Best Headset for PS4 Gaming in 2021 – Ultimate Budget Options


Music and sound effects are what make video games so exciting and lively. But to fully enjoy all that a video game has to offer, a gamer should buy the best headset for PS4 or Xbox games. By choosing a good tool, you increase your chances of becoming more aware of the world around you. For example, you can hear the slightest movement.

Whether it’s a running figure, a fired bullet or the slightest sound effect, the headphones will take you to a whole new dimension. So you need to do a little research to find a quality headset. Don’t you want to? Don’t worry about it. We’ve already done the research for you.

What are the parameters that determine the best headset for PS4 gaming?

Many parameters need to be taken into account when choosing the best headphones. For example, wireless or wired, black or white, etc.

Let’s take the example of wireless or wired communication. The PS4 usually offers both, but the number of consoles that support Bluetooth wireless is limited. Therefore, purchasing a wireless system may not be a good idea if your system does not support it.

Another parameter is the price. You want to get the most for your money. The list includes some of the best headphones filtered by these parameters. We hope you find the best headset for PS4 gaming in this list.

Price list of our best headphones

Product Price Ranking Seller
Razer Kraken Tournament Edition $54.99 8.8 Amazon
SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless technology $328.06 8.6 Amazon
2019 Arctis 7 Steel Series Wireless Internet Access $99.99 8.5 Amazon
Sony PlayStation Wireless Platinum $119.40 8.3 Amazon
Nari rice edge $173.44 8.3 Amazon
Corsair HS60 $39.99 8.2 Amazon
Bayerdynamic custom gaming headset $152.13 8.2 Amazon
HyperX Cloud Alpha $88.37 8.0 Amazon
Turtle Beach Recon 50P $27.85 7.9 Amazon
Razer Kraken Cross-Platform Gaming Headset $49.99 7.9 Amazon

Here’s a list of the best ones in terms of value for money, volume vs. features, etc.

1. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition – The best headset for PS4 gaming

The best headset for PS4 gaming is the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition. The quality is great, the features are good, the price is affordable and the experience is the best.

Credits: Razer

The helmet is the best among its competitors. It has a clear sound and a comfortable design. The Razer TE has features that are huge for its price.


  • Design: Closed back
  • Guide: 50 mm
  • Weight: 322g
  • Compatibility : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile, Mac…
  • Audio connection: 3.5 mm
  • Cable: 1.3 m

The headphones are finely tuned to provide excellent sound quality when streaming or broadcasting. Whether you’re playing Resident Evil 2 or Mortal Kombat 11, the sound effects are clean and quiet. You can also listen to THX Spatial Audio when you turn on a PC. The gaming experience is taken to another level.

The microphone is very loud and clear. Overall, this is an excellent device for its price range. An indispensable gadget for elite players.

Full audio controls allow you to adjust THX Spatial Audio, game and map balance, volume and bass levels. The sound quality may be less than that of more expensive headphones, like the $200 ones, but overall it’s as good as it gets for the same price.
The adjustable 50 mm drivers produce a highly accurate sound with minimal noise.
The user-friendly design offers an impressive and newly designed architectural experience.
The cooling gel pads keep you cool in the heat.

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2. SteelSeries Arctis Pro Series Wireless Headset is the second best headset for PS4 games.

The Arctis Pro Wireless Steel Headset is number two on our list of the best headsets for PS4 gaming. This headset has a good reputation in the gaming arena. This is thanks to its incredibly versatile sound quality.

Credits: Tom’s Guide

This helmet is great because of its features. For example, it supports Bluetooth in addition to the wireless USB transmitter. It also supports audio from two sources simultaneously. This is ideal for users who want to multitask, for example. B. Play games and answer calls at the same time.


  • Design: Closed back on the ear
  • Battery: 20 hours (10 per battery)
  • Guide: 40 mm
  • Type of connection : Wireless (transmitter + Bluetooth)
  • Compatibility : PS4, PC
  • Microphone: Yes

The headphones have a very impressive sound quality. Moreover, smooth and fast communication increases its value. There is room for an auxiliary cable, USB transmitter and optical inputs.

The features of this headset are second to none, although you can tell the price is high. But the excellent connectivity, swappable batteries, and fantastic sound experience are well worth the high speeds.

Dual wireless connectivity provides multiple communication options, namely 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth. There is no built-in microphone on the Xbox One.
High quality Hi-Res speakers provide rich sound quality. Noise reduction
Lightweight construction for maximum durability
Removable batteries for hours of sound.

With its impressive sound, these headphones are at the top of the buyer’s wish list. The GameDAC edition offers a longer range and better microphone control. But again, the lack of wireless connectivity makes them less versatile than a professional headset.

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3. Steel Series Arctis 7 2019 Wireless Version

The Arctis 7 2019 Edition steel headset ranks third in our list of the best headsets for PS4 gaming sessions. Some users also consider it the best headset for the PS4 Pro. It has everything Artics Pro offers, and at relatively reasonable prices too.


The features of this Steel Series helmet are surprisingly impressive. It offers many of the same features as the Arctis Pro. They are also great for games, movies and all other types of audio recording.


  • Design: Closed back on the ear
  • Battery: 24 hours
  • Guide: 40 mm
  • Type of connection : Wireless (transmitter only)
  • Compatibility : PS4, PC, Mac
  • Microphone: Yes

The sound quality is again impressive. That sounds great. The batteries are not removable, as was the case with the Arctis Pro Edition. But it still has a good reputation with its 24 hour autonomy.

Also, the connectivity options are a bit limited compared to the Arctis Pro Edition. Supports wireless key connection and auxiliary cable as input. Bluetooth connection is not available.

The 2.4G connection ensures rock-solid, wireless sound quality without quality loss. No Bluetooth connection
The best gaming microphone for clear voice and noise cancellation. No removable batteries
The 24-hour battery life ensures an impressively rich, quality experience during the longest gaming sessions. Not compatible with Xbox One

They are for wireless audio sessions on PS4 and PC, not Xbox One. In other words: These are the best headsets for PS4 and PC as cheap alternatives.

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4. Sony PlayStation Wireless Deck

If you’re looking for a high-end option, nothing beats an official one. The Sony Playstation Wireless Platinum is a headset that is definitely worth checking out.

Credits: Random frankp


  • Design: Closed back
  • Battery: 6 hours
  • Guide: 50 mm
  • Weight : 318 gr
  • Compatibility : PS4
  • Microphone: No

You can’t take your eyes off the official PS4 headset. It is the perfect combination of price and performance. Plus, the features are excellent and the sound quality is great.

The speakers have an impressive clarity of sound from their virtue. The 50 mm speakers also perfectly capture the sound sensation of the game.

The headset’s battery life could be an issue, but it’s not really a big deal. This is because the headset’s battery also lasts longer than the controller’s.

7.1 virtual surround sound offers a whole new experience with revolutionary 3D audio technology. The microphone function is not available for this
Multi-device compatibility allows you to connect mobile phones, PS4, VR headsets and mobile devices.
The user-friendly design provides an exceptional gaming experience.

If platinum headphones are too expensive, you can also buy gold headphones. The gold ones are the best headsets for the PS4 for under $40. These headphones are also designed for official VR products. Its user-friendly design and surprising ease of use reinforce its reputation.

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5. Razer Nari Ultimate Headset – The only headset with vibration function

The rumble feature in the helmet is a unique thing. The Razer Nari Ultimate is the best headset for PS4 Pro and PS4 with a unique vibration feature. That’s the last thing a player needs.

Credits: GamesRadar

The features of the Razer Nari headset have been specifically designed for the ultimate theme. It has received excellent reviews on the user experience. This adds to the enjoyment of the game with smooth controls and excellent sound quality.


  • Design: Closed back on the ear
  • Battery life: 20 hours without HyperSense and 8 hours with HyperSense.
  • Guide: 50 mm
  • Weight: 430 grams
  • Compatibility : PS4 Pro, PS4
  • Microphone: No

It is the only headset with a vibration function. When you hear an important sound, it actually vibrates, giving you a whole new experience with HyperSense technology. And if you don’t like it, you can also disable this feature.

Overall, this is a great wireless headset with excellent battery life. With Hypersense it lasts 8 hours during intense play sessions, without it it lasts 20 hours. So you don’t need a charger during the game.

Unique screen feature with HyperSense technology Expensive headset for PS4 games
Excellent battery performance enhances the user experience of quality sound.
Impressive sound thanks to 50 mm speakers

It has an incredible connection that allows for virtually no delay in sound transmission. The design is comfortable and light. However, because the frequency response is not the same as the Arctis Pro, the sound is not quite clear for non-gaming applications.

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6. Corsair HS60 – Best Budget Headset for PS4

If you’re looking for the best budget headset for PS4 under $100, the Corsair HS60 is the headset for you. A solid headset with good features that won’t ruin your budget either. In fact, many experts consider it the best budget headset for PS4 gaming.

Credits: JoesTech

The Corsair HS60 headphones feature large, comfortable ear pads that fit snugly. The solid metal frame adds to the great design. It is also equipped with detachable microphones, increasing its versatility.


  • Design: Closed back on the ear
  • Guide: 50 mm
  • Communications: Wired
  • Compatibility : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Microphone: Yes

The Corsair HS60 is a well-balanced and inexpensive gadget. This is not only good for games, but also for music from time to time. The 1/8″ TRRS plug and USB adapter included with the headset can be used for connection to a PC.

The microphones are also good for most players. But you could argue that the HS60 delivers better micro performance than the HyperX Stinger. Overall, it’s a good deal.

Credits: Corsair

Economic gadget with good sound quality. No wireless connection
The detachable microphone adds to the versatility of the design. Noise reduction
The 50 mm drivers improve sound quality and give you more control.

The Corsair HS60 is a decent, quality headset for the PS4, and it has a good price too. However, if you prefer the quality of the HS60 with wireless functionality, you can upgrade to the Corsair HS70 Wireless. And to do that, you have to stretch the budget a bit.

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7. Bayer Dynamic Custom Gaming Headset

If you have a higher budget to buy a PS4 headset, this headset is one of the best options. It is highly recommended by video game experts for its unique sound experience.

Credits: Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic’s features are so good that even the smallest gunshot is audible. The sound quality is first class and unmatched. It’s that simple. This is also the main reason for its inclusion in our list of the best headsets for PS4 gaming.


  • Design: Closed back
  • Guide: 50 mm
  • Weight : 282 gr
  • Compatibility : PS4, Tablets, PC, Switch, Mac.
  • Cable: 1.5 m

With its 50 mm audio drivers, the headset captures every detail of the game, such as the… B. Kicks or a long-range shot. In addition, the microphone is clear and comes with a pop screen.

Adapted loyalty game

The headset is very comfortable and designed with a sensitive material for the earpieces. It’s perfect for intense gaming sessions, with high-quality sound that always sounds good. The feature that sets it apart from others is the quality of the sound.

The unique and fantastic sound experience underlines its value. rather expensive
The comfortable design ensures that you won’t get tired even during intense gaming sessions. It doesn’t look good for anyone.
A pure high quality microphone increases the value of this gadget.

It provides a rich gaming experience in intense PS4 games like Resident Evil 2. The camera is expensive, but not more so than the MMX30. The MMX30 has a relatively low noise level and gets warm during operation.

Credits: SoundGuys

Loyalty is the distinguishing feature from its counterparts. It is specially designed for intensive gaming sessions. Custom playback delivers high-quality sound even during long play sessions.

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8. HyperX Cloud Alpha – the best headset for gaming

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a premium headset that defines its own value with superior style and sound quality. This is one of the best headphones for the PS4. This is an excellent combination of price and quality.

Credits: HyperX Cloud Alpha

The features of Cloud Alpha stand out from the rest. This is thanks to its impressive sound quality and versatile, elegant design. It has almost everything you need for a perfect gaming experience.


  • Design: Closed back on the ear
  • Speaker: 50 mm dual chamber
  • Communications: Wired
  • Compatibility : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices
  • Microphone: Yes

Some headphones are just hard to beat when it comes to style and sound for the price. The HyperX Cloud Alpha is one of them. After the Corsair HS60, this headset is considered the best headset for the PS4 under $100.

The helmet is very comfortable thanks to its high-end design. The headphones are very comfortable during long gaming sessions. The sturdy metal frame and the reddish-black lacquer also emphasise the noble appearance.

The high quality and sleek design give it a solid look. Headphones may be too tight
Impressive sound quality for an exceptional user experience. The microphone can pick up certain sounds
Versatile cables add value to your headphones.

Credits: HardwareCanucks

Double helmet drivers have a big impact on the reputation of the product. The speakers do their best to reproduce thick bass and loud treble and deliver a great sound.

In short: The Alpha represents the kind of impressive and elegant sound that makes it a versatile product.

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9. Turtle Beach Recon 50P – An affordable gadget for under $40

Sometimes budget is a real issue and buying a new quality headset seems too difficult. Don’t worry, because the Turtle Beach Recon 50P is the best headset for PS4 for less than $40.

Credits: Turtle Beach

Despite its low price, that doesn’t mean the headset isn’t good or that it’s not on par with higher-end headphones. It outperforms its competitors for the same price.

It has managed to establish itself as the best headset for PS4 gaming, ranking 9th based on its key features.


  • Design: Closed back
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Guide: 40 mm
  • Weight: 499g
  • Communications: Wired
  • Compatibility : PS4, PS4 Pro
  • Microphone: Yes

The headset impresses with its sound quality, even though the price is low. The 40mm drivers in expensive headphones may not sound as good as 50mm drivers. But the sound quality is still crisp and the stereo sound is amazing for a $30 headset.

As for the design of the headset, it is really comfortable and nice to look at. The earbuds are excellent and you can use them about as often as you want. All in all, a good helmet for $30.

The cheap service is a great deal. Not wireless
Good sound quality for the price. The microphone is not very good, so no standard music.
Comfortable and durable helmets offer a unique experience.

The model is good and serves the purpose of a quality experience. The headband is not padded, and the microphone has been modified a bit. This means that black, white, or even blue can be easily combined within the PS4.


Setting up a wired connection to your PS4 gaming console is very simple and neat. The only problem is the two microphones and the headband. Otherwise, the helmet is a bargain at $30.

If you can stretch your budget by about $20, the Turtle Beach Recon 150 offers a good headband and a better experience.

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10. Razer Kraken Cross-Platform Gaming Headset

The Razer Kraken Cross-Platform Gaming Headset is another budget headset for the PS4. It won’t ruin your budget while still providing a quality sound experience. It has a bulky design, but it does things well while staying within budget.

credits: Razer Kraken.

The features of the Razer headset are good for the price. It has a cool design and is comfortable enough for gaming sessions. The headphones are of good quality. It has the reputation of being the best mid-range headset for PS4 gaming.


  • Design: Closed back
  • Noise Reduction : Yes
  • Guide: 50 mm
  • Communications: Wired (3.5 mm jack)
  • Compatibility : PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac, mobile devices.
  • Microphone: Yes

The Kraken is impressive in terms of specs, but it doesn’t stand out from its competitors. It has luxurious features compared to the prices of other options.

The earpieces are filled with cooling gel and are therefore very comfortable. Therefore, it is very useful during hot and intense gaming sessions. The 50mm speakers offer better sound, and what else? It also has a built-in audio control.

Wired for unlimited playing time. No wireless connection
The 50 mm speakers provide powerful sound. No surround sound function
Comfortable design with gel-covered ear cups.

The design of the helmet is very nice and unique. The headband is heavily padded, but the entire helmet is extremely light. Although the sound quality is good, the surround sound feature could have added value.

Credits: Magic Bean

A powerful and advanced microphone is available for in-game communication. It eliminates unnecessary noise and transmits only the sounds you make. Overall, it’s a good deal.

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Choice of author

Of all the options above, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro is my favorite for the best headset for PS4 gaming. Although these headphones come in second in our list of best headphones, they are the best in my opinion.

The Arctis Pro has many reasons to please. It has a beautiful design, premium features and offers a breathtaking experience. The ability to create multiple links is my favorite part of the top of the scintillation model.

Enables multitasking

Yes, it is indeed an expensive headset, but it also offers too much quality for that price. The removable batteries last 20 hours, which is amazing for a headset.

Why buy Arctis Pro wireless headphones?
1. The buzzer is operated.
2. High-resolution speakers that deliver optimum sound quality.
3. The Multi-Connection feature offers more control with the ability to multitask.

The gaming experience is fantastic. With an intense game like Resident Evil 2, I could hear every moment. Whether it’s a gunshot or a zombie shooting at you. Everything is so compelling.

The microphone quality isn’t as good as the SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC, but it’s still good enough. Overall, this is an excellent headset.


If you want to choose a helmet that meets your needs, you need to do some careful research. Each of the headphones on the list above is of a caliber that makes them the best headphones for PS4 games or any other sound profile.

It really depends on the user which one best suits their needs. The Arctis Pro Wireless may be suitable for one person, but not for another.

At the same time, these headphones offer high sound quality. Some are wireless, some are wired. Some have removable batteries, while others have a cord for a longer gaming experience.

Ultimately, the choice is truly yours. Good luck!


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