7 Easy Methods to Fix the Outlook IMAP 0x800cccdd Error

The Outlook IMAP 0x800cccdd error is a common issue that occurs when the system cannot connect to an exchange server. It usually takes around 30 minutes for Microsoft Windows to fix this problem, and it’s best done by turning off all antivirus software so that they don’t interfere with your email connection. Other possible reasons are outdated Exchange Server settings or failing hardware components like RAM.,

The “your imap server closed the connection” is a common error that can occur when you are trying to connect to your email account. Here are 7 easy methods on how to fix this issue.

7 Easy Methods to Fix the Outlook IMAP 0x800cccdd Error

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  • The error number 0x800cccdd has been reported by Outlook users for quite some time, and it isn’t a new problem.
  • It may be caused by a number of factors, including the Send/Receive function, corrupt temporary data, a corrupt Outlook profile, or a server timeout that is inadequate.
  • You may address the issue by following the steps outlined below and perhaps implementing the remedies.


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If you get an error notice in MS Outlook that says Your IMAP server terminated the connection with error code 0x800cccdd and you’re seeking for a solution, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Because in this article, we’ll go through all of the options for resolving Microsoft Outlook IMAP Error Code 0x800cccdd.

One of the most frequent issues encountered by Outlook users is the Microsoft Outlook IMAP Error Code 0x800cccdd. This problem has been reported in almost all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

You will see the error message as one of the most prevalent symptoms of the Microsoft Outlook IMAP Error Code 0x800cccdd. Furthermore, if the connection to your IMAP server is lost, the Outlook program will commonly stop while in use.

Furthermore, some Outlook users have claimed that this error number prevents them from adding a new account in Outlook.

Whatever the cause, we’ve compiled a list of all the methods and remedies you may use to eradicate this problem and continue using Outlook without interruption. This instruction applies to all MS Outlook versions, including 2007, 2010, and 2013. So let’s get this party started.

What causes the IMAP Error Code 0x800cccdd in Outlook?


One of the most aggravating aspects of the Outlook IMAP Problem Code 0x800cccdd is that there is no one cause for this error.

Some of the documented causes of the issue for MS Outlook users are listed below.

  • Because of the Send/Receive Groups functionality.
  • Temporary data that is corrupted is present.
  • The data file in MS Outlook is corrupt.
  • The account is not properly synchronized.
  • Outlook profile is messed up.
  • Send and receive activities cannot be completed quickly due to a bad internet connection.
  • IMAP isn’t supported by your email service.
  • The time and date are incorrect.

Let’s look at how to solve the Microsoft Outlook IMAP error number 0x800cccdd now that you know what can be causing it.

How can I repair the 0x800cccdd Outlook IMAP Error Code?

1. Turn off the Send/Receive Groups option.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. If you haven’t already, log in using your email address and password.
  3. On the top menu, choose the Send/Receive option.
  4. Send/Receive Groups should be selected.7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  5. From the drop-down menu, choose Define Send/Receive Groups.1653800455_327_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  6. Uncheck the option that says “Schedule an automated send/receive every * minute.”1653800456_291_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  7. Close the window with a click.
  8. Restart MS Outlook to see whether the problem has been resolved.

The Send/Receive function has been responsible for the majority of the reported incidents of Outlook IMAP error code 0x800cccdd.

This functionality isn’t supposed to operate with an IMAP connection, which is why customers are getting the 0x800cccdd error number.

Turning off the Send/Receive function provides IMAP entire control over MS Outlook’s operations, and you may see whether this resolves your problem.

2. Make a new profile in Outlook.

  1. Close any MS Outlook instances that are open.
  2. To launch the Run dialog, press the Win + R keys together.
  3. To launch the traditional Control Panel, use the following command and press Enter: control.exe1653800457_626_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  4. In the classic Control Panel, look for Mail and open it.1653800458_274_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  5. Select Show Profiles from the Profiles section.1653800459_628_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  6. To delete your presently associated Outlook profile, choose Outlook Profile and click the Remove option.1653800460_913_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  7. To confirm the deletion, choose Yes.
  8. Reopen Outlook and follow the procedures to re-create your account. Because your old profile was erased, you will be prompted to create a new one.
  9. To check whether this addresses the problem, sync Outlook and send or receive a test email.

Users have found that removing the current profile and building a new one from scratch is one of the most effective methods to manage and permanently solve the error number 0x800cccdd with Outlook.

To test whether this addresses the problem, repeat the preceding steps and build a new Outlook profile and sync it with the client.

3. Verify your internet access.


A solid and fast internet connection is required for MS Outlook to function properly. Outlook will not work efficiently if your internet connection is down, and you may have sync and other difficulties.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

We recommend that you verify whether or not your internet connection is working properly. Furthermore, you may use Fast.com or Speedtest.net to estimate your internet download or upload speeds and compare them to your data plan.

If your internet connection is slow and you are experiencing frequent network dropouts, you should contact your ISP and get your connection rectified.

4. Extend the timeouts on the server

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. At the top of the menu, choose File.1653800462_433_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  3. Select Account Settings from the Account Settings menu.1653800463_764_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  4. Select the Email tab.
  5. Choose the email with which you’re having problems.
  6. Select the Change option.1653800464_9_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  7. At the bottom right, choose More Settings.1653800465_737_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  8. Toggle over to the Advanced tab.
  9. Set Server Timeouts to Long by sliding the bar to the far right (10 minutes).1653800466_833_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  10. To save your changes, click OK.
  11. Restart your computer to see whether the issue number 0x800cccdd has been resolved.

In order to communicate or receive information or perform processes, Outlook takes some time. The server timeout period is set to 1 minute by default.

Outlook may not be able to conduct the essential actions within the 1-minute period if there are underlying difficulties with your internet connection.

As a result, you may use the procedures above to increase the server timeout period to the maximum, i.e. 10 minutes, allowing Outlook extra time to complete tasks.

More information about this subject may be found here.

5. Launch the ScanPST.exe program.

  1. All Outlook processes should be closed.
  2. Open the File Explorer program.
  3. Depending on your PC settings, go to any of the addresses listed below. 64-bit Versions of C: Program Files 32-bit Versions of C: Program Files
  4. Look for SCANPST.exe in the folder using the Search box and open it.
  5. Select the right path for your PST file by clicking Browse. Documents Outlook files is generally the default destination.1653800467_688_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  6. To conduct the repair scan, press Start.
  7. When the scan is finished, you will be provided the results, which will include the faults that the program has discovered.
  8. Make a backup of the scanned file before mending it by checking the box.
  9. To repair the PST file, click the Repair option.
  10. After the repair is complete, restart your computer to see whether the Outlook 0x800cccdd problem has been resolved.

The ScanPST.exe utility, which is included with Outlook, is an email-repair tool. This email repair application has apparently helped users cure the 0x800cccdd issue.

It can do a brief search of Outlook to find any damaged or faulty files and, with your permission, fix them.

You may try the preceding procedures and see whether the ScanPST.exe email repair program solves the issue.

6. Modify the date and time.

  1. To access the Settings, press Win + I.
  2. Click on Time & language from the left pane.1653800468_702_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  3. Select Date & time.1648012073_732_Snipping-Tool-missing-in-Windows-11-Heres-what-to-do
  4. Toggles for Set time and Set time zone automatically should be enabled.1644236081_342_How-to-fix-Microsoft-Store-update-stuck-on-pending
  5. Open Outlook and see whether the problem has been resolved.

MS Outlook will misbehave and exhibit errors, like 0x800cccdd, if there is a large disparity between your local time and the time on the server.

Because multiple people have addressed this problem with this easy method, you should specify the right date and time for Outlook to match it with the server.

7. Add the email account again.

  1. To launch the Run dialog, press the Win + R keys together.
  2. To launch the traditional Control Panel, use the following command and press Enter: control.exe1653800457_626_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  3. In the classic Control Panel, look for Mail and open it.1653800458_274_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  4. Select Email Accounts from the drop-down menu.1653800471_879_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  5. To create a new email, go to the Email tab and select the New button.1653800472_138_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  6. To finish the procedure, enter all of the information requested on the list and click Next.1653800473_164_7-Easy-Methods-to-Fix-the-Outlook-IMAP-0x800cccdd-Error
  7. Choose the newly generated email and choose the Set as default option.
  8. Reopen Outlook and log in with the same username and password. Check to see if this resolves the problem.

How can I get rid of damaged temporary data linked with the Outlook account I’m connected to?

The 0x800cccdd Outlook IMAP error number isn’t the only one you could encounter with MS Outlook.

Some of the most frequent mistakes and difficulties reported by Outlook users are listed here.

Outlook Meeting issues: If your Outlook Meetings aren’t showing up in your calendar, aren’t sending invitations, won’t open/cancel/delete invites, or aren’t showing up at all, you should read our dedicated guide on how to repair the problem.

Outlook can’t upgrade your database error: Users who get the Outlook can’t upgrade your database error notice may use our method to permanently resolve the issue.

Outlook not searching all emails: If the search bar in MS Outlook isn’t working properly and isn’t allowing you to search for all emails, see our tutorial for help.

Please let us know which of the methods listed above helped you resolve the MS Outlook IMAP problem number 0x800cccdd on your PC. Also, if you have an alternative technique for resolving the problem, please share it in the comments area below.

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The “0x800cccdd outlook 2010 imap” is an error that can be caused by a number of different things. These 7 easy methods to fix the issue will help you get your Outlook email up and running again.

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