Boat Rockerz 330 Review, Only Bass, Nothing Else.

Even though there are a plethora of bass boat options available to today’s bass fishermen, not all of them offer the best performance, customization, or overall value. The Boat Rockerz 330 is one of those unique bass boats that ticks all those boxes, and then some. By utilizing a simple and effective design, the Boat Rockerz 330 is able to offer a lot of flexibility and performance, while remaining relatively simple to operate.

Gaining popularity on the Internet as a product, boat rockerz are little speakers that are placed on the front of the boat’s hull. They are intended to provide the bass equivalent of a sound system in a boat. Although the speakers only play music, it is claimed by the manufacturers that they provide a far superior sound quality to regular speakers due to their superior design, and their ability to play bass frequencies.

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Following on from the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus, Boat, a company known for its audio accessories, this week unveiled the Rockerz 330, its new wireless neckband headphones. It is affordable, promises up to 30 hours of battery life and has a trendy design. After a week of use, here’s an evaluation of the Boat Rockerz 330.

Contents of the box


  • User Manual
  • Warranty card
  • Two earplugs of different sizes
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Boat Rockerz 330 Headphone

Design, construction and comfort

The Rockerz 330 follows the same philosophy as its other brothers. It has a simple design, similar to most other wireless headphones with a neck rest. The design is very simple, but the good workmanship catches the eye. word-image-3292 I really like the neckband of the Bluetooth headphones. It is made of high-quality, skin-friendly silica gel and offers first-class wearing comfort. Yes, the construction of the collar seems very strong, but at the same time it is very flexible and light. The lower part of the neck holder, where the buttons and the battery are located, is also made of aluminum alloy. Overall, the design and manufacture of these headphones are really good and definitely justify the price. word-image-3293 The left side of the neck is completely empty. On the right side, under the flap, is the USB Type-C charging port, a small LED light and a microphone. The left side is also where all the buttons are, including the power/multi function button at the top and the volume buttons on the other side, i.e. the back. I really like this design, it’s very clean. The power button can also be used to play or pause, and to answer or reject a call. Similarly, the volume buttons can be used to change the music track. word-image-3294 When it comes to comfort and fit, the Rockerz 330 is definitely my cup of tea. I appreciate the lightness and comfort of these headphones. As I mentioned above, the headphones are medium sized and angled at the front, making them comfortable to wear for long hours (at least for me). Includes silicone ear hooks for added comfort and mobility. Plus, the Bluetooth headphones are IPX5 waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain and sweat. word-image-3295

Connection and microphone

In terms of connectivity, the Rockerz 330 supports the latest version of Bluetooth v5.0. I tested these headphones with my iPhone and Oneplus 8 and found no connectivity issues. It offers a standard Bluetooth range of 7-8m and works well in any environment. The Bluetooth headsets don’t support the aptX codec (we didn’t expect them to at this price), so you’ll have to make do with AAC and SBC codecs. But you have double parsing and voice recognition. As for the microphone, there is a small microphone in the external module that is largely decent. Indoors it works well, but outdoors this little microphone still struggles to pick up speech at a consistent frequency. Read the whole micro contest on our Youtube channel.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, these Boat Rockerz 330 headphones offer average sound quality and the overall construction is very similar to other boat headphones. The 10 mm speakers produce good volume and low-end sound. word-image-3296 The bass sound is very high, which can be described as both an advantage and a disadvantage of these headphones. Due to the high bass tuning, voices and treble are not very clear and are somewhat overloaded. If you are a bass lover, you will love these Bluetooth headphones. But if you want a natural balanced sound or are looking for a good pair of headphones suitable for all generations of music, believe me, the Boat Rockerz 330 is not the right choice for you. There are many good headphones in this price range, and they often offer better sound quality than this one.


Boot promises about 30 hours of battery life, and that seems to be true. We were able to get about 24 hours of battery life (70% volume) on a single charge, which is very good. Most Bluetooth headsets in this price range offer comparable performance. Yes, it also supports fast charging which allows the headphones to fully charge in 40 minutes. So, the battery can be considered as the main advantage of these headphones. word-image-3297


In summary, the Boat Rockerz 330 is a solid Bluetooth headset. The build quality, comfort, battery life and high bass are the main advantages of these headphones. However, the sound quality of the headphones is the biggest downside, the heavy bass sound becomes very uncomfortable at times, so I cannot recommend these headphones. If I wanted to sum up these headphones in one sentence, I would say: Take them for the bass, leave them for the good sound quality. If your budget for neckband headphones can still muster a thousand dollars, I recommend the OPPO Enco M31, Noise Flair and Oneplus Bullet 2.

Pros and cons

The Boat Rockerz 330 is, as I mentioned above, a mixed product. There are things they do very well and things they fail at, including sound quality. So here is a complete list of the pros and cons of these neckband headphones. For :

  • Discreet design and construction
  • High Low
  • Comfortable
  • Good battery life
  • IPX5


  • Oversized sound quality (vocals and treble)
  • Not the ideal choice for the lover of a balanced sound.

Boat Rockerz 330 Hindi Overview

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The Boat Rockerz 330 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that weighs a mere 1.35 pounds and has a diameter of 3.5 inches. It is compact enough to be used as a secondary speaker in a house party or as an excellent travel companion. It also has some other benefits that make it the perfect choice.. Read more about best bluetooth earpiece and let us know what you think.

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