android studio “Use gradle wrapper” grayed out –

Development issue/problem:

I’m trying to import an Eclipse project into Android Studio.
The migration guide says: In the next dialog box, leave the option Use the selected cluster envelope selected and click OK. (It is not necessary to specify the crib house).

The problem is that the Use Degree Wrap option is not selected and shaded.

Do you have any suggestions?

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

1) Create a new easy project using Android Studio.

2) Find the file folder in the new project.

3) Use the export option in eclipse to create a build.gradle script. (Requires at least version 22.0 of the announcement)

4) Copy the gradle folder to the project you want to export to Android Studio.

5) Now try to import this project, then you can select the Wrap option.

That could solve the problem you were talking about. You can also set the return path of the Gradle and use another option that works well.


Solution 2:

I had a problem with a project I had already created with Android Studio. It turns out that when selecting a project, /gradle is added to the directory path when searching for a gradle wrapper. By removing /gradle I was able to use the default packaging option.

Solution 3:

For intelligij + Gradle users who come here via Google….

I had the same gray problem, on OSX, not on the Android project.

In order to make a decision, I had to…

Set the Gradel. (If not yet installed)

(if you use Hebrew at home)

Welding of the Gradle platform.

Delete the Grading/Wrapping Paper folder in your device.

Perform a diploma coating job (this will load/create the coating).

>packaging rate

Attempt to reimport a project into intelligence

Solution 4:

I had an existing project with this problem. I already had a gradle on my system, so to solve the problem, I deleted all the files in my build.gradle except one :

task wrapper (type : wrapper) {
gradleVersion = ‘1.10’

If you don’t have a build.gradle, make one. Then start with the wrapping paper. This loads the packaging. Then restore the original (Android-like) content of your build.gradle and go to the project settings in IntelliJ/ADT. You should now be able to select the Use Diploma Envelope option.

Solution No 5:

Here is the simplest infection that works for both AndroidStudion and Intellij Idea.

  1. Go to Preferences -> Create, Execute… -> Tools for construction -> Cradle
    fill in the description of figure here .
  2. Select the Use staggered task execution configuration checkbox.
  3. Press Apply (the gradle wrapper will load, the gradlew and gradle.bat files will be added to your project).
  4. Select the Use default calibration protocol check box.

Solution No 6:

I had this problem, and the only way to solve it was to delete my Eclipse and SDK folders, delete my settings/privileges, and delete my Android Studio settings/privileges. It’s not the most elegant solution, but I managed to make it work that way.

I suspect something went wrong with the export, because it is the last variable I changed after I already tried to reinstall Android Studio.

Solution No 7:

As someone else said, you first need to create a new project using Android Studio and use the Grad file that is in that project and paste it into the project you want to import.

Good luck!

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