3 Easy Way to Take Screenshots In Firefox Without Any Addon

You might be wondering how to take a screen capture for your blog post, research paper, or resume. The answer is that you can use the awesome Firefox web browser and its built-in screenshot tool! Stay away from those addons that often are not supported by new browsers.

The “firefox screenshot shortcut windows” is a simple way to take screenshots in Firefox without any addon. This method uses the Windows key and the Print Screen button, which are both built-in features of Windows.

3 Easy Way to Take Screenshots In Firefox Without Any Addon

For Windows users, Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser. Taking screenshots is a quick and easy technique to capture things for later use. Firefox developer tools, like Chrome Dev Tools, enable you to capture screenshots without the need of a “Firefox Addon.” Aside from the Firefox Developer tool, the newest Firefox versions provide a built-in Screenshots tool.

Don’t have a clue? Yes, you no longer need to install any addons or plugins in your Firefox browser since the latest version, 55.0 or above, has a built-in capability for capturing screenshots quickly and efficiently. So, here are the methods for natively taking screenshots in your browser: –

  1. Using the Developer Toolbar in Firefox
  2. Using the Developer Tools in Firefox
  3. Using the built-in Firefox Screenshot Tool


Let’s take a look at each of these easy methods one by one. WOULD YOU RATHER WATCH A LIVE VIDEO TUTORIAL? Here it is:

1. Using the Developer Toolbar in Firefox

The Developer Toolbar is where you may use the built-in commands. So, let’s have a look at how to utilize the Firefox Developer Toolbar to take screenshots. You can also use this to snap full-page screenshots. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: In Firefox, open any web page and use the shortcut key “Shift+F2” to bring up the Firefox Developer Toolbar. As demonstrated in the GIF image below, this toolbar will appear at the bottom of the window.

Step 2: Try both choices in this toolbar:

=>To capture a screenshot of a visible part of the screen, follow these steps: Press Enter after typing the command “Screenshot.”

=>To take a full-page screenshot, follow these steps: Press Enter after typing the command “Screenshot –full-page.”

When you run the following instructions, screenshots will be stored in.PNG format in your system storage. It will also display a screenshot image and path in the lower left corner under “Toast Notification.” It’s over!!!


2. Using the Developer Tools in Firefox

You can do a variety of operations using Firefox Developer Tools. As we previously described with the Google Chrome Browser, you will learn how to utilize Firefox Developer Tools to take screenshots. To learn more, click here.

Step 1: Open your Firefox browser and go to the menu icon in the top right corner –> pick “Developer” –> select “Toggle Tools” OR use “Ctrl+Shift+I” to open it straight.

Step 2: Toggle the “Responsive Design Mode” icon or press “Ctrl+Shift+M” to change the color to blue. You may choose any device from the built-in preset list in Responsive Design Mode. Rotate the viewport by clicking the Rotate symbol.


Step 3: Are you ready to go? To capture the screen, just click the “Screenshot” button. It’s over!!! The Device Frame will appear here, exactly as it did in Chrome Browser.


3. Using the built-in Screenshot Tool in Firefox

An incorporated Firefox Screenshot Tools is featured in Firefox 55.0 and higher versions. However, you will not see this item on the Address Toolbar by default. So, let’s see how to use this fantastic built-in feature and obtain a Screenshot icon on the Address Toolbar.

Step 1: In the Firefox browser, open a new tab and type “about:config” in the URL bar to view the “advance settings.” Simply click the “I Accept the Risk!” button to proceed.

Step 2: Type “extensions.screenshots.disabled” into the search field, and the answer will be “True.” Simply double-click it to alter it and set it to “False.” As illustrated in the GIF image below, a screenshot icon will now display in the address bar.

Step 3: To take a screenshot, just click on this icon, move the pointer, or click and drag your mouse cursor around the screen to choose an area. You may also pick the whole web page by dragging the mouse around the corners while holding the corners. To download it, click on the “Down arrow” symbol that appears in the right bottom corner of the chosen screen area.


Step 4: In Firefox Browser, just click the “Save” button to save your screenshots. All of the screenshots you’ve saved will appear in “My Shots,” where you may save or share them right away before they expire [14 days].

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to take a screenshot?

A: The easiest way to take a screenshot is by pressing the print screen key.

How do you manually take a screenshot?

A: To take a screenshot on the PS4, use your controllers share button and press X.

How do you take a long screenshot in Firefox?

A: Press the Ctrl+Shift+4 keys simultaneously and then release them.

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