Best Gaming Mouse Pad Under 500 Rs in India (Fab 2021)PUBG, CS GO, Valorant

Best Mousepad under 500 points in India (Fab 2021)PUBG, CS GO, Valorant

A good mouse pad will help you more than you think by treating your mouse gently and giving you a good grip. A good mouse needs a good surface that is not too rough and not too smooth. If you have a gaming mouse and spend a lot of time playing computer games, the right mouse pad can improve your gaming skills in several ways. If you use a mouse without a mouse pad, I recommend you buy one and compare the difference yourself.

Today, the market is full of different types of mouse pads, some of which are just made to trap you and are completely useless, so it really becomes very difficult for people to choose the best mouse pad that meets their needs. Mouse pads in the market start at around Rs 300 and can go as high, but you can easily get a good quality mouse pad for less than Rs 500. If you are looking for a mouse pad for less than Rs.500 then this post is for you.

This is the best mouse pad of less than 500 Rs that you can buy today.

  • Regier MP44
  • Space byte gnome
  • SpinBot Armor
  • Capricorn Dragon P012

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We update this list every week to ensure you have the latest and greatest mouse pads on the market. However, if you need help, we are available 24/7 on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels.

1. Gearbox MP44 Steering and transmission type

The lowest price with an offer:

Rs. 379 on Amazon.

The Space Byte Dwarf is our second choice on our list of best gaming mouse pads under Rs 500. Control and speed from both types of surfaces are possible with this mouse pad, which also comes in three different sizes.

The Cosmic Byte Dwarf Mouse Pad has an antimicrobial surface that protects your mouse from dirt. The non-slip mat makes your mouse perform faster and is more comfortable to use. The carpet is designed with design and trends in mind. The fast interface is convenient for players because it allows for better control. The cushion is made of a silky material that reduces the roughness of the table top to zero and ensures an optimal playing experience. Sealing dimensions 320 mm x 270 mm x 4 mm.

3. Spider boat armoured

The lowest price with an offer:

Rs. 429 at Amazon.

The SpinBot Armor is another elegant and aesthetically pleasing gaming tablet in this price range. Yes, it is available on both the steering surface and the speed surface. This gives them a smooth, high-quality surface for smooth mouse gliding and the right grip to stop when needed. The base of the seal has a 5 mm thick rubber-like surface that prevents the seal from slipping easily. The cushion is 100% waterproof, which makes it very easy to wash in the washing machine.

4. Capricorn Red Dragon P012

The lowest price with an offer:

299 rupees on the Amazon.

Redragon Capricorn P012 is a great mouse pad not only for gaming but also for everyday use. The mouse pad is specially designed for gaming. The special surface offers a unique combination of speed and control, making it the ideal mouse pad for any situation that a normal mouse pad would not normally offer. You get an impenetrable surface. The non-slip rubber bottom provides an excellent grip for better stability. It is also machine washable. The pillow is light (about 50 g) and measures 12.8x10x0.11 inches.

5. RiaTech large size

The lowest price with an offer:

Rs. 399 at

RiaTech’s large mouse pads help secure your keyboard. The elongated mouse pad with embroidered edges looks like an endlessly smooth surface for your mouse to glide over. The non-slip rubber base can stand firmly on your desk and helps you work more efficiently with your mouse without interruptions. World map printed in black color, washable with waterproof pad and liquid stains can be cleaned with water for permanent use. Dimensions pad 600 mm x 300 mm x 2 mm, weight approx. 253 g.

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frequently asked questions

What kind of mouse pad do professionals use?

Zowie on the rise In second place is SteelSeries, which accounts for about 27% of mouse pads, followed by Logitech. Other brands, like Razer and HyperX, are used by about 7% of professionals, and after these brands we see a pretty sharp drop in usage.

What is the best mouse pad for games?

Best Game Mouse Pads 2020 | TechRadar

Is a gaming mouse pad worth it?

Most players would say it’s worth it. Indeed, smaller conventional mouse pads are fine for normal use, but a core group of gamers are looking for better tracking and control. Not that a regular mouse pad is bad, but the high-end product is supposed to offer better tracking and less friction for greater accuracy.

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