Best Snowmobiles for Ice Fishing in this 2020-2021 Winter

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In ice fishing, fish are caught in small holes in the ice with any type of fishing equipment.

It was a
recreational activity for many and an important source of food for people living in very difficult

Ice fishing can be done in an open or heated room. Small fishing trips can be easy and do not require a lot of material, but large fishing trips can require a lot of heavy material and structures that increase the pressure on many folds.

It is therefore very important to find the right snowmobile for driving with a load.

Ice fishing

In a hurry to find the best snowmobiles for your unexpected fishing trip? Don’t worry any more. Take a look at the snowmobile equipment I recommend and discover snowmobiles that have not only been tested by many people, but also over a long period of time.

Snowmobile Ice Fishing Requirements

the best snowmobiles for ice fishing

In order to find the ideal snowmobile for ice fishing, there are several criteria to take into account, the most important of which are listed below.


Since ice fishing requires a lot of equipment, the most important factor that determines the traction of the snowmobile is the traction.

To increase the payload of the snowmobile, it is better to choose a snowmobile with a powerful engine.

On long journeys, the weight of the tent and other equipment needed to keep the hole in the ice open is added to the initial weight of the equipment. This requires a powerful vehicle that can drive through powder snow and ice. The best choice would be a service snowmobile.

It must have sufficient load-bearing capacity to be able to handle iceboxes easily and work without problems.


A powerful low rider doesn’t have enough
if he doesn’t have enough space to carry all the
stuff he needs. It is therefore important that you have a sledge or other tow hook on your snowmobile to carry your fishing equipment and to fish when you return from a trip.


In general you can use any snowmobile for ice fishing, but comfort becomes a very important factor.

Freestyle Touring snowmobiles can be used for ice fishing, as they are designed for riding at low speeds. The long paths they have would be perfect for ice fishing.

For ice fishing the more common
models are suitable, because they have an enormous power with which you can carry loads effortlessly.
They also have long and wide tracks that have a very low ratio for better
traction in extreme conditions.


For ice fishing it is important to have an air-cooled
vehicle, as long hours with heavy
loads are essential.

In general, liquid cooling systems are not preferred because they get stuck on long journeys, even in good snow, while air cooling systems do not need snow, but work better.

The use of
scrapers also improves their performance. Air cooling systems also require less
maintenance than liquid cooling systems.

Length and width

It is very important that the
ice snowmobile has a high track length and width. Although it reduces maneuverability, the ride is more comfortable. It also increases traction to the extent necessary to use the full power of the engine, if necessary.


For long journeys at low speed it is important that the
has a good fuel capacity, especially on
snow. This is very important because filling up in the middle of a
trip is difficult, if not impossible in some situations. Therefore, when fishing on ice, it is important to choose a vehicle with a powerful engine and a good fuel capacity.


The best snowmobile for ice fishing depends on the requirements, but also on the costs. For a powerful
snowmobile with a good fuel capacity the costs will be high, next to the mounting places for the
trailers. The costs also vary depending on the model and quantity of the Snowmobile. It is therefore important to have a clear set of requirements to safeguard the budget.

Best ice fishing Snowmobile

Snowmobiles for ice fishing

Ski Doo Expedition SE

The snowmobile comes with a 135-liter LinQ utility box and fits all gen4 sleds 20″ and 24″ overhauled. The Cargobox can be fully attached to the LinQ, so that it can be easily removed or placed on the skids, for example to transport fuel or another LinQ bag for more goods. 4 LinQ anchors can be added to mount 16 LinQ accessories.

It is a versatile machine because it is possible to trail with a passenger. The ski boots are equipped with a passenger seat that can be removed to make more space for loading on the back seat. It is equipped with a 154 x 20 inch chain with a 1.5 inch ice cobra and a 1.8 inch ice cobra. The rear suspension features an articulated track for maximum traction in deep snow when reversing or locking when towing.

The Expedition SE ACS (Air Control Suspension) with five institutions also has new HPG shock absorbers that offer more options in a wider range of areas. The Pilot 7.4 ski has been completely redesigned for better deterioration, wider for better performance in deep snow and more buoyancy for more aggressiveness to improve overall performance.

The Expedition SE is equipped with a new, easy to shift gearbox. The reverse drive button is located on the steering wheel with the forward drive button.

Polar Voyager 155

The Polaris Voyager 155 is a sporty and versatile utility snowmobile with a durable 550cc fan-cooled engine. Adjustable Pro-Ride front suspension provides superior ride and track and off-road stability for a single rider. RydeFX shock absorbers offer excellent ride comfort and handling in the event of faults.

The Indy Pro Ride chair has a wider surface for comfort on long runs in the snow, and the chair’s design allows for an easy transition from sitting to standing. The professional chassis has a rigid construction for precise operation, making it the ideal choice for flexible sleds.

The rear suspension has an articulated track to ensure the best possible traction and to prevent blockages when reversing. Pro Float skis offer excellent off-piste buoyancy and exceptional on-piste manoeuvrability.

The 155″ floating chain with 1.6″ The Cobra chain has deep cams for better traction in the snow, and its stiffness offers impressive performance on the slopes. The storage option has zippers to protect the load and is easy to install without tools. It also has storage space under the seat.

Arctic Cat Panther 7000

The Cat Pantera 7000 makes the
very easy to use in deep water. This vehicle glides effortlessly through untracked
snow and stays in control when you’re on a
groomed track.

In this case the car is wide and very comfortable for the driver, who can sit and drive over long distances. This model
has a good fuel capacity and is also not very expensive. Most people consider buying this product because of its ease of use and low cost of ownership.

It is equipped with a 4-stroke engine and the
is very useful for carrying the equipment needed to have a good time on the ice.

Since you’re snowmobiling, it’s best to have important information about your vehicle so that you can constantly check it. You can do the same easily with the LCD sensor.

It has 14 different meters, including speedometer, engine hours, battery voltage, intake air temperature, etc. The engine is also equipped with an electronic engine management system. Because comfort is very important, the backrest can easily be adjusted to the rider’s preferences. The model also comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • The driver’s seat is heated to keep the driver warm.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • It has a large removable storage compartment. You can take it off when you don’t need it and put it back on when you need it. It can also be locked for safety reasons.
  • Commissioning is electrical and very reliable. Just turn it on with the button and turn it off with the key.
  • It has a digital sensor that allows you to closely monitor the condition and performance of your vehicle.


  • Less durable in the long term, although
    quality is very good.

UK 540

This is also a very good
snowmobile that can be used for ice fishing. It has many unique properties.

Because Yamaha is a very well-known brand, people are easily attracted to it. It is available in 3 different colours: black, white and orange. This model is equipped with a 2-stroke engine, a wide and high windscreen and offers very good protection to the driver. It has double shock absorption and is very effective.

It is equipped with an LED rear light that is not too bright, but works well in poor visibility. It is designed to provide maximum operator comfort.

When you are off the road, the wide
skis of this snowmobile ensure good flotation. There is a
storage space under the seat that is quite safe and large. You can bring a tool kit and a
kit, as well as a first aid kit.


  • It has mirrors with a very large field of view and the
    helps you to have a good view and prevent accidents. The mirrors are located on the inside of the windscreen.
  • This model is very easy to maintain.
  • The design is very good and ensures the safety of the
  • There is a tunnel design in which large amounts of
    snow are removed through the track openings.
  • Has a very high tensile strength and is therefore recommended for ice fishing.


Drinks 550

It is one of the newest
snowmobiles that can be used for ice fishing. It has the ability to provide the user of the
with exceptional buoyancy in deep snow.

It is narrow and has a REV
platform, allowing users to move the slide freely. Although the
is slim and slender, it is very safe and offers good handling. That makes it a very good choice. It is not very heavy and has an extended seat that is perfect for two passengers. It has a speedometer, which is an analog and digital information display LCD

It is in white and looks very elegant. The engine gives the vehicle sufficient power and is cooled by the fan, making it also suitable for fishing. The ski-doo tundra is very easy to handle in deep snow.

The design is versatile and makes it a very durable product. It is equipped with a very good cargo securing system and the
system, which makes it easy to transport cargo bags, snowboards and even skis.


  • Very comfortable and safe to drive.
  • The speedometer and LED display are very accurate
    and allow you to check your speed and other factors.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Huge stock.


  • It doesn’t help if you want to go at very high speed on the
    or on the trails.


There are many criteria for choosing the best snowmobile for ice fishing, and the most important ones are the comfort and requirements for the vehicle. So choose a
car that meets the minimum requirements and also offers the comfort and fun of a
at the right price.

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