5 things you will miss after switching from Windows Laptop to MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro takes the best parts of the Microsoft Surface Book and turns them into the best laptop on the market. Its new design makes it thinner, lighter, and more comfortable to use than ever before. These are just a few of the reasons why I personally switched from a Windows laptop to the new MacBook Pro.

When you’re on the go, it can be tough to find a place to store your laptop. It’s all well and good to have a trusted friend offer you a place to keep it, but if you’re into traveling, that probably isn’t the best option. Most hotels don’t take laptops, and bringing one along doesn’t really make sense anyway. You end up paying for the convenience of allowing a laptop to stay with you, but you can’t take advantage of any features it might have. So, what’s the answer? The answer is to get a MacBook Pro.

The most obvious difference between Windows and Macs is the fact that Macs are not Windows. Macs work differently, and they do so well. Macs are great for graphic design, video editing, light gaming, and much more. Below are 5 things you will miss after switching from Windows Laptop to MacBook Pro.. Read more about things to know when switching to mac and let us know what you think.

Most of us who use desktops or laptops are familiar with the popular Windows operating system. The MacBook Pro remains a distant choice for many due to its high purchase price. With most large corporations and enterprises increasingly choosing MacBook Pros and Mac desktops for business purposes, many individual users have also started using them for work and personal purposes. Although people love using the MacBook Pro, many users miss out on a number of features that are available in a Windows laptop. In this article, we’ll show you five things you’ll miss when you switch from a Windows laptop to a MacBook Pro. word-image-10780

1. No shortcut to minimize all windows

There may be scenarios where a user needs to minimize all open applications at once and open only the application they need. This is perfectly possible on a Windows laptop. However, the MacBook Pro does not offer this kind of functionality. In Windows 7, you can use a single button to minimize all open applications and display only the desktop. This is a very interesting feature. However, in Windows 10, instead of such a button, you have to move the cursor to the right side of the taskbar until a button appears, which is not so visible and has a small shape. Pressing this key minimizes all open applications. On the MacBook Pro, Command + F3 opens the Mac desktop with all applications open. This prevents you from getting the most out of the option you want to work with. The MacBook Pro also has a button that lets you open windows and switch between them.

2. No delete key

Nobody can imagine a computer without a delete key. This feature is standard on the keyboard of a Windows laptop, but not on that of the MacBook Pro. Although there is such a button, its function is the same as the back button on Windows laptops. The character immediately before the cursor is deleted. The user can use the delete function by pressing the fn + Del key, although it does not offer the same convenience as on a Windows laptop.

3. Application window cannot be stretched over two screens

On a Windows laptop, you can stretch the application window across two screens with Chrome Dev Tools. However, this is not so easily possible with the MacBook Pro. On the MacBook Pro, the user must open Chrome Dev Tools in a separate window. If necessary, DevTools can be moved to another screen. However, compared to Windows-based laptops, it is not as user-friendly as expected.

4. Toolbar cannot be displayed on all screens

With Windows Laptop, you can see the taskbar on any screen. On the other hand, macOS lets you choose which screen to place the taskbar on, rather than displaying the taskbar on every screen. This recurring option can be annoying for some, while convenient for others.

5. MS Paint

None of us can imagine a desktop or laptop computer without Microsoft Paint installed. It is therefore surprising that the official version of MS Paint is not available to macOS users. Although MS Paint is not as user-friendly as other drawing, image, video and drafting editing programs available, it has still established itself as the default drawing program among desktop and laptop users. However, MacOS has a basic application called Preview, which is an image viewer and a Mac version of Paint. The Preview application provides the user with many basic tools similar to those in MS Paint.


Even with these flaws, the MacBook Pro is still considered the best machine compared to other Windows laptops. A powerful operating system, optimized battery life, high-quality construction, durability and a high-resolution LED-backlit Retina display make MacBook Pro the ideal choice for laptop and desktop users. In addition, macOS offers users free productivity applications, a cleaner interface than Windows OS, and streamlined software. macOS is also less susceptible to malware and security problems.It’s come to this. You’ve finally set aside all those years of creeping doubt and decided that you want to go all-in with your Mac-loving ways. The question is, which Mac to buy? There’s the MacBook, the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini, to name just a few.. Read more about cheapest apple laptop and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before switching to Mac?

After being a Windows user for over 10 years, I recently decided to make the switch to a new laptop. But before I bought my new laptop, I had a lot of questions about the OS. I wanted to be sure I was buying the right laptop for me, and after reading about a few things I was convinced I made the right decision. If you’re like most people, you own a laptop, a desktop PC, an iPad, a smartphone, and an Apple TV. When laptops are great, they are great. You rarely have to think about them, and they are easy to carry around. That’s why laptops are the most popular type of computer.  When they are terrible, they are terrible. Battery life is usually terrible, they are usually slow, and they often run into trouble.  Those are problems that the most popular type of computer has.

Is it difficult to switch from Windows to Mac?

The Mac offers unrivaled performance and convenience, and is widely referred to as a computer for people who love great design. However, many Windows users find it hard to switch over to Mac. In this blog post, I will share some reasons why switching is difficult, and present some tips and tricks to help. I have been struggling to find the right time to start switching from Windows to Mac. When I wanted to switch, I did not know how much I will miss Windows. I was trying to find the right time to start the switch and keep the switch going. I have tried to do the switch earlier, but I have to give up because I felt I am not ready.

Is Macbook better than Windows laptop?

We love our Macbooks here at PrinterDownload, but there are plenty of people switching over to Windows from Mac. This guide is meant to help you get the most out of your new Windows machine, so you can get the best out of it. A year ago, I switched from my Dell laptop to a MacBook Pro. I was enlightened by the keyboard, the trackpad, the (much) faster processor, the much better display, and the smaller footprint. Things are getting better every single year, and the Macbook Pro line is one of the few products on the market that shows no signs of slowing down.

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