How Measuring The Quality Of Incoming Call Centre Calls Can Enhance Productivity Levels


All companies are looking for productivity gains. As more is done each day, customer service improves and employee engagement increases. One of the most important tasks in a call center is productivity. Effective agents play an important role in reducing costs as revenue increases. Therefore, business owners and managers should make call center quality a priority.

Poor service from a customer service representative can be enough to drive a customer away. Companies cannot afford to neglect the quality of incoming calls from call centers. A good way to measure this is call quality software.

In this article, we explore how quality assurance in the contact center can improve productivity levels in an organization. But first we will discuss the basic parameters of a call center.

Basic Call Center Settings

Since call center quality monitoring software typically offers a variety of real-time parameters, it is important to know which ones to monitor.

Average dismissal of an appeal

If customers don’t stay on the phone long enough to be helped, it’s hard to provide good customer service. The average call abandonment rate measures the percentage of customers who hang up before contacting a representative.

Average waiting time

This measure is determined by dividing the total time callers spend in the queue by the number of calls received. If you notice that customers are spending more time than usual waiting, you can take appropriate measures to improve the efficiency of telephone handling.

Percentage of calls blocked

This is the percentage of callers who receive a busy signal. If it is high, it means the company is missing opportunities to help customers. It may be high because not enough agents are assigned to the teams.

Service level

This is the percentage of calls received during a given period, measured in seconds. The service level measures the performance of customer representation in real time. That way managers quickly know if agents are reaching callers.

Average processing time

This is the amount of time an agent spends with a customer through a communication channel. A low average time indicates that agents answer more calls. However, a very low score is not the best because agents need enough time to help the customer properly. The goal should be to reduce the average processing time while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

This is usually determined by follow-up studies. While other indicators indicate areas where agents can improve, this indicator directly indicates whether the call center provides adequate support to customers.

Why quality assurance is essential in the call centre

Identification of gaps in customer service

A call center manager may have a general idea of agent productivity. However, specific performance indicators allow them to identify the source of their success and areas for improvement. Without this clear feedback, it can be difficult for call center employees to provide good service and represent the company in the best possible way.

Increases customer loyalty

It is much harder to sell to a new buyer than to an existing buyer. Customer satisfaction is probably the most important thing you should focus on. By measuring agent performance and collecting customer feedback, you can truly understand what customers are looking for.

Clients feel valued when they receive personal attention. It helps to differentiate the company from the competition. Information from touch points such as emails, phone calls and live chats can also provide consistent customer data. This gives agents important information at the point of contact and reduces the need to repeat customer details and history.

Reinforcement framework

Consistent call tracking, surveys and targeted training will make your employees more productive. This improvement comes from employees knowing that their interactions with customers can be controlled, while training improves their skills and allows them to feel valued by management.

Quality control of call centers focuses on recognizing each agent as an individual. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses, and so on. When the organization focuses on meeting their needs, they get a more productive team.

Aligning processes with customer expectations

Research shows that 70% of companies that provide good customer service integrate customer feedback into their operations. Call centers that don’t care about what customers think of their products or services are missing out on valuable information. The information collected by the measurements allows you to better understand your customers and adapt your processes to their needs.


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