here is the Patch Preview of 12.11

This week, we have a surprise patch for the Overwatch League. The new meta has been around since April and it is finally time to see who will dominate in this new era of competitive gaming. We share our thoughts on what teams you should watch out for as well as predictions that could come true during Stage 3

Smaller patches were scheduled to follow the durability improvement in 12.10 to polish what had previously been modified. We were mistaken, and it was a false alarm. League of Legends: here is the Patch Preview of 12.11

Take a look at this article.

Yes, only a few hours after its “preview,” 12.11 is already generating news. Except for two exceptions: zeros and major injuries, the adjustments are many and influence almost everything without exposing the figures (during the testing period on the PBE).

In fact, the zaunita shooter’s whole kit will be tweaked, with subtle mechanics (such as the W’s critical damage) being changed while significant wounds are once again nerfed, leaving everyone in wonder. Also, as if there wasn’t enough meat on the grill already, this will be the patch where Bel’Veth will come. The characters who will be boosted (buffed) are 14 and will attempt to reach the objective in all lanes and roles, especially the Jungle.

  • Xin Zhao, Nunu, Gragas, and Lee Sin are in the jungle.
  • Samira, Caitlyn, and Aphelios are the members of the adc.
  • Taric, Rakan, and Tahm Kench provide support.
  • .

Ryze, Irelia, Tryndamere, and Sylas (middle/top).

*: Tahm Kench is a solo laner as well, but based on his Win Rate, he’ll most likely get boosted for support.

  • Riot Games is attempting to offer champions that are drowning in the current meta some breathing room in this scenario. Ryze, the champion with the lowest win percentage in the league, Lee Sin, second in the same ranking, and Aphelios, third, are all on the list of buffs. The others aren’t in much better shape, and (nearly) all of them are among the least successful champions. In terms of the Nerf, we’ll see 13 champions that are presently atop the metagame. Even just reading the names is enough to understand why.
  • Wukong, Master Yi, Taliah, Rengar, and Slayer Kayn are all from the jungle.
  • Senna, Swain, and Brand provide support.
  • Lillia, Gwen, and Olaf at the top.
  • Veigar, in the middle.

Kog’Maw, Adc.

Some (Kog’Maw, Brand, Lillia, and Senna) will be treated similarly to Vayne, with items doing damage dependent on the target’s maximum (or current) health. In truth, all four champions listed have the ability to do damage dependent on the amount of health the target has. Gwen may see modifications to W’s cooldowns, as well as her bonus attributes (armor and magic resistance), which helped her win MSI 2022. (66.67 percent Win Rate over 42 games).

For the rest, Swain, Wukong, Veigar, and Taliyah are literally out of control (Taliyah is the best midlaner of the moment – in terms of win rate – and top 10 in the roles of jungler and support), Swain has a very high WR in the mid and as a carry in botlane, high in the top and discreet as support, and Veigar paddles against the Riot concept of lengthening the average duration of team fights, while Ve (which is difficult when the second midlaner for win rate, from level 11, disintegrates the enemy frontline). Olaf’s speech is more complicated, and it’s not surprising that they attempt to touch his E with pure harm.

In addition to the buffs and nerfs, Fizz and Zeri will receive changes to their kit. While the rationale for the Zaun shooter’s actions may be deduced from her outcomes, this is not the case with Fizz. The Atlantean now has a decent wr of 52.45%, and if it’s not a nerf or a boost, they’ll most likely modify anything about its w? Finally, there are system buffs and nerfs. Buff the system

Perennial Frost, Crown of the Shattered Queen, Hextech Rocket Belt, and Night Reaper are all AP items. Draktharr’s Twilight Blade, Eclipse, Predator’s Claw, Axiom’s Bow, Serpent’s Fang are all lethal items. Bloodsucker, Sterak’s Pledge, and Blade of the Ruined King are all combatant items. Sun Aegis, Randuin’s Pride, Spirit Armor, Abyss Mask, Bami Ember, Burning Ice Gauntlet, Turbo Chemtank, Sun Aegis, Randuin’s Pride, Spirit Armor, Abyss Mask Zeke’s Convergence and Knight’s Vow are support items.

Nerf System

The exterior towers have been damaged. Lethal Time Rune is a lethal time rune. Liandry’s Pain, Shapeshift are Ap Objects. Sharp Shadow is a lethal object. Jaws of Malmortius, Dance of Death are two combatant items. Kraken’s Slayer is a shooter item. Balance of the system. Serious Wounds went from 30% (base) to 50% (improved) to 25% (base) to 40% (improved) (improved).

For buffs and Nerf Systems there is not much to say: without the numbers talking, unfortunately, you cannot even guess what they are going to touch (certainly not a few will rejoice in the fact that the Jaws of Malmortius and the Dance of the death are nerfed!) while for serious injuries it is strange. So it sounds like a nice and good nerf, but Riot has promised to upgrade the items that give that status on the enemy in order to make the items still valid for purchase.

Because adding a few more stats doesn’t cure the healing issue, it’s not surprising that they add a few additional elements to this system (maybe damage over time) to make that inventory space and those stats sacrifices a bit less harsh. What are your thoughts on the June 7th patch?

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