How Can I Send a Fax Without a Fax Machine

With all the scientific innovations that have amazed mankind through their extraordinary efforts, the digital world is the ultimate gateway to new horizons. Faxing is an unusual way to send useful data over miles and is also used for many other tasks.

While sending a fax is a chore and requires the purchase of a fax machine to get started, there are several other barriers to sending a message. Now you can send faxes online without too much hassle and complications. CocoFax is the authorized service you need for digital fax transmission:

CocoFax: Paperless online fax

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CocoFax is an online service that allows you to easily send and receive faxes. You can easily click here to know all about this purchasing service. The most complete feature of this application is that you do not need a bulky fax machine or documents to send or receive a fax at any time.

CocoFax is the only application you can trust blindly when it comes to the secure and reliable transmission of your fax. The service is customer oriented and leaves nothing to chance to provide the best service to a wide audience. You can always use GoogleFaxFree and verify its authenticity yourself. CocoFax is well known and recommended by many digital pioneers such as PC World, New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews and Life Hacker.

CocoFax Feasibility Study

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CocoFax is a powerful application that requires virtually no prerequisites and offers exceptional privileges to the user for free. The best aspect of this application is that it has changed the old traditional methods of sending faxes and solved all the problems that once hampered the promising fax experience.

CocoFax is a digitally oriented application that provides users with digital benefits to ensure the feasibility and speed of fax transmission. CocoFax does not require a landline, so you can now easily send or receive faxes from your mobile phone or PC, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

CocoFax has also eliminated the hassle of a fax number, making sending faxes easier and more convenient. CocoFax offers you a free digital fax number that you can easily remember and use to send faxes at any time. Then you can sign up for low-priced packages.

What is CocoFax used for?

Characteristics of CocoFax

CocoFax puts the needs of the user first and ensures that all services offered are simple and easy to use. The first condition is that you need a stable internet connection so that your fax can be sent digitally. Once connected to the Internet, you can use CocoFax anytime, anywhere in the world, regardless of your location, time or device.

A fax number is a necessity that is a prerequisite for sending faxes. Once you have assigned a fax number, you can send or receive a fax at any time through the CocoFax dashboard, which can be switched from any device. The dashboard is an excellent interface for sending or receiving faxes.

The fax number is the actual number you need to send the documents. Therefore, the correct fax number is a prerequisite for error-free worldwide fax transmission.

Fax procedure

CocoFax prioritizes customers without tying them to specific restrictions, but allows for easy and mobile faxing. CocoFax can be used anywhere and can be used for any fax transmission. Here are some things you can do:

Step 1:

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With a stable internet connection, the switches open the official CocoFax website, i.e., to start the fax process. You can find the free trial version on the official website of CocoFax. Choose an option to get a free 30-day trial. After registering, make sure you have selected the fax number that will be assigned to you.

Step 2:

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CocoFax requires you to enter certain identifying information, such as B. your email address, so you should make sure all your information is correct and up to date. CocoFax synchronizes your emails with your account. After entering the data, you can send the fax to the recipient.

Step 3:

Simply click on the Send Fax option. A new tab will open where you must enter the recipient’s fax number. The suffix must be added after the fax number. Finally, click on the Attach option to send the desired file to the desired person. Sending a fax has never been easier!

credit : CocoFax

How to receive a fax on CocoFax?

The best service of CocoFax is that it immediately forwards the fax to the person who needs it. CocoFax guarantees that there are no additional fees or complications for instant faxing. Also, it is very efficient and brilliant to help a person make a fax in less than a minute. The digital library of the CocoFax application is immense and contains many faxes.

In addition, it is also very useful and time-saving because it converts a TIFF file into a digital PDF file in one minute and forwards it to internal storage. This saves time and reduces the stress of converting all files as soon as they are received. CocoFax is now an unparalleled service for sending or receiving your digital fax.


CocoFax is in a class of its own when it comes to sending and receiving faxes digitally on your device. CocoFax ensures that the services are well supported and that customers can enjoy easy digital faxing on various devices. Be sure to use CocoFax for your digital fax transmission so you can enjoy unlimited privileges!

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