For this game you need to be online Xbox error

Microsoft has released a new update for their Xbox One console that still needs users to be online in order to play.
This will cause many problems as some people may not have internet and/or the updates won’t install or they’ll get errors, but Microsoft is pushing this feature anyway. How do you think gamers are going to react?

The “for this game you need to be online but i am online” is an error that is commonly seen in Xbox games. The error reads “For this game you need to be online.” This error can be fixed by going into the settings and turning off the internet.

For this game you need to be online Xbox error


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16th of March, 2022

Originally published in June 2018

  • Users had an unpleasant experience. You must be online to play this game. Xbox error on their console prohibits them from playing online games.
  • You may fix it by restarting your router/modem as mentioned below.
  • Furthermore, clearing Alternative MAC address is suggested to resolve this issue.



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You can play online multiplayer with millions of other gamers on Xbox, although there may be some troubles with online multiplayer at times.

Users had an unpleasant experience. This game requires that you be online, and since this problem might prohibit you from playing online games, we’re going to teach you how to solve it today.

Why am I receiving the 0x803f9008 problem for this game that requires you to be online?

If you get this message, there may be a problem with your profile. On Xbox One, you’ll likely receive a Failed to read profile error if this occurs.

Xbox error 0x803F8001 might also be caused by an account error, in which case you should check your settings or reinstall the game.

If you see the notice “Person who purchased this needs to sign in,” it’s possible that you have a problem with your payment information and need to correct it.

Here are a few more instances of this problem:

  • You must be online to play this game Fortnite – This issue has recently been brought to the attention of certain Fortnite players. Nonetheless, you might use the suggestions in this post.
  • If you use this Xbox on a regular basis, you must be online to play this game — An error message that looks a lot like this one. The same solutions apply once again.
  • 0x803f9008 — This is a frequent Xbox One error code that essentially signifies the same thing.
  • The person who purchased this must sign in – This is a sign-in problem that appears when you start a certain game.

How can I repair the Xbox error: You must be online to play this game?

Contents: Table of Contents

  1. Restart your modem/router.
  2. Refresh the dashboard.
  3. MAC address (alternative)
  4. Your network connection should be tested.
  5. Disconnect off the internet.
  6. Start your console again.
  7. Clear the cache on your computer.
  8. Examine the current state of Xbox Live services.
  9. Disable the auto-sign-in feature.

Fix – “You must be online to play this game.” Error on Xbox

Solution 1 – Restart your modem/router.

This error might happen as a result of network setting issues. You may need to restart your modem/wireless router to resolve this issue. This is a basic technique that may be completed by following these steps:

  1. To switch off your modem, press the power button.
  2. Wait 30 seconds after the modem has turned off before pressing the power button to turn it back on.
  3. Wait until the modem is fully operational.
  4. After then, see whether the issue has been addressed.

In order to repair this problem, you’ll need to restart your wireless router as well.

Solution 2 – Refresh the dashboard.

You may repair this problem on Xbox One by just refreshing the dashboard, according to users. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Start by going to your Dashboard.
  2. For a few seconds, press and hold the Left, Right, and Y buttons.

When you release these buttons, Dashboard will refresh and reload all of the Home screen’s components. Some people claim that until you go offline and back online before utilizing the aforementioned procedure, this solution will not work. Remember that you may need to repeat this method a few times before you are able to solve the issue.

Solution 3 – MAC address (alternative)

Network configuration can sometimes interfere with your Xbox and cause For this game you need to be online and many other errors to appear. To fix this problem it’s recommended that you MAC address (alternative), and you can do that on Xbox One by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Network settings under Settings. 1647430483_65_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  2. Advanced Options should be selected. 1647430484_72_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  3. Go to the Alternate MAC Address section. For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  4. Select Clear to clear the MAC address and Start your console again. to save changes.

On Xbox 360, the technique is a little different, but you may do it by following these steps:

  1. Open the System Preferences window.
  2. Select Wireless Network from the Network Settings menu. 1647430486_515_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  3. Go to Additional Settings after selecting Configure Network. 1647430487_646_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  4. Make sure Alternate MAC Address isn’t selected and that Alternate MAC Address isn’t enabled. 1647430488_606_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  5. To save your changes, click Done.

The problem should be totally addressed after clearing the Alternative MAC address.

Solution 4 – Your network connection should be tested.

Only a few people claimed to have addressed the problem. You must be online error for this game simply by evaluating their network connection. Follow these steps to do so on Xbox One:

  1. Select Network from the drop-down menu under Settings. 1647430483_65_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  2. Select Test network connection from the Troubleshooting area on the right. 1647430488_18_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  3. Select Test multiplayer connection after that. 1647430489_570_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error

If your console passes both tests, it implies your Internet connection is up to date and there are no blocked ports preventing you from playing online multiplayer games.

To check your Xbox 360’s Internet connection, perform the following:

  1. On your controller, press the Guide button.
  2. Go to System Settings from the Settings menu.
  3. Select Network Options. 1647430486_515_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  4. Choose your wireless network’s name or the Wired Network option.
  5. Select Test Xbox Live Connection from the drop-down menu. 1647430490_690_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error

If you have any issues with your network connection, make sure to fix them and see if that fixes the problem.

Solution 5 – Disconnect off the internet.

This problem, according to users, may be resolved simply by turning off your Xbox. To do so, go through the following steps:

  1. To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen.
  2. Select Settings > All Settings.
  3. Choose Network > Network settings. 1647430483_65_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  4. Select the option to go offline. 1647430491_530_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error

After you’ve gone offline, repeat the process and choose the Go online option.

More information about this subject may be found here.

Solution 6 – Start your console again.

Users claim that rebooting their console was all it took to solve the issue. Restarting your Xbox may solve a variety of issues, and to do so, follow these steps:

  1. To switch off your console, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  2. Unplug the power cord once your console has turned off and wait a few minutes.
  3. After that, reconnect the power cord and turn the console back on by pressing the power button on the console.

You may also do the following to restart your Xbox One:

  1. Open Settings and go to Power & Startup. 1647430492_53_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  2. Change the Power Mode from Instant-On to Energy-saving mode.
  3. After that, choose the Turn Xbox off option. 1647430493_80_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  4. Hold the Guide button on the controller to turn on your Xbox. You may also switch it on by pressing the power button on the console.
  5. Optional: After your console turns on, you can go back to Settings > Power & Startup and enable Instant-on Power Mode.

Solution 7 – Clear the cache on your computer.

Simply deleting the cache on your Xbox will solve the issue. Because your cache might get damaged and cause this and other errors to occur, we highly advise you to clear it. To do so on an Xbox 360, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Guide button on the controller and go to Settings > System Settings.
  2. Choose a storage option. 1647430494_65_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  3. Press the Y button on the controller to choose any accessible storage device.
  4. Device Options screen will now open. Select Clear the cache on your computer. option. 1647430494_356_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  5. A confirmation message should appear. Yes is the answer.

To delete the cache on your Xbox One, switch it off and disconnect the power cord. Press the power button a few times while the power cord is disconnected to thoroughly drain the battery. Connect the power cord and wait for the power brick’s light to change from white to orange. To turn on the console, hit the power button. The issue should be addressed now that your cache has been cleared.

Solution 8 – Examine the current state of Xbox Live services.

Xbox Live consists of different services, and if one of those services isn’t properly running, you might not be able to play certain games online. To Examine the current state of Xbox Live services., simply visit Xbox’s website using any web browser. If any of these services aren’t running, you can only wait until Microsoft fixes the issue.

Solution 9 – Disable the auto-sign-in feature.

According to users, the auto sign-in option may occasionally cause this issue to occur, and the only way to repair it is to deactivate it. Follow these steps to do so on Xbox One:

  1. Go to Settings and select Sign-in, security & passkey option.
  2. Select Instant sign-in from the drop-down menu. 1647430495_806_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  3. Make sure the option to use quick sign-in is off.

To turn off auto sign-in on Xbox 360, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Xbox Live account.
  2. Select Profile from the Settings menu. 1647430496_686_For-this-game-you-need-to-be-online-Xbox-error
  3. Sign-in Preferences may be customized.
  4. Select Auto Sign-in and ensure that it is turned off.

This game requires you to be online mistake may prohibit you from playing online games, and although we don’t know how many games are impacted, you should be able to cure it using one of our remedies.

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The “for this game you need to be online 2022” is an error that is caused by the Xbox. This error can occur when playing a game on the Xbox One. There are many fixes for this issue, but they vary depending on what the problem is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wont my Xbox connect to any online games?

A: If you are experiencing this issue, it is most likely due to the Xbox Live service being down.

Why does my Xbox keep saying offline?

A: Your Xbox may be offline because your internet connection is not working. To avoid this issue, try connecting to a different network from the one you are currently connected in order to see if it helps fix the problem. If nothing works, contact Microsoft support for help!

How do I fix error 0x803f9008 on Xbox 360?

A: You need to do the following steps in order.
1) Press start, go into your System Settings and select Update system software from there.
2) Download the newest version of your drivers for both controllers (Xbox 360 controller driver and Kinect Sensor Driver). —————————————————– ———————- ———– ——
3) Go back one step and update Xbox Live after all thats finished installing, if you havent already done so.
4) From now on make sure to use a wired connection when playing games or using apps with voice chat enabled, such as Skype/Messenger/WeChat etc because wireless connections can cause some issues like this error code

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