Best Mic For ASMR To Record Great Quality Sound- Expert Guide [2021]  

This website analyzes in detail Best Mic For ASMR To Record Great Quality Sound- Expert Guide [2021] for you.If you are looking to buy a new microphone, you may have come across some terms in the microphone world that you don’t understand. Demo: Listen to the one minute demo below, where the narrator talks about how to use your computer microphone to make video games feel more real. The demo shows that the narrator is in a quiet environment, and the recording is clear with no background noise that would distract from the narrator’s voice. Demo: Listen to the one minute demo below, where the narrator is in a noisy environment. The following demo shows that the narrator is in a noisy environment, and the

Have you ever wondered what microphone you should use to record the best audio for your ASMR videos? Have you ever wondered what the best microphones in the market are for ASMR? Whether you are looking for a microphone that produces the best audio quality or a microphone that is extremely easy to use, there are a variety of microphones that you can choose from for your ASMR videos. Blog Post: Audio is one of the most important aspects of an ASMR video – it allows you to hear the ASMR sounds that you are making yourself. Most of the time, for the best audio quality, you will record your own ASMR sounds. However, there are times when you may want to use a sample from a video, sound file, or

Have you ever wanted to start a career as an ASMR Youtuber? Or you just want to start a new kind of hobby that is relaxing and calming, and you want to capture high quality sound for your ASMR videos? If so, one of the most important things you need for the most realistic sounding ASMR videos is a good microphone.</p

ASMR has become a sensation, and to be a good ASMRtist, you need the best microphone for ASMR. To record the best ASMR videos, you first need a microphone, but there are a few other things, including:

  1. Video camera
  2.  High quality ASMR headphones
  3.  Good content

When looking for the best ASMR microphone, there are some important factors to consider. These include the eigen noise level, polar pattern, microphone type, power source (USB or XLR connector), microphone recording path, frequency response, sensitivity and budget. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the best microphones for ASMR, taking into account important purchasing factors to ensure that all products have a long life.

word-image-5896 Blue Yeti USB ASMR Microphone Weight 1.55 grams 92 x 4.72 x 11.61 inches Connection type : USB

Tips for buying the best microphone for ASMR

To buy the best microphone for ASMR, there are a few important factors to consider as they will determine the cost of your purchase. These factors are as follows:

  • Intrinsic noise
  • Polar model
  • Energy source
  • Microphone recording pad
  • Types of microphones
  • Frequency range
  • Sensitivity
  • Price range

Intrinsic noise

  • All microphones suppress noise to some extent, and the amount of noise picked up is called self-noise.
  • The self-noise level of all microphones is less than 15dB, so it’s well worth the purchase. To buy the best ASMR microphones, choose those with sound levels around 5 decibels.
  • If you are planning to buy ASMR microphones for video recording, you should buy a pair with a low I-noise ratio.
  • Assuming the microphone has a signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB (S/N), you know that the background noise is 50 dB lower than the signal.
  • Select a microphone with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 80 dB.

The following infographic should help you better understand the frequency analysis of most microphones. word-image-2827

Polar diagram

The changes in sensitivity as you move 360 degrees around the microphone can be seen in the polar diagram. You can choose between different aiming patterns. Each ASMR video has its own style, which is why different types of microphones are used. These types are the following: Omnidirectional, unidirectional and bidirectional are the three most common models. Omnidirectional microphones provide consistent response in all directions. word-image-2828

Binaural microphones ASMR

Binaural microphones consist of two microphones placed side by side and separated by a distance. These binaural microphones are used to simulate whispering, tapping or touching in the left and right ear. 3Dio is an example of this type of microphone. 3DIO also provides 360 degree sound and can be used to locate the sound source by stimulating the earpiece. word-image-2829

ASMR omnidirectional microphones

Omnidirectional microphones can pick up sounds from all directions. The Blue Yeti is available in stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional versions. If you want to determine your ASMR recording style, you can use the settings to test different options. word-image-5897

Cardioid microphonesASMR

Cardioid microphones like the NT1-A, which are condenser microphones, pick up sound directly at the source, making them ideal for whispering, communication and ASMR movies. To create a binaural effect with a cardioid microphone, two XLR microphones are required, e.g. the Rode NT1A. Unfortunately, Two Blue Yetis doesn’t work this way because of the USB ports. word-image-2830

What is the application of these polar diagrams?

The following table will help you understand the different polar patterns:

Direction indicators


Binaural microphones
  • Stereo recording
  • Use with ribbon microphones
  • Maximum insulation
Omnidirectional microphones
  • Increases the effect of intimacy
  • Reduces inherent noise
  • Expands a full octave lower
  • Reduction of off-axis noise colouration
Cardioid microphones
  • To set the battery microphone
  • For live performances
  • Minimising reflected sound

Power supply

There are two ways to connect the microphone to the power supply. These two methods are as follows:

  • USB port
  • Phantom or XLR connection

USB connector

  • Some microphones are USB powered. This type of microphone can be connected to your system to record ASMR videos.
  • This power supply uses less energy and is easy to install.

Phantom power or XLR

  • This type of power supply is used in high-end condenser microphones.
  • Phantom power uses a special type of connection called XLR.
  • These microphones are connected via a separate recorder or adapter.

Capacitorvs. Dynamic microphones

Condenser microphones and dynamic microphones are the two main types of microphones on the market today. The choice between the two is entirely up to you, as both types of models are of excellent quality, even in a lower price range. The main characteristics of these two varieties are listed below.

Condenser Microphones

Condenser microphones require an external power supply to operate. They are also more sensitive to damping and structural vibration than their dynamic counterparts, making them more vulnerable. However, they are very sensitive across the entire frequency spectrum.

Dynamic microphones

Dynamic microphones are simpler and more durable than condenser microphones. They operate without an external power supply and are more resistant to moisture and vibration. Dynamic microphones are also less expensive than condenser microphones.

Sound quality

This is an obvious thing to check. The simplest method of determining sound power is the standard deviation method (RMS). This allows you to determine the highest performance of the unit without compromising sound quality. Alternatively, you can look at frequency response, which indicates the range of audio frequencies.

Microphone types

As far as microphones are concerned, two main types are generally used. Since they are designed for different purposes, it cannot be said that one is better than the other. The best results are obtained when the right microphone is used for the right job.

Tube microphones

Warmth and roundness are associated with tube microphones. These microphones require a constant high voltage source. External power supplies accompany these microphones to obtain the desired voltage.


FET microphones are characterized by their accuracy and fast transient response. Compared to tube microphones, these microphones are best known for their transient response, which allows accurate transients to be captured. Since the FET microphone has a lower output signal, it is best used for louder sound sources. They work well with the standard 48V phantom power supply that comes with most preamps.

Frequency range

The ASMR microphone will tell you the ideal frequency. According to our research, the microphone that can reproduce the sound spectrum of the human ear is in the range (20-20,000 Hz), so a microphone in this range will improve the user’s listening experience.


  • Sensitivity determines clarity when it comes to the best ASMR microphone.
  • Quad-Cast offers a sensitivity of -36dB (1V/Pa at 1kHz) with a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz and easy tuning.
  • A lot of finesse can be achieved with the ASMR microphone and headphones.

Price range

The price of the ASMR microphone varies depending on the model. Roughly speaking, the price of an ASMR microphone ranges from $100 to $700.

Top 6 best microphones for ASMR

Taking into account the key points of the best microphone for ASMR, we have compiled a list of the 6 best microphones for ASMR. The selection of these products takes into account the inherent noise level, polar pattern, frequency response, sensitivity, type, recording path, sound quality, power supply and price.

Image Name Check price
word-image-5898 Blue Yeti USB ASMR Microphone Weight 1.55 grams 92 x 4.72 x 11.61 inches Connection type : USB Amazon Price
word-image-5899 Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone Weight 0.92 kg 47 x 3.78 x 5.81 in Connection type : XLR connector Amazon Price
word-image-5900 Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Microphone Weight 0.39 kg 38 x .05 x 2.05 in. Kind of record : USB Amazon Price
word-image-5901 Microphone Rode NT USB Weight 1.15 lbs 44 x 1.97 x 7.24 in. Kind of record : USB Amazon Price
word-image-5902 SAMSON Go USB Microphone Weight 0.5 lbs 6 x 1 x 5 in. Kind of record : USB Amazon Price
word-image-5903 Microphone Audio-Technica AT2005USB Weight 454 grams 6 x 9.6 x 2.6 inches Connection type : XLR connector, USB Amazon Price

1. Blue Yeti USB ASMR Mic – The best ASMR microphones in 2021

word-image-5904 Amazon Price

Main features

  • Weight: 1,55 gram
  • 92 x 4.72 x 11.61 inches
  • Kind of record : USB
  • Frequency response from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • Sound sensitivity 120 dB
  • PC hardware platform
  • Multipattern
  • Power supply with cable
  • Set of three capsules
  • Professional quality sound
  • Audio system on-board controls

The manufacturers have designed this ASMR microphone to work with your machine, saving you time and resources while recording high quality sound. Blue Yeti is available in different sizes and shapes, depending on your budget. The polar pattern determines where sound is picked up by the microphone; a cardioid polar pattern, for example, picks up sound from a microphone. B. only picks up sound from the front of the microphone, while an omnidirectional feature picks up sound from both sides. The control of the capacitor’s directivity gives you great flexibility. The Blue Yeti is very responsive and delivers crystal clear sound. Its sensitivity to high frequencies allows it to capture a wide range of sounds. Because of its omnidirectional characteristic, the purchase of two of these microphones is Recording is even easier because they eliminate the proximity effect.

Feedback from customers

Blue Yeti is without a doubt the best microphone for streaming radio stations. The best I’ve ever seen. The built-in headphone jack is one of our favorite features. If you’ve ever tried streaming with a Windows computer, you’ll notice that there’s a delay between your live voice and what comes out of the microphone. For live broadcasts, most radio DJs use headphones. This can really confuse you if the delay is between 5 and 1 second. If you connect your headphones directly to the microphone, there is no delay. Blue’s microphone seems to be well made and the sound quality is excellent.

2. Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone – The Best Microphone for ASMR Video

word-image-5905 Amazon Price

Main features

  • Weight 0,92 kg
  • 47 x 3.78 x 5.81 inches
  • Kind of record : XLR connector
  • Unidirectional polar model
  • PC hardware platform
  • Impedance 150 Ohm
  • Wired connection technology
  • Wideband frequency response
  • 1 lithium polymer battery
  • Minimal off-axis noise colouration
  • Accurate position control

The Shure SM7B is sure to make an appearance in the chat room, as its balanced frequencies surpass most others! The Shure SM7B has a removable windshield, which is ideal for getting close to the microphone capsule and having a quiet conversation. The dynamic microphone uses a simple, wide frequency response for pure, natural sound reproduction. The emphasis on the midrange and bass significantly improves speech quality. From the windshield to the internal pop filter to the cardioid polar pattern, the Shure SM7B has enough features to be used as an ASMR microphone. Another useful feature is the electromagnetic insulation, which eliminates the hum of electrical appliances such as. B. A discarded phone.

Feedback from customers

The Shure SM7B microphone is excellent. Even in less than ideal situations, when properly positioned, this unit delivers pure, clear, professional music with minimal noise. This thing can cut them off and gives me such a good signal that I don’t have to do any post-processing. My room has no window coverings, I have a computer and a set of 5 hard drives running in the background, and this thing can cut them and give me a signal so good that I don’t have to worry about post-processing. I could go on and on about this, but words fail to make it clear.

3. Microphone Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ – the best microphone for the ASMR

word-image-5906 Amazon Price

Main features

  • Weight 0.39 kg
  • 38 x 0.05 x 2.05 inches
  • Kind of record : USB
  • Unidirectional polar diagram
  • Frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
  • USB connection technology
  • Power supply with cable
  • Condenser microphone
  • High quality A/D converter
  • 1/48 kHz sampling frequency
  • Mixer control

The AT2020USB is one of the most widely used microphones for podcasters. Ideal for recording your voice, whether you are talking, singing or whispering. The Audio-Technica AT2020USB is a side-firing microphone, meaning the condenser picks up sound from the sides instead of speaking upwards. The USB function of this microphone allows you to connect it to your laptop for even more convenience. It also has a headphone jack and volume control for continuous monitoring. The simplicity and clarity of the Audio-Technica AT2020USB’s sound, combined with its ease of connection and use, are clear reasons why it is so popular. As we’ve noted in previous articles, this microphone is very reasonably priced for the performance it offers. And whether you sing or play guitar, you’ll soon discover that there are even more uses for it.

Feedback from customers

This microphone exceeded my expectations for a USB device. So much so that I felt compelled to make a 6 1/2 minute video about it. For this review, I used a microphone for audio recording, and I hope the high quality sound helps you choose a microphone that offers much more than its price tag. If you want to get the best possible sound while watching this video, I recommend using good headphones. This is a high quality microphone, well made, with clear sound with little noise, easy to install and use.

4. Universal Microphone Red NT USB – Microphone for ASMR recordings

word-image-5907 Amazon Price

Main features

  • Weighs 1.15 pounds.
  • 44 x 1.97 x 7.24 inches
  • Kind of record : USB (3.5 mm jack)
  • Unidirectional polar diagram
  • Power supply with cable
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio 82 dB
  • USB connection technology
  • Hardware Platform : Tablet, computer and camera
  • 6 m USB cable
  • Latency-free monitoring
  • Compatible with Apple iPad
  • USB bus power supply

Unlike other microphones in this price range, the Rode NT-USB has a high-end design with high-quality internal components. They focus on being frugal and doing the best they can, which is the most important thing: Sound. They don’t need a lot of bells and whistles or a lot of different parts; instead, they keep it simple and sell a condenser microphone with a professional sound in the capsule. It can be tedious for those looking for a microphone with lots of features, but choosing the best ASMR microphone comes down to a matter of accuracy. The Rode NT-USB brings out the best in your sound, from low noise levels to balanced highs. Also included is a complimentary audio shield to protect against flat noise and a laptop holder.

Feedback from customers

I am a studio mixing engineer with a lot of experience. So you can trust my opinion when I judge this microphone. I decided to buy this microphone for home use. The voice recording is very clear. Because he is very sensitive, he picks up on background noises and conversations. So make sure you are recording in a very quiet environment. The actual quality of the recorded voice is excellent and clear, and it doesn’t take much to bring it up to industry standards, whether by effects or other means. I highly recommend this microphone to anyone doing home or studio recordings, podcasts and similar projects.

5. SAMSON Go USB Mic – Microphone for video recording ASMR

word-image-5908 Amazon Price

Main features

  • Weighs 0.5 pounds.
  • 6 x 1 x 5 inches
  • Kind of record : USB
  • Multipolar model
  • USB connection technology
  • Frequency range from 20 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Hardware Platform : Camera, PC, Laptop
  • Requires a lithium-ion battery
  • Condenser microphone
  • No driver required
  • Compact and innovative design
  • 1/8 inch headphone output
  • Latency-free monitoring
  • PC compatibility

One of the first things you will notice about the Samson Go is that it has two polar patterns: Cardioid and omnidirectional. Cardioids pick up sound from the front, while omnidirectional microphones pick up sound from all directions. This flexibility will help you experiment and find the best ASMR audio settings. High frequencies are easily captured by an extended frequency response that balances them with the low and mid frequencies, creating a smooth sound. For beginners with a limited budget, the Samson Go is a must. And thanks to the Go model’s high sensitivity, it’s an extremely powerful ASMR microphone.

Feedback from customers

It is a simple microphone to plug in and use. For such a low price, you can easily record podcasts or comment on YouTube videos. I am very pleased with the sound quality of this small compact microphone after doing both with it. I can use it on Windows and Mac computers.

6. Audio-Technica AT2005USB Microphone – ASMR Microphones for High Quality Sound

word-image-5909 Amazon Price

Main features

  • Weight: 454 grams
  • 6 x 9.6 x 2.6 inches
  • Kind of record : XLR connector, USB
  • Unidirectional polar diagram
  • PC hardware platform
  • USB connection technology
  • Digital USB Output
  • XLR analog output
  • Dynamic handheld microphone
  • Frequency range from 50 Hz to 15 kHz
  • 1 kHz / 48 kHz
  • Volume control for headphones
  • 5 mm TRS headphone jack

The Audio-Technica AT2005USB is one of the best microphones for speech and offers great functionality with USB and XLR connections. When it comes to podcasting or ASMR, the Audio-Technica AT2005USB offers incredible consistency for voice applications. The cardioid polar pattern protects your recordings from unwanted side and rear noise, while the low-mass diaphragm provides excellent frequency response and sonic depth. The Audio-Technica AT2005USB has a headphone jack for delay-free monitoring, so you can hear the sound in real time. This makes it easier to experiment and hearing your own voice during the recording keeps you on track.

Feedback from customers

After watching many video courses on how to make audio books, I decided to buy this microphone. It has been highly recommended to me by professionals, and I am very excited about it. Until I bought this one, I thought my current microphone was sufficient. I think if you’re a professional, you’d want to hear all the numbers, but if you’re a professional, you already know you have to go straight to the source. I hope this helps for those of us who are not experts. It’s an excellent microphone that picks up sound in all directions except the front. It is also delicate and simple. Still, it’s something I would advocate in any situation.


Finding the best microphone for ASMR video can be difficult, but if you consider your own noise level, signal-to-noise ratio, frequency response, sensitivity, type, polar pattern, sound quality and power source, you can make a reasonable choice. According to our recommendations, the best microphone for ASMR is the Blue Yeti and the Shure SM7B. These microphones were chosen for their high-quality functionality, affordability, high ratings and good reviews.

What is the best software to record ASMR videos?

You need software to record and edit audio and video. You do not need to choose a new recording program if you already know one. This also works if you are using something you already have on your computers, such as WMM or iMovie. When it comes to recording and editing software, there’s no need to overdo it if you really need to. If you find that your current program is not satisfactory, find something else. With Audacity you have a program that allows you to edit only the audio, instead of using one program for both audio and video. For audio-related software, this is the best option. It is free and easy to use. On the other hand, the choice of video editing software is greater. Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and other programs can be used for a fee. It’s best to try them out for free to see which one suits you best. You may think that video editing software has little to do with how you use your ASMR microphone, but you’re wrong. If you don’t match the audio to the video properly, you’ll get fragmented ASMR video, which isn’t ideal for picks!

Can I use the ASMR microphone with Android or iPhone?

If you can’t spend a lot of money on a webcam because you think your phone is good enough, you can also record your ASMR videos with an ASMR microphone attached to it. Only one cable is needed, which fits into the headphone jack of your phone. With Android phones, you won’t experience any problems, but you may with the newer iPhone models. The omission of the headphone jack leaves only Apple’s own feature port. You’ll need the Apple C adapter if you want to use a microphone with your iPhone. It’s a minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning for those who haven’t yet looked at the plug-in variant.

How to record an ASMR video with perfect sound quality?

If you are looking for tactile ways to record ASMR videos with excellent sound quality, the following video will help you:

frequently asked questions

What is the best microphone for ASMR?

To find the best microphone for ASMR, there are several key points to consider, including type, power source, sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and price. Taking these factors into account, we recommend the following two microphones as the best ASMR microphones:

Why does my blue Yeti sound bad?

If your Blue Yeti microphone starts to sound bad, there are usually four reasons: You hold it too close to your lips or you use the wrong settings. Using a USB hub causes problems when using software, e.g. a DAW.

Does the Blue Yeti pick up on background noise?

Podcasting and home recording are typical applications for Yeti Blue microphones. However, their disadvantage is their great sensitivity. Even with fully reduced gain, they pick up too much background noise.

How do you build an ASMR microphone?

When recording ASMR, try to breathe away from the microphone to eliminate background noise. Sibilants and plosives can be the most difficult hurdles to take. Learn to speak a little further away from the microphone and use a pop filter to further reduce noise.

Can I practice ASMR with headphones?

Yes, ASMR works even if your headphones are damaged. Many ASMRtists are aware of this problem and have created a number of videos for you to enjoy. These films are particularly useful for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in one ear.

How do I set the microphone sensitivity?

The following instructions will help you calibrate the microphone:

  • Select the Start menu from the drop-down menu.
  • On the Control Panel tab, type Sound and click Sound Settings.
  • The door opens (microphone properties).
  • Double-click on the microphone to activate it.
How can I prevent the microphone from picking up background noise?

Close windows, stand away from vents, move to quieter rooms, turn off programs that make your laptop’s fans buzz, place the microphone away from your lips so others can’t hear you breathe, and think of ways to avoid noise.

Why is my microphone so quiet?

Make sure it’s on maximum volume. If you notice that it is weak, this could be the reason why your microphone is so quiet. Just select the device in the sound settings screen that appears and your microphone should appear in the list. If so, click on it and change the settings.

In how many dB is the microphone level?

The microphone volume is normally set between -60 and -40 dBu. dBu and dBV refer to voltage. Various devices are used to convert microphone signals to line level signals.

Why are USB microphones bad?

The whole interface fits into a micro USB. Due to the size of the components, these microphone/interface combinations are often of poor quality. You have to pay for the blocks. The power supply from the USB bus may not be sufficient.



It’s no secret that ASMR is becoming the fastest growing hobby in the world. You may find yourself asking how you can get started, which is why you are here. Not only that, but you need to know what type of mics should you use in order to record at the best quality. There are a ton of great options to choose from but some are better than others. Finding the best mic for ASMR can be difficult but don’t worry, I have you covered!. Read more about best asmr microphone cheap and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which MIC is best for Asmr?

There are a lot of ASMR mics out there, but which one is best? If you’re looking to record that tingling feeling of relaxation and comfort without damaging your ears, a good quality microphone is one of your best options. Here at Printerdownload, we’ve taken the time to research some of the top options available, so you don’t have to. Just check out our list and pick the mic that’s right for your situation. (Disclaimer: we may get a commission if you buy from our links, but we’ve only included ones that we’ve used and can vouch for.) The quest for the perfect microphone for ASMR is a never-ending one, since the technology behind the art is constantly being discovered and improved upon. But, there are a lot of options out there, and each has its own merits and drawbacks…

Which microphones are considered to have the best quality?

One of the most important aspects of video quality is the audio. You may have the best camera in the world, but if your microphone is bad, the video quality really suffers. With that in mind, we’re going to run through the 5 microphones that are currently considered the “best”. This is going to be a long post, but stay with us – it’s worth it! Recording and capturing quality audio is an important part of creating any video, and the microphone you use to record is just as important as the camera you use to record. If you use a good microphone you can record high quality audio, but if you use a bad microphone you can record low quality audio. In order to record great audio for your videos, there are several aspects that you need to consider such as the microphone’s sensitivity, noise, frequency response, price, and brand.

How do I make my Asmr sound better?

Asmr, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a term used for a pleasurable sensation you might feel when listening to certain sounds, or witnessing certain sights. The term was coined by a woman named Jennifer Allen, after she discovered through experimentation that certain sounds produced pleasure. When she shared the term with the online community, many people said it best described the sensations they felt when they heard certain noises, so she decided to use it to describe the phenomenon. ASMR might be relaxing to some, but to the uninitiated it can sound like a bunch of random noises. While some ASMRtists are content to record in the bedroom with their laptop’s built-in microphone, others use specialty microphones designed to capture crisp, clear audio. But what do you look for in a microphone? What kind of audio quality should you expect from a $100 mic? To help you shop for the best mic for ASMR, we asked experts who specialize in ASMR for their recommendations.

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