4 Great Apps for Travel Enthusiasts

For those of us who love to travel, 2020 has been a terrible year, with closed international borders and restricted domestic travel due to lockdowns. After the successful introduction of several Covid 19 vaccines, many people are optimistic that the world will return to some degree of normalcy sooner than expected.

In the not so distant past, travellers had to rely on the advice of other travellers or on the latest version of Lonely Planet. However, these days there are some great travel apps that can help you with all aspects of your trip.

4 great apps for travel lovers

Whether it’s booking accommodation or finding the best local transport, here are 4 great apps for travel lovers.

1. Touch application

When you’re away from home, it’s important to keep in touch with loved ones and let them know you’re safe and having a good time. Postcards used to be the best way to send a personal message to family, and you could buy one that was unique to the place you were staying.

Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for a card to go in the mail. Instead, you can use the vacation photo to create your own digital postcards and send them to your family using the touchnote app on your smartphone.

Just upload your photo and message and send it directly to your family and friends with one click. Your loved ones can now follow every step of your journey, and you can show them the local sights and all the fun you’re having.

2. Booking.com App

Nothing can spoil a holiday like poor accommodation. We’ve all heard horror stories of people going to their hotel or guesthouse only to discover it was infested with cockroaches or had other problems that made the accommodation uninhabitable. Thanks to Booking.com, it is now very easy to find the best hotel and guesthouse deals. With hundreds of thousands of listings worldwide, all you have to do is log in to the app and search based on parameters like price, customer rating and amenities.

Booking.com offers you the best available prices and informs you about all the accommodation options at your destination. Always look for accommodations with many guest reviews and avoid hotels or guest houses with reviews that seem strange or suspicious, as they may have only been written by the owners or their friends.

3. App. Airbnb

Another form of accommodation that has become extremely popular over the past decade is Airbnb. This happens when people create their own homes or rent out properties they own for short-term rentals. With the Airbnb app, you can search for all available accommodations on your route, as well as view previous guest reviews and prices for specific dates.

Airbnb is especially good if you have special needs, such as. B. if you want to stay in an area where hotels are very expensive, or if you can stay with your family without having to book several whole hotel rooms or a cheap family suite. Remember, not only can you give feedback to your hosts, but your hosts can give feedback to you. So, if you are a bad host, this will reflect in your review and other hosts will be reluctant to rent to you.

4. Uber/Grab App

Finding transport in an unfamiliar place can be difficult, but thanks to the apps Uber and Grab you can now hail a taxi wherever you are and always know exactly how much it will cost you. This has deterred taxi drivers from robbing unsuspecting tourists and increased passenger safety by tracking trips through the app. It’s worth downloading Grab or Uber before you arrive in a new place, as taxis at airports and train stations are notorious for dropping visitors off in many cities.

The secret to a good trip is in the details, and the travel apps in this guide will help you plan everything perfectly. For people who like to travel, being able to meet their loved ones, find quality accommodations, and arrange transportation is critical. Try these apps on your next trip, they will help you make everything run smoothly.

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