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The “verizon international” is a service that allows you to use your Verizon phone in Mexico.

Does Verizon Work In Mexico? - The Gadget Buyer

Verizon is without a doubt the greatest mobile phone provider in the United States, with millions of users.

Aside from cellular services, Verizon offers a wide range of other services and plans, including TV, home phone, and internet. 

Today, we’ll discuss Verizon’s potential to be utilized in Mexico, as well as if Verizon operates in Mexico. 

As a result, the issue that has to be addressed is whether Verizon works in Mexico.

Is Verizon Service Available in Mexico?

Verizon’s network coverage is great over much of Mexico. Verizon will deliver clear conversations and fast internet as if you had never left the country if you have the roaming option activated. Furthermore, your roaming will be included in your selected plan, so there will be no additional costs for roaming in Mexico.

You will very certainly have your mobile phone with you while traveling. 

Whether you’re going locally or overseas, such as to Mexico, you’ll need to make a call or two. 

It’s comforting to know that you can use your Verizon phone in Mexico. 

Now that you’ve decided on your Mexican vacation, you’ll need to have your Verizon phone ready and set up with the best possible plan to use while you’re there. 

While you’ll be on the go for the most of the time, you’ll be able to communicate with family and friends back home. 

As a Verizon user, this is important to know since your Verizon plan may be extended to ensure that you continue to have access to the nation’s most dependable network.

What additional Verizon features do you need to know besides roaming in Mexico?

What You Should Know About Verizon in Mexico

The System

No matter where you are in Mexico, the Verizon network can deliver excellent service as if you had never left the United States. 

There will be no issues involving connecting to The System or experiencing dropped calls or bad signals while talking or calling.

Having this high level of dependability provides you piece of mind, knowing that family and other loved ones throughout the globe may contact you at any time. 

Roaming Signal Is Strong

Your Verizon phone’s signal will be in roaming mode, and it will be linked to one of the several cell signals used by Mexican cellphones. 

If your phone is linked to Movistar, don’t be alarmed; this is one of the mobile carriers to whom your roaming will be connected. 

Although Verizon has set limitations and regulations for your roaming signal, there is no need for you to be unhappy with your cellular service. 

You’ll also like the fact that you won’t be charged extra for roaming each month. 

This is due to the monthly plan you have selected, which includes roaming as part of your monthly price.


There are no additional fees.

As we previously said, roaming is included in your plan, and any extra expenses would remain the same.

This is due to Verizon’s recognition of Mexico as a domestic country for the purposes of making and receiving calls. 

This is a useful feature to have while traveling in Mexico and utilizing your Verizon cellular service.

You will also be able to enjoy your trip more and not be concerned about how expensive your next payment will be when you get home.

It’s also convenient to be able to pay for your monthly plan without having to make any adjustments or modifications.

While in Mexico, use Verizon’s cell phone plans and packages.

While going to Mexico, Verizon provides a variety of cellular plans and packages to its consumers. 

The plans and packages that are available while in Mexico are shown below. The plans are all limitless.

The Start Unlimited package is the most affordable option.

A personal hotspot for wifi and a restricted plan for basic video streaming are included in this bundle. The cost is $80 each month.

More Unlimited Playing

This package provides 15 GB of data for a speedy hotspot and 720p HD video streaming. The monthly package will set you back $90.

Do More Unlimited is a plan that allows you to do more.

For $90 per month, you receive 15 GB of high-speed internet and standard video streaming.

Get More Unlimited is a plan that allows you to get more.

For $100 per month, you receive high-speed connections with 30 GB of data, an Apple Music membership, and 720p HD video streaming. 


Is it possible for me to utilize my Verizon unlimited plan in Mexico?

Yes. You will be able to enjoy calls, text messages, and data use during your Mexican vacation if you have an unlimited package that covers Mexico. 

Is Verizon free to use in Mexico?

Your Verizon phone will not be charged by Mexican carriers since your Verizon unlimited plan already includes all of the typical additional costs.

Is Verizon available in Cancun?

The Beyond Unlimited Plan enables subscribers to make calls, SMS, and utilize data from anywhere in Mexico and Cancun. While in Cancun, your calling ability will be the same as it is with all other unlimited plans. 

In Mexico, Verizon works with which company?

A Verizon subscriber’s roaming will be set on Mexican carriers when in Mexico. Movistar and TelCel are the most popular carriers in Mexico. The cost of roaming with these carriers will be $2 per day of usage. 

To sum up

Traveling to Mexico has never been simpler, thanks to the availability of unlimited Verizon cellphone contracts. You will not only have the flexibility to roam, but you will also have access to the greatest network in Mexico.

This is a question that many people have asked. The Gadget Buyer has the answer to this question. Reference: verizon mexico coverage map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my Verizon phone work in Mexico?

A: Verizon phones are compatible with websites and apps in the US only. If you want to use your phone while travelling, a GSM-compatible cell or unlocked device is recommended.

Does Verizon work in Mexico 2021?

A: No, Verizon does not work in Mexico.

Does Verizon work outside the US?

A: Verizon does not work outside the US. Youll need a different carrier to use your phone on another countrys network.

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