3 Simple Tricks To Speed Up Airtel Wifi Speed

If you’re surfing on Airtel’s broadband internet and it’s hard to get broadband, don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks to help you increase your Airtel Wi-Fi speed. With broadband internet you can do almost anything you want, such as playing console games, streaming videos or watching online movies without delays or hiccups.

To speed up Airtel’s WiFi, you must first check the location of the route and then the technical part, as this is very important. You should check whether the router is dual-band or single-band, as the Wi-Fi router should be positioned so that it can transmit strong signals to fast devices.

The distance between the devices and the router is also a serious problem, because the further away you get from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signals are, which ultimately leads to connection and speed problems.

Accelerate Airtel WiFi with these 3 tips

What is the optimal distance between the device and the router?

If you want to use broadband internet with problems, the optimal connection distance should be between 6 and 10 meters for 2.4 GHz signals and 5 meters for 5 GHz signals. However, if you have problems using high-speed Internet, the next point is to change the location of the router, as mentioned above, this also plays an important role.

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Best place to host an AirtelWiFi acceleration router.

The best place to place your Wi-Fi router is a central point, and if possible you can place it at a higher level. Once placed in the middle and at a high level, try to ensure that there are literally no obstacles or minimal interference between the Wi-Fi router and the device. In any case, Wi-Fi signals can pass through walls and most thick objects, but the signal strength decreases slightly.

You should also try to place it so that there are no walls between the device and the router. However, you can also switch off microwaves and cordless phones, because these devices also work on the same frequencies. This probably affects the speed of the internet and the connections.

The advantage of Airtel is that it delivers dual-band routers that work well at 2.4 GHz, that work well at 50 Mbps over a range of 5 to 7 meters, while at 5 GHz 400 Mbps can be achieved over a range of up to 7 meters.

If you have tried the above, but are still not satisfied with the results, you can purchase a new mesh router or extension cables that work perfectly and certainly increase the bandwidth of the connections and ensure seamless coverage of every corner of your office and home. Best of all, most of these meshed devices come with application support that allows you to monitor all of your W-Fi activities and performance.

There are thousands of affordable network extension cables that can be tested online or offline and currently no technical skills are required to install them as they can be easily aligned with existing W-Fi routers. However, Airtel also offers high-end mesh extensions for seamless Internet access, but you’ll need to upgrade these for your high-end W-Fi plans.

Another scenario you should be aware of is ISP strangulation. Most Internet packages come with a fair use policy, which is nothing more than a kind of quota that makes it possible to achieve high speeds up to a certain limit. So once you’ve reached the speed of the gas, it drops, which means you’ll have to fight again for the high speed you can achieve by improving your existing plan.

He also notices that your neighbour can crack the password and use your bandwidth, which happens if the connection is not password protected or if you use a password that is easy to guess and crack.

Therefore, it is recommended to change the password immediately and check if any unknown devices are connected to the W-Fi router. The best solution is to periodically check the devices connected to the network. Here you can use the Airtel application, which allows you to easily change passwords using WPA2 and AES encryption and hard-coded passwords.

Does the connection of additional devices affect speed and connection?

Tips to speed up your Airtel Wifi-TechMobi

If you connect multiple devices to the same W-Fi router, it is obvious that the speed of the Internet decreases because the bandwidth is shared between the connected devices, which means that priority is given to the device running the heavy program, so that the other devices get a lower Internet speed, regardless of the signals and range. Normally, normal playback does not consume a lot of bandwidth, but if you stream a movie online with a video or play games, the speed on other devices is significantly reduced. You can also try to ensure that other devices do not perform heavy tasks to achieve high speed.

Another option is to turn off unused devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, because many applications continue to run in the background and consume Internet data without your information, so it is best to turn them off or just log them off.

To find out which devices are turned off and connected, download the Airtel Xstream application, which allows you to easily identify blocked devices. This makes it much easier to turn off only those devices that are inactive.

If there are many Wi-Fi channels in your area, you have made some adjustments because wireless signals are similar to radio signals, and if many routers in the same area are connected to the same channel, it is time to choose the least busy channel.

You can also check whether you are the only one with a low bandwidth problem, whether other devices work normally or not.

Here you can turn on your device and see if there is a problem with the connected device.

Background applications consume a lot of bandwidth, even without your knowledge, such as Google Apps, Windows is constantly updated or another background application that is updated without your knowledge.

Once all of the above items have been checked and executed and your problem has not been resolved, you can use the simplest method, which is to reboot the router to see if this solution is right for you, as sometimes a slow Wi-Fi problem can occur due to high CPU usage or memory blockages.

Just turn your router off for 30 to 50 seconds and then restart it.

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