EKSA E900 Gaming Headset Review, Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 ₹ in India

EKSA E900 gaming helmets, the best gaming helmets under 2000 ₹ in India.

It is easy to find good in-ear headphones that can also be used for gaming. What is hard to find, however, is a good gaming headset that also works very well for music playback. They can provide a good acoustic experience when playing games, but when listening to music or watching movies, the experience is more painful than enjoyable.

EKSA is a brand we have come to know and appreciate for its affordable gaming helmets. The new EKSA E900 gaming headsets are designed to give you a quality music and movie experience outside the gaming room. Let’s take a closer look at the EKSA E900 to see if it meets these goals.

Box Contents

  • Game helmets in a combination of black and red (green and all-black helmets are also available).
  • Audio splitter cable.
  • Removable microphone and pop filter.
  • Paper documentation – user manual and warranty card (24 months).
  • Newest storage bag of high quality with a premium look.

Design, construction and comfort

To start with the design, I am very impressed with the overall design of the EKSA E900. The design is quite complete. The earphones fit in your ears like headphones and are beautifully designed and manufactured. At first glance, it looks very solid, so you may be surprised when you compare the actual price to the price you had in mind.

What I like most about the E900 is that there are no cheap and useless plastic parts or colorful packaging for that “wali de jeu” feeling. The simple and uncomplicated design of the E900 is truly high-end and suitable for all kinds of applications.

Another reason why these EKSA helmets feel so good is the use of several high-quality materials in their construction. The company has used the right amount of plastic and aluminum in their construction, which ensures both durability and better weight distribution. Yes, the earphones also have a certain weight, which is due to the fact that there is a lot of metal in the construction, but they are still very light due to the high quality materials and unique design.

The earbuds also feature a beautiful metal grille with the EKSA logo on both sides. The ear pads also feature sweat-resistant, very soft and comfortable faux leather padding. Thanks to the soft padding, you can wear these earphones for hours without them feeling uncomfortable, even if you sweat or have sensitive ears. The best part is that these ear pads are removable, which is really cool, and even some high-end gaming headsets don’t offer this trick.

I have tested these EKSA gaming helmets for 3-4 hours of continuous use and I am really surprised by the overall feeling of comfort. As you know, I have tried many gaming helmets in this price range and after all, I can say that they are among the most comfortable gaming helmets at less than Rs. 3000, so far.

The ear cups are large enough to comfortably cover all ears. The cups are attached to the frame with a set of red anodized aluminum sleeves. The sleeves rotate 180 degrees so the cups can be adjusted to almost any face shape. Regardless of the slope of your cheeks or temples, you will enjoy total contact without excessive pressure.

The swing arms can be pulled out of the harness or retracted. This provides even more versatility and comfort while traveling. The other aspect I like best about the EKSA E900 is the comfort of the headband. The headband is lightly constructed with an aluminum frame, but well padded with memory proteins. The padding of the headband is very thick and soft, providing a new level of comfort.

It comes with a 2-meter long, 3.5mm PVC-coated cable. The cable is long enough that you can plug it into the back of your computer and then use it comfortably in your armchair or sofa. The cable has a Velcro closure that allows you to roll up the excess length to make it more manageable. And a splitter cable is also included, so you can use these gaming headsets with a wider range of products, which is a great benefit.

There is a separate control unit for volume and microphone control. You can easily adjust the volume with the scroll wheel on the volume control. There is a separate control unit for this purpose. The microphone is detachable, but there is a special switch for the microphone, so that while you are playing, if your friend calls you, you can quickly turn off the microphone.


My opinion on the quality of the microphone: Although I am not satisfied with the construction and design of the detachable microphone, I am quite surprised by the quality of the microphone. I tested the microphone quality for several hours by playing PUBG PC with my friends. During this time, my friends could hear me clearly. The noise cancellation works surprisingly well, considering the low price of this headset.

Sound Quality

We don’t really need to talk about the sound quality. The EKSA E900 is equipped with large 50mm speakers that deliver more powerful sound than most other gaming headsets in this price range. I’ve tried all the best-selling gaming headsets in this price range, including the JBL Quantum 100, Quantum 200 and Redgerar Cosmo, and in the end I can only say that the EKSA E900 is better than them in terms of sound quality.

Yes, I agree that the JBL Quantum 200 and 100 offer greater sonic range in the wind and slightly better audio output for normal music and movie playback. But for gaming, I prefer the E900. The result is a deep, rich sound that covers all frequencies evenly. You can easily hear high notes of whistles and bells, as well as grenade explosions, gunfire or engine roars.

The spatial sound is also striking. You can clearly see where a shot or vehicle is coming from. This is an essential feature in any first-person shooter game like PUBG and CS GO, where it’s important to know where your opponents are. Just turn to the sound and you’re where you want to be. Ambient sound isn’t just for games either. When listening to stereo music or a movie, you get an ultra-wide soundstage with great separation. You can hear each instrument clearly and separately without unwanted overlap.

All in all, then, the EKSA E900 is a high-quality gaming headset. Speaking of music and movies, these headphones are primarily designed for gaming, but thanks to the balanced sound, you will get a decent quality when playing music and watching movies. Don’t expect too much, maybe the treble will drop out and your music experience won’t be great, but on the other hand, this can be your all-in-one headset for everyday use.

Concluding remarks

The Eksa E900 is without a doubt an economical gaming headset and so far the best in this price segment. As a gaming headset it works very well, but it is also able to blur the boundaries between gaming and everyday use of a regular headset. So you can enjoy your favorite music and movies in addition to games. Of course, if you want super good sound quality, you will have to pay more for better headphones. But for music, these headphones won’t disappoint, and for games they certainly won’t.

All in all, I can safely say that the EKSA E900 is the most affordable gaming headset for less than Rs 2500 or Rs 2000. For more information, you can watch the full review video on our YouTube channel.


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Verdict: The EKSA E900 gaming headset is comfortable and offers good sound quality and a noise-canceling microphone. It is an excellent headset for any player, especially considering the low price.

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