FlyTube APK Download 1.11 RC1 [YouTube Mod APK] 2021

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FlyTube is a YouTube mod that allows users to download videos from YouTube. The latest version of FlyTube has been released and it is available for download from the Google Play Store.

FlyTube APK Download 1.11 RC1 [YouTube Mod APK] 2021

Hello everyone, today we’re bringing you the finest Entertainment app. APK of FlyTube Latest Version for Android, for example. Every one of us, I believe, uses YouTube to view one of the millions of videos and streams accessible on the internet.

We may have felt that the videos we are viewing should not be interrupted and that we would like to listen to music while doing other chores on our smartphone. We want to be able to watch the videos without being interrupted.

APK of FlyTube

What Is APK of FlyTube and How Does It Work?

APK of FlyTube (YouTube Mod) is the greatest way to watch videos or listen to music on your Android smartphone. It occurs sometimes when we are watching videos on YouTube when we get alerts for emails, texts, and other things.

When we attempt to view or access the messages we’ve received, the movie or song that is now playing on YouTube abruptly ends and vanishes from the screen. APK of FlyTube is a fantastic method to view movies, clips, music, and anything else you want on YouTube on your Android smartphone. You may view them on your phone from anywhere.

Isn’t it great how you can watch YouTube videos while doing anything else on your device?

You may view any video on a little screen floating on your mobile using FlyTube Go. Simply click on the expand symbol to change the display.


  • You can perform multitasking while listening to music or watching movies. On your device, the video will play with floating on the corners or edges of the screen. On your smartphone, you may drag and drop in any corner.
  • With the floating window on your smartphone, you may search for and play videos.
  • The video screen may be resized (resizable).
  • You may move the movie or music around your mobile screen by dragging it to other corners.
  • Videos or music may be played anywhere on your mobile device while multitasking, such as emailing, texting, editing photos or videos, and so on.
  • You may watch videos without being interrupted by adverts.

What Is The Best Way To Get APK of FlyTube For Android?

You could be watching videos and listening to music from all around the globe on YouTube. There are several options available on YouTube, but one that stands out is the ability to stream floating or flying video on your mobile device.

When viewing a video on your phone, you may multitask without being interrupted or disappearing from the screen. To download, click on the link given below. You’ll love being able to watch videos on your mobile while doing other things.

Version Specifications

App Name APK of FlyTube
Size 3.25 MB
Android is a must. 4.0 Above
Version currently in use V1.11
Last Revised: April 8th, 2022

How To Install APK of FlyTube?

  • After the APK has been downloaded successfully, double-click it to open it.

APK of FlyTube

  • Then navigate to “Settings -> security-> Unknown resources” from your Android device. And enable the unknown resources option to be able to install app on your device.

APK of FlyTube latest Version InstallationAPK of FlyTube latest Version Installation

  • Once the unknown resources option is enabled, you must install the downloaded Apk file by clicking on it.
  • To grant permissions, choose the ‘System overlay’ option. Allow this option to be enabled in order to proceed.

1649401499_388_FlyTube-APK-Download-111-RC1-YouTube-Mod-APK-2021APK of FlyTube Latest Version Permissions

  • You will be able to see the main screen of the APK of FlyTube interface as below.

APK of FlyTubeAPK of FlyTube Interface

  • Now you can just search for and play the video you want on this app, just as you would on the YouTube app.

Final Thoughts

I hope you all get to know about APK of FlyTube. If you would like to enjoy the features of this application, give a try. Download and install the application to watch any video or song floating on your device.

The “best youtube mod apk” is a YouTube Mod that allows you to download and install the FlyTube app. The FlyTube app is an unofficial version of YouTube. It allows users to watch videos without ads, and it also has many other features. The FlyTube app was created by XDA Developers member ‘TheHackerGiraffe’.

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