5 Best FREE Online Tools to Transcribe An Audio File To Text

In this blog, we’re going to look at some free online tools to transcribe an audio file from a website or video. These services have the potential for many other uses in addition to transcription such as voice recognition and translation.

The “free audio to text converter” is a website that allows users to convert an audio file into text. The site also has other tools such as a voice recognition tool, a speech-to-text converter and more.

5 Best FREE Online Tools to Transcribe An Audio File To Text

Greetings, friends! We explored two methods for converting audio and video files to text in our previous article:

I Method 1: The Easiest Way To Convert Audio and Video Files To Text (ii) Method 2: Use “Dragon Naturally Speaking” software to transcribe audio files to text. 

If you haven’t already read and seen, do it now. To receive it right now, go to the link above.

Method No. 3 – Transcribe An Audio File to Text Using Online Tools – will be discussed in this post. To convert your voice or audio to text, you may use a variety of Speech to Text or Dictation Tools. If we wish to transcribe our speech or voice, we may do it using these internet resources. But what if we wish to utilize these tools to work with audio files?

With the aid of a little utility called “Virtual Audio Cable,” this Voice Typing or Speech to Text feature may also be utilized for transcription. So, let’s have a look at how we can use internet tools to accomplish transcribing. The following subjects will be discussed:

  1. View the Full Video Tutorial
  2. What Is A “Virtual Audio Cable” And How Do I Use It?
  3. “5 Free Online Transcription Tools/Websites” 3.1 How to Use a Google Doc 3.2 Text to Speech Speechlogger.Appspot.com (3.3) Speechnotes.co has a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. Speechpad.pw 3.5

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1. Check out the live video tutorial.

2. What Is A “Virtual Audio Cable” and How Do I Use It?

The “Virtual Audio Cable” is a utility that enables you to send audio streams from one program to another. As a result, it functions as a virtual cable that turns one application’s output audio into “input” audio for another.

This feature will be used to convert our audio files to text. To set up this tool, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install “Virtual Audio Cable” on your system, just like any other program.

Step 2: After installing the tool, right-click on the “Volume” Trey icon and choose “Playback Devices” –> “Playback” Tab. You’ll see a “Line1 ” – Virtual Audio Cable option towards the bottom of this page. If not, just set it as the default playback device.

Step 3: When you play any audio in your system, you will no longer be able to listen to it via speakers. Make “Speakers” the “By-default” playback device afterwards if you wish to listen to audio via speakers. As seen in the GIF image below:


3. “5 Free Online Transcription Tools/Websites”

Here are five such free online tools/websites that we may use to complete our transcribing procedure. The steps to be followed are the same in all of them:

First, go to the website.

Step 2: While your audio file is playing in the background, click the “Microphone” icon/button on the website’s main page.

Step 3: Before enabling websites to access “Microphone,” your browser will ask for your permission. Allow it to happen. The procedure will then begin, and you will get Transcripted data. For further details, see the GIF image related to each one as well as our Video Tutorial.

3.1 How to Use a Google Doc

One of Google’s products, “Google Doc,” has a “Voice Typing” feature. Simply browse to “Http://Docs.google.com” and log in using your Gmail account.

Now Make a new document and choose the “Tools” tab –> Alternatively, use “Ctrl+Shift+S” or “Voice Typing.” You’ll see a microphone icon appear; just click it to begin transcribing.


3.2 Text to Speech

One of the greatest online voice to text tools is Speech Texter. We may utilize it to do transcriptions. Simple Steps to Follow:- Refer to the GIF Image below for further information:-


Speechlogger.Appspot.com (3.3)

Speechlogger is a powerful voice recognition and translation program. It makes advantage of Google Speech to Text Technologies to give you with the finest and most immediate results.


Speechnotes.co has a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars.

SpeechNotes.Co is a voice to text tool featuring additional voice commands such as “Comma,” “Punctuation,” “dot,” and so on. Give it a shot!!!


Speechpad.pw 3.5

Speechpad.pw has a classic design. It also allows you to get transcription straight from “Audio Files.” Simply choose an audio file from the “Transcription” section and click “Start Recording.” Just look at the GIF image:


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