5+ Best iOS apps to control PCs running Windows 10

AnyDesk is a unique remote management application that, in addition to the already expected features such as wireless management, also offers TLS 1.2 encryption with RSA 2048 to ensure the protection of your confidential information.

Since AnyDesk is designed with speed, compatibility and ease of use in mind, it offers amazing processing speed and also works perfectly on different devices (iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, Linux, etc.).

In addition to the features already available, this software features a beautifully customizable user interface that allows you to access all functions effortlessly at any time.


This robust and powerful software allows you to easily control your Windows computer remotely from your iOS device.

Remote HD is a great all-in-one application to control your computer remotely with your iPhone. In fact, it’s not just about the PC, as users can also control Macs and Apple TVs.

Remote HD has everything you would expect from a remote control application. You can easily live stream your computer screen to see what’s happening. Moreover, this application mimics a mouse and keyboard, an efficient way to control your computer.

One of the main advantages of Remote HD is that it connects via GPRS, EDGE or 3G. This way, you can monitor and control your computer while you are away.

The application offers even more features for managing Apple products, but we won’t talk about those in this article.

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In case you didn’t know: Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop also has an iOS version. And that’s pretty good. The application essentially works the same way as it does on Android. Download it on your iPhone and install the Chrome extension on your computer.

After you install the Chrome extension, connect it to your iPhone and you can control your computer. The application projects your PC screen onto your iPhone or iPad for easy navigation.

The only requirement for the application to work is that you have Google Chrome with the Remote Desktop extension installed on your computer. Don’t worry about it: While Chrome is necessary, this application allows you to manage everything, not just the browser.

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Microsoft also has its own remote management app, which is available on several platforms, including iOS. However, the application is only available for Windows Server and Professional versions. If you are using a different version, you should look for another solution.

To set up Microsoft Remote on your computer, you need to install the RDP Wizard on a Windows PC. Once you set up the wizard, it does the work for you.

The application projects your computer screen onto your iPhone. Once you have everything set up, it’s pretty easy to move. With Microsoft Remote you can do everything with your computer as if you were using it yourself.

There are some very useful additional options, such as a magnifying glass and an on-screen keyboard. All these functions can be activated via the user interface. The application also supports multiple connections, so you can manage multiple PCs at the same time.

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HippoRemote Pro is another versatile and feature-rich remote control application for iPhone. Of course, the application is compatible with Windows, but it also allows remote management of Mac and Linux.

The application is multifunctional. It acts as a virtual mouse/keyboard for your computer, but you can also use it to control various applications. Many applications are supported, such as Boxee, Hulu Desktop, various web browsers, iTunes and many others.

So if you need to control a particular application, you don’t need to use a regular virtual mouse and keyboard. It also includes a gaming mouse function to control your favorite games.

Moreover, the application is compatible with various online services and websites. For example, you can check your Facebook page or post tweets.

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The Mobile Mouse Pro has a clear purpose. This is one of the best applications to mimic the touchpad and keyboard of your iPhone. So if you want to control your Windows computer from the comfort of your couch, the Mobile Mouse Pro is the way to go.

The Mobile Mouse Pro offers multiple connectivity options. You can connect it via WiFi or Bluetooth. If the mouse does not work, you can also connect it via USB and use the virtual mouse instead.

The app also offers a number of additional options like volume control, numeric keypad, shortcut keys option, multi-touch trackpad, multilingual keyboard and many more. The app is compatible with all Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and even the Apple Watch.

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WiFiRemote is an excellent application designed exclusively to control your Windows computer with your iPhone. Although WiFiRemote does not support screen projection, it offers a wide range of features to effectively manage your Windows computer.

The most important feature is of course the virtual touchpad with multi-touch support. There is also a text pad and a full landscape keyboard for easy typing. The notebook is multilingual because it supports Chinese script recognition.

Another interesting feature is the three-button accelerometer mouse. This function allows you to tilt the phone to move the cursor on the computer. But sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

The application automatically locates your computer on WiFi based on your computer’s IP address. You can connect multiple PCs and manage them all with this application. Finally, WiFiRemote has the ability to shut down your computer remotely, so you can use it for that as well.

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Although iTunes is an Apple service intended for Apple devices, it is used by millions of Windows PC users. Unlike Google and Microsoft, Apple does not have its own application to manage Windows computers.

However, there is a program called Remote that allows you to control iTunes on your Windows computer.

Remote lets you do almost anything in iTunes from your iPhone. You can browse your library, control playback, view new songs, explore shared libraries, and more.

The application is similar to the iPhone music player. This gives you the impression that you are using the original application.

Remotely connect to iTunes on your computer using a WiFi connection. Just install the application, locate your computer and start listening to music remotely.

Eventually it would be nice if Apple developed an application to control your entire computer remotely, but for now iTunes users should be happy.

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Jump Desktop is another advanced Windows remote control application for iPhone. It has many features, but also a higher price than usual. So if you are willing to pay a good price for a remote control application, Jump Desktop should definitely be considered.

This application has almost everything you want. It can project the computer screen in conjunction with other functions. It also offers full support for mouse and touchpad gestures, as well as an advanced Bluetooth keyboard.

It can connect over WiFi and 3G networks, so the application works perfectly no matter where you are.

Additional features include the ability to copy/paste text between devices, HDMI/VGA support, full support for Linea and Infinea barcode scanners and MSR, etc.

Jump Desktop completes our list of the best applications for remote management of Windows PCs via iPhone. Although their purpose is similar, all these applications offer something different. So you can choose what suits you best depending on your needs.

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Do you agree with our list? Or do you know another great app that we haven’t mentioned here yet? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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frequently asked questions

How do I control my computer with my iPhone?

Setting up remote access from an iPhone or iPad To access your computer from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, download and install the Remote Desktop app from the Apple App Store. Open the application, click on the plus sign (+) and select the option Add PC.

Can I run iOS apps on Windows 10?

An iOS emulator – in short – is software that can be installed on a PC running the Windows 10 operating system. This emulator allows you to run iOS applications on your computer.

How do I control my computer with my phone?

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