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Well, if you are using Windows 10 or if you are planning to upgrade your computer to it, you should ask yourself, do I need antivirus software for Windows 10? Honestly, you don’t need an antivirus for Windows 10 because Microsoft offers Windows Security (formerly known as Windows Defender), the official antivirus protection program for Windows 10.

However, some studies show that Windows Defender is inferior to other antivirus programs in terms of protection, ease of use and performance. Moreover, Defender also lacks useful features compared to other popular antivirus programs and does not have popular features such as password management and support for virtual private networks.

Windows Defender Statistics

A good antivirus program must have a good protection rating to become a top application. Error detection and malware removal are the two most important parameters for protection assessment. In good antivirus software, you will find the ability to protect against growing malware with a zero-tolerance ransomware policy.

In a study conducted by AV Comparative, which tested 17 major antivirus programs. Windows Defender was at 99.5% behind seven antivirus products. There have been other studies done on the same subject, and almost all of them have shown Defender’s inability to prevent zero-day malware attacks.

Zero-day attacks are similar to attacks that occur on the same day that vulnerabilities are discovered.

The defender has usability issues

Any antivirus software affects the performance of the computer and the way it is used. Most antivirus programs scan your websites, files, and other system interactions with your computer. So when antivirus programs hinder all your activities, they also begin to affect your computer’s performance. Therefore, users always prefer the antivirus program that hinders their work the least. If you compare Defender to other leading antivirus programs in terms of ease of use, it fails miserably. Since Defender likes to invade all your online and offline activities and slow down your computer.

False positives

When an antivirus program scans a file or website and reports a false threat, it is called a false positive. These false positives are very annoying when you try to open an important file or website on your computer because your antivirus software does not allow you to open a safe file. This process can slow down your computer or even distract it unnecessarily.

A comparison of different antivirus programs has shown that Defender has a high false-positive rate compared to popular antivirus programs. Defender specifically combats the labeling of legitimate programs as malicious software. Furthermore, users who try to bypass Defender warnings expose their systems to real malware attacks. So it is a very annoying situation for the users.

Analysis of effectiveness

It is a common fact that all antivirus programs slow down your computer a little. It takes time to scan every nook and cranny of your computer system and process every piece of information that passes through it. Moreover, some cumbersome and ineffective antivirus programs also slow down activities such as startup times, crawling status bars, and slow software startup.

Test results from the IT Security Institute show that Defender is below the industry average in starting standard software and frequently used applications. The performance was 4.5 out of 6.0. If you use your home computer for general purposes, the Defender will also slow down these operations for you. However, if you are a business, Defender will slow down your employees, which is very bad for your company’s productivity. So, if you don’t want to negatively affect your revenue and performance, you shouldn’t use Defender.

Really problematic software

Fans of Defender have noticed that this is free antivirus software that comes with the Windows 10 packages, meaning you don’t have to install any additional software on your computer. Nevertheless, the default software is simple in terms of usability, but we cannot ignore the fact that it also makes your system vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Defender is the antivirus software preferred by hackers and cybercriminals because it is present on all Windows 10 computers. By launching malicious attacks on Defender, hackers can target a large number of devices. As a result, they constantly develop new viruses and spyware to attack Defender.

To answer the question of why you need antivirus software for Windows 10, the answer is simple: If Microsoft’s original antivirus program can’t give you full protection against viruses and malicious attacks, then you really need a third-party antivirus program to protect your computer. Nowadays, you can download various free and paid antivirus programs online and protect your computer. So it is not important that Microsoft has created an antivirus program for you, but for extra security you should download other antivirus software as soon as possible.

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frequently asked questions

Does Windows 10 need to come with a virus scanner?

Well, technically, no. Microsoft has already integrated serious virus protection into Windows 10 with Windows Defender. However, not all antivirus programs are the same.

Do I need antivirus software if I have Windows Defender?

Windows Defender offers good protection against cyber attacks, but it’s not nearly as good as most high-end antivirus programs. If you are only looking for basic cyber security protection, Windows Defender from Microsoft is a good choice.

What antivirus software comes with Windows 10?

No need to download – Microsoft Defender is included in Windows 10 and protects your data and devices in real time with a comprehensive suite of advanced security measures.

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