Decentraland not working on Safari

Discover how website visitors can bypass the “This website is not supported by your browser” message and browse Decentraland.

The “decentraland won’t load” is a problem that has been present for a while. The issue causes the app to not work on Safari.

Decentraland not working on Safari


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  • In most situations, adblockers are to blame when Decentraland fails to operate in the Safari browser on macOS.
  • This difficulty may be caused by a variety of different unanticipated factors. However, the techniques outlined in this post will assist you in removing it.
  • Despite the fact that Safari is capable of running this game, it is not the optimal browser for Decentraland. This article discusses the causes behind this.



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Do you have a problem with Decentraland not functioning on Safari? This post will explain why this occurs and how to avoid it.

Decentraland, a virtual world game, is now only available through the browser. It’s also costless to begin. As a consequence, a large number of users from various devices have began to investigate this metaverse platform.

Safari users on Macs, on the other hand, may discover that Decentraland does not work well in this browser. Specifically, they have noticed that this browser takes a long time to start the game, or that Decentraland does not operate at all on Safari.

Both of these issues are intertwined. As a result, both of them have the same answers. However, before attempting to resolve the issue, you need be aware of the factors that play a role behind the scenes.

Why is it that Decentraland isn’t compatible with Safari?

Decentraland-not-working-on-SafariIn Safari, Decentraland is not working or is stuck loading.

With each single macOS version that Apple releases, Safari becomes better. With macOS Monterey, this browser acquired additional capabilities, a fresh design, and improved speed.

Despite this, many platforms and browser-based games, such as Decentraland, do not operate well with it due to the fact that it uses a different rendering engine and has a smaller user base. However, the following are the primary reasons behind Decentraland’s failure to address the Safari issue.

  • This virtual world game publisher does not endorse Safari as a browser.
  • Third-party addons are preventing crucial resources from loading.
  • Safari preferences have been misconfigured.

Whatever is causing the issue with Decentraland, it can always be resolved provided the appropriate measures are followed.

How can I get Decentraland to function on Safari again?

1. Turn off your adblocker.

  1. In the macOS menu bar, choose Safari and then Preferences.1644559556_784_Decentraland-not-working-on-Safari
  2. Select the Extensions tab from the drop-down menu.1644559556_376_Decentraland-not-working-on-Safari
  3. Remove the adblocking addons from your browser.1644559557_164_Decentraland-not-working-on-Safari

This sort of extension examines all requests and may prevent Decentraland from running on Safari. As a first step to resolving this issue, you should deactivate any active Adblockers in Safari. 

2. Turn off all extensions

Any additional products that potentially take a lot of resources should be blocked, not only adblocking extensions or plugins. We discovered that Decentraland does not load in many circumstances due to a lack of available CPU and memory power.

3 Verify that third-party cookies are turned on.

  1. As previously, go to Safari preferences.
  2. Select the Privacy option from the drop-down menu.1644559558_870_Decentraland-not-working-on-Safari
  3. Block all cookies should be unchecked.

4. Exit all other programs.


If your Mac’s memory consumption is excessive, you may be unable to run Decentraland on Safari owing to a shortage of memory.

To play this virtual world game successfully, you’ll need 8 GB of RAM, 2 GB of accessible graphics memory, and a Core i3 2nd gen+ or newest Apple Silicon CPU.

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When you wish to play it, shut all other programs except Safari.

5. Experiment with it on a separate computer.

One of the disadvantages of Apple’s newest Silicon-based Macs, particularly the M1 Macbook Air or Pro, is that they are not upgradeable.

If you have the basic model, which only has 8 GB of RAM, you may have Decentraland not functioning issues as well as other speed issues.

Though it should not happen since the Mac manages RAM effectively and the built-in GPU functions well, the scenario may arise for a variety of reasons. There is no way to use the Metaverse on a different machine with superior hardware in this situation.

6. Switch your browser.

If Decentraland isn’t working properly on Safari, you should switch to another browser. Downloading Edge, Chrome, or Firefox will be a good idea.

Then, on that browser, attempt to launch Decentraland.

What are the advantages of using the Chromium or Firefox browsers for Decentraland?

Decentraland suggests that people test the game with Chromium or Firefox-based browsers on Mac or Windows. The rationale is obvious. The game was not designed with Safari users in mind.

You may continue to use Safari for it, but be prepared for any mistakes or optimization concerns.

Not only that, but the MetaMask wallet is the most recommended method to play Decentraland. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Opera, and more browsers provide extensions for this crypto-wallet. Unfortunately, no Safari extension is available.

Else, Safari, particularly on the M1 or other Apple Silicon Macs, takes a large amount of RAM when users play browser-based games, according to our tests.

As a result, for the safest and most enjoyable experience, we advise against using Safari to explore this virtual environment.

By the way, the solutions listed above are the most effective for resolving the Decentraland not functioning on Safari issue. If you know of another method that works, please let us know in the comments section.

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