Firefox 93 is out, here’s what’s new and changed

Firefox 93 is out, here’s what’s new and changed.

The winaero is a browser that provides users with the latest updates to Firefox. It has been updated to version 93, which includes new features and changes.

Mozilla has launched a new browser version. On October 5, 2021, Firefox 93 became available for download, the same day Microsoft launched Windows 11. Despite the new version number, it’s difficult to call this a significant browser upgrade. The majority of the modifications are bug fixes and general enhancements.

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Firefox 93 is now available for download from Mozilla’s official website. Visit the following website for alternative downloads:

Install Firefox on your computer.

The following subfolders may be found in the file listing.

  • Firefox 32-bit for Windows (win32)
  • Firefox 64-bit for Windows (win64)
  • linux-i686 – Firefox for Linux 32-bit
  • Firefox for 64-bit Linux (linux-x86 64) Linux
  • Firefox for Mac OS X

Each subdirectory is divided into subfolders based on the browser’s language. Select your preferred language and download the appropriate installation for your operating system.

Let’s have a look at what’s new in version 93.

What’s new in version 93 of Firefox?

  • The AVIF picture format is supported by default. Based on the AV1 video codec, AVIF is a contemporary and royalty-free codec. It not only supports transparency and other sophisticated capabilities, but it also produces small-sized pictures, which is ideal for web sites and other online activities.
  • More forms may now be filled out in Firefox’s PDF reader (XFA-based forms, used by multiple governments and banks).
  • If the available memory on Windows is dangerously low, Firefox will immediately empty tabs from memory. Tabs are unloaded in the order of their last access time, memory consumption, and other characteristics in the browser. When you move to an unloaded tab, the browser restores it fast and displays its contents.
  • When you start Firefox from a mounted.dmg file on a Mac, it will ask you to complete the browser configuration. This will prevent the session from being lost. The request will only display on your macOS device the first time you open Firefox. 
  • Downloads that depend on insecure connections, such as non-secure downloads from links on safe web sites, are now blocked by Firefox. This, however, may cause valid downloads on older websites to fail. Set the dom.block download insecure option to false in about:config as a workaround. See this page for additional information. Insecure downloading will be possible as a result of this.

Other modifications

Improved web compatibility for privacy safeguards with SmartBlock 3.0 is also a feature of Firefox 93. It should now cause less disruption to normal secure websites.

In Strict Tracking Protection and Private Browsing, there is a new referral tracking protection. The HTTP Referrer identifies the source of the user’s visit to the target site. If the browser sends the previous site’s full URL, sensitive user data may be revealed in the URL. Regardless of the website’s settings, Firefox 93 will always truncate the HTTP referrer for cross-site queries.

Suggest is now enabled by default in Firefox. As you enter in the address bar, it displays recommendations for websites and services. Learn how to deactivate this new behavior if you find it bothersome.

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Firefox 93 is out and it has a lot of new changes and features. Here’s what’s new and changed with the browser. Reference: firefox view media.

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