Back Up or Restore Data On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

To support and restore a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10 more

Learn how to easily back up and restore your data for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+.

Synopsis: In this tutorial I will show you different methods to backup and restore your data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+. Just go through the mail and follow the methods according to your needs. Expert advice : For a quick and easy solution for backing up and restoring Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ data, you can use a suitable third party Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Android Data Backup & Restore tool.

With Android data backup and restore, you can :

  • Efficiently back up almost all of your 10/10+ Galaxy Note data to your computer and easily restore it later whenever you want.
  • Selective backup of content and selective recovery of content.
  • Backup and restore files such as contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, videos, calendars, audio files, applications (application data for rooted devices), and more.
  • In addition, only back up data from a damaged/lost, water-damaged, blocked, or broken Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ if USB debugging is already enabled.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, reliable and easy to use.

Download / Buy free trial subscription Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Data Backup and Recovery Tool

Samsung has launched another Note series smartphone with which you can take epic videos and photos – with a professional camera – called – Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

If you have purchased or own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+, you are welcome to use it.

But before using it, you should consider one thing – Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+.

Honestly, you should keep a backup of your device because it protects your data and allows you to easily restore the data from the backup in case of sudden or unexpected data loss.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the different backup and recovery methods for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ data.

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Method 1: Backup and recovery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ with the Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung has developed its own tool, called Smart Switch. It is specially designed to back up and restore the data from your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Smart Switch helps you store the following types of data and settings in your Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ : Contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, reminders, notes, voice memos, email, sound light, documents, applications, home screen settings and full phone settings.

Follow the steps below to secure your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ with Smart Switch.

Pay attention: This guide illustrates the steps using galaxy note 8. The same instructions should work for Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus.

Smart switch: Samsung Galaxy Fuse Note 10/10+

Step one: Install the Samsung Smart Switch and run it on your computer.

Step two: Now connect your 10/10+ Galaxy Note to your computer. If the phone asks for permission, all you have to do is say yes.

Step three: Your phone then displays the Smart Switch screen.

Step four: Now click the small Set Transmission icon in Smart Switch on your computer and then click Settings.

The Samsung Galaxy Backup with a smart switch

Step five: Select the location of the backup folder in the preferences.

Step six: Click the Backup Item tab and select the file types you want to back up. You will be asked to select all file types.

Step seven: After you have selected all file types, tap the Ok button and return to the Smart Switch main screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Fuse with Smart Switch

Step 8 :  Click Backup and have Smart Switch back up your Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus data on your computer.

Samsung Galaxy Backup with Smart Switch

Step 9 : You can see that the Smart Switch backs up Galaxy Note 10/10+ data.

The Samsung Galaxy Backup with a smart switch

That’s it! Once the backup process is complete, your computer will now save your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ backup files.

You can view the details of the backed up files, click Options > Details. You can now view detailed information about the backup file.

Samsung Galaxy Backup with Smart Switch

Okay, those were the steps to secure the 10/10+ Galaxy Note with Smart Switch.

Now let’s learn the steps to repair the Galaxy Note 10/10+ with Smart Switch.

Smart switch: Recover the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

Pay attention: You can only restore data if you have already backed up your Galaxy Note 10/10+ with Smart Switch.

Follow the instructions below:

Step one: Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ to your computer and then start the Smart Switch on your computer.

Step two: Click Restore in Smart Switch, select the appropriate backup file and the program will start restoring all the data.

Samsung Galaxy Recovery with Smart Switch

It’s very simple! Isn’t it?

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Method 2: Backup and recovery of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ using your Samsungaccount

You can use your Samsung account to back up your phone’s data in the Samsung Cloud. After creating an account, you can synchronize or back up certain types of files, such as photos, contacts, messages, backgrounds, application settings, and so on. This built-in function makes backing up the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ easier and more comfortable.

Follow the instructions below to back up your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ using your Samsung account.

Steps to back up your Samsung Galaxy 10/10+ note using a Samsungaccount

Step one: Create a Samsung account. Go to Settings > Account option.

Step two: Click on Samsung Account. If you already have an account, just register. If you don’t have one, follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account and log in with this account.

Step three:  Click on the Backup option. Now select the file types, I recommend to select all file types and then click the Save now button.

Securing the Samsung Galaxy via a Samsung account

Here’s how to back up your Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus to your Samsung account.

Okay, now let’s figure out how to get Galaxy Note 10/10+ back to Samsung account.

Steps to repair the Samsung Galaxy 10/10+ note via Samsungaccount

Step one: On your device, go to Settings > Accounts.

Step two: In the list of available accounts, tap Samsung account.

Retrieve the Samsung Galaxy from a Samsung account

Step three: Scroll down and tap the Restore option.

Retrieving Samsung Galaxy data via your Samsung account

Step four: Select the file types you want to restore. After selecting the data types, click Restore now and select OK when prompted. All that remains is to wait until the recovery process is complete.

Pay attention: Stay connected to your Wi-Fi or mobile network while backing up or restoring data in your Galaxy Note 10/10+. Also note that the time required to restore data depends on the size of the backup file and the speed of the Internet.

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Method 3: Samsung Galaxy Backup and Restore Rating 10/10+ via Googleaccount

You can back up your Galaxy Note or 10 Plus with your Google Account. If you need it, you can restore your account information anytime, anywhere on your Samsung device. While it’s easy to back up and restore data from your Google Account, most people don’t know how to do it.

Below we explain the steps to back up and restore the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ from Google Account in an easy way.

First, let’s learn how to back up your Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus to your Google Account.

Steps to save your 10/10+ galaxy note with your Googleaccount

Step one: On the 10/10+ galaxy note, go to Settings.

Step two: Scroll down and click Accounts under Customization.

Step three: Click on Google.

Step four: Click on your e-mail address.

Step five: You can now see a list of the types of files you can save in your Google Account. Check the box corresponding to the data you want to keep in the backup.

Step six: Touch the three or more points in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step seven: Now click on Sync.

That’s it! All that remains is to wait for the synchronization/backup process to be completed.

Now let’s look at the steps for restoring Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus from backup. You can also back up the content to another Android phone using your Google Account.

Steps to restore your Samsung Galaxy Rating 10/10+ on Google Account

Let me tell you how easy it is to restore your device’s backup data and settings to your Galaxy Note 10/10+ or another Android phone via your Google Account.

Follow the instructions:

Step one: Your new Galaxy Note 10/10+ phone will ask you to enter an electronic ID to configure your device.

Step two: So when you add your email ID, just add a Gmail ID (enter the same Gmail ID you used to back up your phone to your Google Account), and all your data and settings will be restored to your new device.

Pay attention: You cannot restore a backup from a phone with a higher version to a phone with a lower version.

If you want to restore your Google Account backup to another Galaxy Note or Android phone instead of a new one, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings folder on your phone that you want to restore from backup.
  • Click on Users and Account and then add an account.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s it! Isn’t it easy?

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Method 4: Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ via Android Backup and Restore

It is the ultimate method, reliable and very simple and fast. You can try Android Data Backup & Restore, which is a perfect Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 + backup and recovery software specially designed to backup and restore data from Galaxy Note 10/10 + without overwriting or deleting existing data.

The Android backup and restore tool lets you back up photos, videos, audio, contacts, SMS, call history, WhatsApp chats, a gallery, calendar, notes, voice memos, documents and more to your computer. And later you can easily restore them to your Galaxy Note 10/10 plus or any other Android phone or tablet.

The best thing about this Galaxy Note 10/10+ backup and recovery software is that you can back up your data even without a Google, Smart Switch or Samsung account. It also supports over 8000 Android phones, including all Samsung Galaxy Note series such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+/9/8/7/6/6 Edge/5/4/3/2.

Follow the instructions below to back up and restore your Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus using the Android Data Backup & Restore software.

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steps to back up Samsung Galaxy 10/10+ note data with Android Backup and Recovery

Step one: Connect your Android phone to the PC

First download Android Data Backup & Restore, install it and run it on your PC, then select the Backup & Restore option.

Then connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable. Make sure that the USB debugging mode is enabled on your phone. If your Android operating system is 4.2.2 or higher, a message will appear on your Android phone asking you to allow USB debugging, click OK.

Once your phone is connected, you can click the Save button to save your Android phone data.

If you have used this tool in the past to back up your device, you can also view previous backups by clicking View Backup History.

Step two: Select the types of files to be backed up

Now select the file types (photos, videos, contacts, call log, messages, calendar, gallery, audio, applications, application data) that you want to back up. By default, the program has checked all file types. Then click the Save button.

Be patient, because the backup process takes a few minutes. Therefore, do not disconnect your Android phone or use it during the backup process.

Once the backup is complete, you can click the View Backup button to see what the backup file contains.

Once you have backed up your Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ data, you can now explore the steps to restore your data from the backup using the same Android backup and recovery program.

Steps to recover data from a Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Backup with Android Backup and Recovery

Step one: Connect your Android phone to the PC

Start the Backup and restore function of Android data and select the Backup and restore option. Then connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable.

Step two: Select the backup files you want to restore.

After clicking the Restore button, the software will display all Android backup files on this computer. Select the desired backup file and click View next to the file.

Step three: Preview and restore backup files on your Android phone

Here you see an overview of the different files in the backup. Now select the desired file and click the Restore button to restore it to your Android phone.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Do not disconnect or use your Android phone during the recovery process.

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Bonus: What to do if you have not saved your data from Galaxy Note 10/10+

What should you do if you have not created or backed up your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ and accidentally deleted or lost your valuable data such as photos, videos, messages, audio, call/voice recordings, call log, voice memos, notes, etc. on your device?

How can I recover lost or deleted data from my Galaxy 10/10+ note without making a backup?

With these scenarios of data loss, you don’t have to worry. Just stop using your device and use Android data recovery suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 + data recovery immediately. This software allows you to restore deleted or lost data from Galaxy Note 10/10+ without backup.

Then follow the instructions to restore deleted data from your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+.


Since data loss can happen at any time and unexpectedly, it is always advisable to back up your Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+. Data backup is also useful when upgrading or replacing your old Android phone with a Galaxy Note 10 or 10 Plus to transfer data.

You can use one of the above methods to restore the Samsung Galaxy 10/10 rating if necessary. However, it is recommended to choose Method 4, using Android Backup & Restore software, as it is one of the most reliable ways to back up Android phones and tablets, including Galaxy Note 10/10+.

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