the Settings application

  1. To enter Settings, press the Windows + I keys at the same time.1652799912_335_3-Quick-Steps-to-Get-Your-Windows-11s-Video-Editor
  2. On the left pane, pick System, and on the right pane, select Clipboard.2-Ways-Shortcuts-to-Open-Clipboard-in-Windows-11
  3. On the Clipboard history button, toggle it on.1653653655_638_2-Ways-Shortcuts-to-Open-Clipboard-in-Windows-11

Because Windows 11 only allows for a maximum of 25 entries, the oldest ones will be erased if you go above that limit. If you want to retain copied objects on your clipboard for a longer period of time, you may pin them.

Pinning allows you to maintain your chosen items even if your Windows Clipboard history is cleared. To save an item, just click the pin symbol next to it.

More information about this subject may be found here.

What is the best way to remove my clipboard history?

When utilizing a shared computer, you may not want other people to have access to your history. Follow the steps below to remove your clipboard history:

  1. To launch the Run command, press the Windows + R keys together.
  2. In the dialog box, type and hit Enter the following command: echo.|clip cmd /c1653653656_139_2-Ways-Shortcuts-to-Open-Clipboard-in-Windows-11
  3. The history of your clipboard has been wiped.

You may also clear clipboard data from Settings by clicking on Clear clipboard data.


If you find yourself utilizing the clipboard function more often, installing a good clipboard manager to help you keep organized is a good idea.

What’s more, several of these clipboard managers have advanced capabilities like data encryption and extensive customization options that aren’t available in the Windows 11 clipboard.

If you run into any additional problems, such as the clipboard history not functioning, we have a few remedies for you to attempt to go back to flawlessly copying and pasting.

Do you have any additional clipboard tricks that help you get things done faster? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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