Convert Web Pages to PDF Without Installing Extensions

Sometimes you may come across different websites that you find useful and want to save for later use or offline access. In this case, you can save the web page as a hypertext markup file, or if you go further, you can convert the HTML file into a PDF document, which is more convenient because it is more accessible and can be shared.

In addition, online conversion is increasingly common, with PDF now widely accepted as the best format for secure sharing and distribution. If you don’t know how to convert from HTML to PDF, there are tools available online to help you. How to quickly convert web pages to PDF? Here are some practical solutions:

Use the PDFBear conversion tool

Of the wide range of document formatting programs you can explore online today, there are only a few that can guarantee quality conversion. PDFBear is one of the few that offers various conversion features such as HTML to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, JPG to PDF, PDF to PPT and other important PDF features.

On the other hand, if you need to save web pages for reference, using the HTML to PDF converter can be an ideal alternative to saving your favorite HTML web pages. The advantages of converting web pages to PDF include the ability to display passwords and annotations and stable output. With PDFBear, any PDF function can be customized with a few mouse clicks.

PDFBear’s simplified four-step guide

As we mentioned earlier, converting a URL to PDF is seamless when you use PDFBear for the conversion process. With this site, you can convert any file into a PDF document with little effort. How do you start the PDFBear process? Simple. The website has already prepared a four-step process for you.

Moreover, the conversion of HTML to PDF guarantees the originality of the document. This way you can reduce the risk of your content being copied or duplicated. When you format the HTML in a portable form, the content is protected from copying and modification for personal use. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to start the conversion:

  1. A working computer or mobile device, a stable data connection and a browser are the basic equipment you need to get started. Type PDFBear into your favorite browser, then look for the HTML to PDF feature in the site’s toolbar.
  2. Next, find the website you want to place in the column. If you have already prepared the URL, you can immediately copy and paste these links into the toolbar in the middle of the screen. Click the Convert to PDF button to start the conversion process.
  3. After a sufficient download, PDFBear will now proceed with the conversion and will only take five to ten seconds to complete. Now you don’t have to wait hours for the files you need. With PDFBear, everything is fast and secure.
  4. Once the conversion process is complete, your HTML will be fully converted. Save a PDF document directly to file storage, Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also use the URL of your file for faster online transfer.

You do not need to worry about the security of PDFBear

If you are worried about your pages being copied, you don’t have to, because PDFBear prevents illegal access to your documents. PDFBear treats your privacy, confidentiality and security with the utmost respect. The site is sensitive to the files of private and personal information of its users and therefore adheres to its privacy policy and strictly enforces it.

Moreover, its features help you quickly convert records when transferring files and documents to his system. Once the server provides the updated PDF form and establishes a download link, the system immediately removes the original document after using the tools that make it a secure platform.

Join PDFBear PRO

With PDFBear you can convert web pages to PDF without subscription. One small drawback, however, is that the site only allows conversion for a limited time. If you have collected a large number of web pages that need to be converted to the Portable Document File format, you should join PDFBear Pro.

The benefit of being a professional member is that you get more advantages in using the features available on PDFBear. For example, you have unlimited OCR tasks, large PDF downloads, endless conversion tasks, etc. Plus, membership costs only $5.99 per month, which is relatively inexpensive.


PDFBear is a unique online PDF conversion tool. HTML to PDF Converter has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, making it a safe and reliable product to use. Within seconds, the result of each operation can be a high-resolution document. Without a doubt, PDFBear is the best one-stop shop you can turn to for all your PDF needs.


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How do I save an entire web page as a PDF?


How do I save a PDF web page without displaying it?

Click the icon, and Safari removes all ads and clutter from the page and displays a blank page. You can now export this blank page as a PDF. Click File > Export to PDF to save the website as a PDF file. The other way is to go to File > Print > Save as PDF.

How do I convert a webpage to PDF in Chrome?

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