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Amazon Kindle Support is one of the main things that every user wants to know about. However, there are not a lot of good reviews on how Amazon handles their customer service calls. AlphaTech247 has been in touch with many different brands like Apple and Samsung for over 12 years now so we can tell you what to expect from talking to them yourself.

amazon Kindle Support -


The Kindle is the device that revolutionized the way we read. Kindle is responsible for putting books in almost everyone’s pocket and substantially lowering the cost of acquiring one. From the earliest Kindle to the most recent Kindle Fire and Kindle e-reader models, Amazon’s gadgets have been very reliable and long-lasting. However, every electronic gadget, even the Kindle series, might have issues. Issues with Kindle devices include:

  1. The Kindle will not turn on.
  2. The Kindle has become unresponsive.
  3. The Kindle is unable to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi.
  4. I’m having trouble registering my kindle.
  5. Downloading books on the Kindle is not possible.
  6. Kindle can’t be updated

And there are many more.

Here, we go through these concerns in depth, highlighting the main cause of these issues and offering you the best available remedy. But first, let’s go through the many models that have been offered, as well as the significant distinctions between them.

On November 19, 2007, Amazon debuted the first iteration of the Kindle for $399, and it sold out in five and a half hours. It came with a 6-inch grayscale e-Ink display and 250 MB of memory, which could contain around 200 titles. It also included a headphone port for listening to audiobooks and a 3G model for downloading books at any time in the United States. 

From then, Amazon added a slew of additional features and configurations throughout time, and the Kindle is currently in its eleventh version. The Kindle Basic, Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis are the most recent additions to the Kindle line.

In November 2011, Amazon, on the other hand, released the Kindle Fire tablet. The FireOS operating system, which is based on Google’s Android, runs on the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is now available in three display sizes: 7, 8, and 10 inches, as well as Fire HD, Fire HD +, and Fire Kids. The Kindle Fire is a full-featured tablet featuring Bluetooth, speakers, expandable storage, and the capacity to run games, among other things.

Now we’ll look at the issues that affect Kindle devices.

The Kindle will not turn on.

Have you ever resurrected your kindle after weeks or months of inactivity? When you try to switch it on, you’ll see that it just won’t turn on. This is more typical with Kindle E-readers such as the Paperwhite and the Oasis. 

The charging indicator LED on the smartphone does not always light up when it is connected to the charger. This indicates that the charger is not charging the kindle as well. Follow the instructions below to fix the problem. 

  1. For 30 seconds, press and hold the power button on the kindle. Most of the time, this will cause the device to restart and fix the issue. Please go on to step 2 if you haven’t already.
  2. Allow the Kindle to charge for 20 minutes after connecting it to a charger. When the battery is too low, the gadget must build up a basic charge before it can function. Connecting the kindle to the charger for roughly 20 minutes allows it to create a base charge, after which you may press the power button and it should turn on.

Connect the Kindle to a computer’s USB port. If the kindle battery is very low on charge, it may refuse to charge when using a high-output charger such as the one that came with the device. You may use the data wire from the original charger and attach the other end to a USB port on a computer to charge it up for 30 minutes. As a result of the computer’s decreased voltage output, the kindle does not attempt to start up automatically. This allows the kindle to charge without wasting any electricity. You may try pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds or until the screen lights up after 30 minutes. Please connect the kindle to the standard charger after it has started to charge to 100%.

The Kindle has become unresponsive.

There are two possible causes for a kindle that has been stuck on a certain screen. In the instance of a Frozen Kindle Fire, the most likely cause is an unstable application or a firmware flaw. A problem in the programming or a dead battery might be the cause of a frozen e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite. The information shown on the screen of the Paperwhite and other readers remain in place even if the device is entirely discharged since they employ an E-ink screen. This might give the impression that the kindle is frozen when it is just out of energy. Both families have distinct troubleshooting procedures. Let’s start with how to get a frozen Kindle Fire to operate again.

Frozen Kindle Fire

There are two ways for the kindle fire to get stuck:

  1. The Kindle Fire is stuck in the middle of a task and is unresponsive.
  2. The Boot logo is stuck on the Kindle Fire (Boot Loop)

While working, my Kindle Fire has been stuck or frozen.

If your Kindle Fire becomes stuck while using an application, you have a few alternatives for getting it unstuck without losing any data.

Primarily you should press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to force a restart. Once restarted you can try the same application again to see if it till causes issues. If a particular application is still causing issues, you can go to Settings > Application Management and select the troublesome application. Proceed to manage storage, Clear cache and Data for the said application. This will reset the application without loosing all the data on your kindle. 

Alternatively, you might remove the problematic program and then reinstall it after a restart.

The Kindle Fire is stuck in a boot loop or won’t turn on.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot a kindle fire that is stuck in the boot loop or won’t turn on:

  1. Connect your kindle to a power source.
  2. Small issues should be straightened out by pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds. If it turns on, charge it entirely before using it.
  3. Ascertain that the Kindle is at least 50% charged.
  4. Remove the charger.
  5. Hold down the power button until the Kindle fully shuts off.
  6. Hold the volume up and power buttons simultaneously until the Amazon logo appears.
  7. When the Amazon logo displays, release the power button but keep the volume up button pressed.
  8. Recovery Mode should be shown on the device. Let go of the volume button once Recovery mode appears on the screen. The touch screen will not operate in Recovery mode, so you’ll have to browse using the volume keys and choose an option with the power button.
  9. Choose “Wipe Cache Partition” from the drop-down menu.
  10. Choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” from the menu.
  11. Select “Reboot System Now” from the drop-down menu.
  12. The Kindle Fire will now reset as a completely new device, requiring thorough configuration from the beginning.

Troubleshooting for Kindle PaperWhite/Oasis Frozen

The E-reader operating system, in my view, is more reliable than its Android equivalent. A Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis, or any earlier generation e-reader will only freeze if it is out of battery or the firmware has been corrupted. It’s simple to troubleshoot. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. For 40 seconds, press and hold the power button on the kindle.
  2. Leave for 30 minutes after connecting to a charger. Make sure the charging LED is turned on. If the charging indication LED does not light up after 5 minutes, wait 5 minutes and then press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  3. To turn on the kindle, press and hold the power button.

4.Press the Menu or three dots button to choose settings, then press the Menu or three dots button again to select “Update Your Kindle” and then press OK. This would bring the kindle up to current and guarantee that no software glitches remained.

The Kindle is unable to connect to the internet through WiFi.

What should you do if your kindle won’t connect to the internet? While the Kindle is a relatively reliable tablet, its functionality is heavily reliant on the tablet’s ability to connect to the internet. You won’t be able to browse or download books if your Kindle isn’t connected to the internet. Furthermore, most apps on the Kindle Fire are internet-dependent, and without a wifi connection, such apps become worthless. So, if your kindle won’t connect to wifi, use this tutorial to figure out why and how to fix it.

There are many reasons why your kindle won’t connect to the internet.

  1. The password for the WiFi is wrong.
  2. The kindle is being blocked by the router.
  3. The router won’t give you an IP address.
  4. There is a gap or special symbols in the wifi name.
  5. The firmware of the Kindle has been corrupted.

How to repair a kindle that won’t connect to the internet

There are a variety of reasons why your kindle won’t connect to wifi. To troubleshoot it, follow the basic troubleshooting procedures below.

  1. Press and hold the kindle’s power button for 30 seconds, or until it shuts off or restarts. If the kindle shuts off, hit the power button again to turn it back on.
  2. Unplug the router’s power cord and wait for it to switch off fully. If your router has a battery pack, be sure you remove that as well.
  3. After one minute, reconnect the power cord and wait for the router to fully switch on.
  4. Reconnect the wifi on the kindle if it isn’t already connected.

If your kindle still won’t connect to the wifi after doing the basic troubleshooting, go to the advanced troubleshooting section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if your Kindle wont connect to WIFI?

A: To connect your Kindle to a WIFI network, simply open the settings of your device and under Network enter in the information for the wireless connection.

How do I contact Kindle Support?

A: If you are having trouble with a Kindle device, contact Amazon Support for help.

How do I reset an unresponsive Kindle?

A: Hold the power button down for 10 seconds and then release.

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