From Udyr’s rework to upcoming CGUs and VGUs

Riot Games’ recent announcement of a new patch for League of Legends has sparked discussion and excitement about upcoming changes to the game. This was not Riot’s first time updating their title, but it is one that many seasoned gamers have been looking forward to. What are your thoughts on these updates?

The “lol vgu list” is a website that shows upcoming changes and updates for League of Legends champions. It also includes the current rework status of Udyr.

From Udyr's rework to upcoming CGUs and VGUs

This year seems to be a year of transition for League of Legends. With 12.10, the meta has shifted dramatically, and even the champions’ kits have been altered to some extent. We’ll discuss about Udyr, Zeri Aurelion Sol, and Skarner in particular. League of Legends: From Udyr's rework to upcoming CGUs and VGUs

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In the last two months, we’ve seen several changes to the champions, including Taliyah’s mid-scope update, which has her dominating the middle lane and making her one of the best jungle picks, Olaf, who will be nerfed due to the problems in the top lane, and Swain, who is also very strong at the moment after the changes to the E and especially the R. But the story doesn’t stop there.

Riot Games seems to have numerous initiatives in the pipeline (and others that have already begun) to offer “unlucky” champions a second shot.

Let’s start with Udyr: its revamp was announced roughly a year ago, and it now seems to be the most difficult problem that the devoted crew has encountered. The Freljordian shaman is the first of the League of Legends Roster’s oldest champions to get a supreme skin (a peculiarity that adds further difficulties in the rework phase to what opens). But what really is the fundamental issue? Reworks are inherently difficult since they must adhere to the “tracks” that were originally “traced” at the time of the character’s development; as a result, it is important to update the champion’s skills without distorting him.

However, it seems that the wait will be over a few patches after 12.14, when the 161st League champion (thus after Bel’Veth) will be revealed, which appears to be an unconventional Adc, a melee carry (melee). So we’ll have to wait till 12.16 or 12.17 for Udyr.

Let us now turn our attention to Aurelion Sol, the star-forging dragon who, despite his visual prowess, has no place in the current metagame (and also in the past ones). Asol has had his ups and downs since his release in 2016, but he has never stood out: there are (and have been) issues with a kit that cannot be successfully balanced (the rework that took place in 2019 was ineffective), which is why he will be the champion to get a CGU the following year (Comprehensive Gameplay Update). Only the talents will vary, resulting in gameplay differences, but without affecting the visual component. The only certainty is that he will come in late 2022, most likely in the autumn.

Skarner, on the other hand, will get a VGU in 2023, which will be released early in Season 13. With the exception of impalement, this will not be a simple visual overhaul, but there will be enhancements to the crystal guardian’s abilities. His R seems to still be a component of the package (fortunately). Although his predicament is not as dire as that of Udyr or Asol, he was in desperate need of a makeover.

Finally, let’s discuss Zeri. Zaun’s shooter has a lot to offer, from the catastrophic effect she had on Summoner’s Land upon her debut to the nerfs that turned her into a niche selection. He is not a simple champion to play, but in the correct hands (at least until a few patches ago), he could deal a lot of damage. However, with his poor WinRate in just Q, he can no longer accomplish so. Riot Games has chosen to tweak anything in his kit to assist her: [Nuovo] Removed the basic attack slowness.

A fire has erupted (Q). Damage increased from [7-15]+[110% -120 percent AD] to [8-20] + [110% -130 percent AD]. . The AP scaling of energized Q (r) increased from 80% to 90%. Damage scaling on HP for energized Q (R) increased from [1-10 percent] to [3-15 percent].

Ultrashock laser (W). If it travels through a wall, it now delivers critical damage to champions and monsters. Since [30 percent -70 percent] al [30 percent -50 percent], the slowdown has decreased. With AD, scaling went from 140 percent to 150 percent. The cooldown time has been lowered from [13-9s] to [12-8s]. [Nuovo] Cast time is now proportional to attack speed.

discharge of a spark (E). The cooldown time was reduced from [26-20s] to [22-16s]. The cooldown time was shortened from 1 second to 0.5 seconds (reduced DC on critical hit: from 3s to 1.5s). Crash of electricity (R). The percentage of magic resist each stack has dropped from 1.5 percent to 1%. Increased the number of stacks per champion from four to eight. The time it takes to cool down has been lowered from [120-70s] to [100-70].

This Zeri modification will be available in 12.11, but you can check it out now on the PBE. Some stats are likely to alter between now and the patch’s release, but it is anticipated that the zaunita shooter will be able to improve her victory rate with these adjustments (which is around 46 percent in soloQ). As you can see, the shocks in Season 12 are far from ended, as it increasingly seems to be a season of transition towards a new League of Legends. What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate it when things change?

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