Glock 26 vs Glock 43. Which One To Go For?

Both the Glock 26 and the Glock 43 are excellent pistols, and any shooter should have no problem making a choice. Both are reliable and accurate concealed self-defense weapons.

So let’s compare the two Glock 26s and 43s in terms of accuracy, power, magazine volume and other factors and decide which one is better.

Measurement accuracy

Note that the ability to fire a weapon directly depends much more on the accuracy of the weapon than the weapon itself determines the accuracy.

Nevertheless, both weapons can be used with some practicality as a means of self-defense. Sure, with the short barrel you can’t compete with sniper fire at 350+ yards, but both guns are great for the environment. You are absolutely responsible if you make a mistake with any of them.

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Coil power

If you are used to shooting big guns, the recoil from these pistols will come as a shock. Because they are both so light, they don’t have the weight to withstand recoil, and they bounce a lot when they fire.

Plus, they’re all so light that you actually feel the bullets you want when you shoot them. You can kick a lot if you fire this weapon vigorously, which can be difficult for a new shooter to master.


Both guns seem to be well made, and I’m sure they’ll last a long time. I have friends who have been shooting with their Glock 26 for years, and I don’t see why the Glock 26 couldn’t do the same thing.

Both weapons performed well in our evaluations. But for cheap bullets, we all prefer to buy from yard sales, not sticky guns. This is a remarkable achievement for this type of handgun, and I have no reservations about recommending either as a viable form of self-defense. You can shoot with any weapon if the situation requires it.

Journal volume

These are the most obvious differences between the two guns. Start with these facts: By default the 26 has 10 revolutions and the 43 only 6.

So it’s unlikely that four extra rounds will make a significant difference, whereas the Glock 26’s four extra rounds will make you feel better. If six shots are not enough to eliminate the attacker, you must return to the field and take more shots.

You can always bring an extra magazine if you need more space.

Concealed carry of a weapon

Since 43 is smaller than 26, but much larger than 26, you can hide it faster and print less, depending on how you save it.

It will be easy in most cases to conceal any weapon – after all, all compact weapons are small and easy to conceal. Even a gap of half an inch indicates whether you are particularly small or live in a warm environment where light clothing is the norm.

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However, there are significant differences between the poor. If you are looking for a lightweight gun, the Glock 43 may be too small for you. On the other hand, the 43 can be protected in a slightly different way.

Ammunition is another option: The Glock 26 comes with four extra cartridges. If six patterns of 43 are not enough for you, it may be worth investing in 26.

frequently asked questions

Should I buy a Glock 43?

In summary, the Glock 43 is an excellent example of everything a single stack 9mm pistol should be and an excellent carry gun. It may be a little more questionable than the full size rifles, but it has an impressive selection of aftermarket accessories, it’s reliable, and it has a track record no one can complain about.

Glock 26 obsolete ?

No, the Glock 26 is not obsolete here. Tomorrow’s battle will be won in today’s training.

Is the Glock 26 a good weapon for a woman?

The Glock 26 fits my hand perfectly (I use a beaver strap on the back). The attraction of the plant is enough. The slide folds in easily and the trigger is good. Not much recoil, which was surprising considering it’s a smaller gun.

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