How To Adjust Printer Settings For Avery Labels In 6 Steps

A few weeks ago my office got a new printer, and after installing it I came across a problem: my printer wouldn’t print labels. The printer was a Brother multifunction printer. Upon investigation, I found that the printer was not printing labels, even though the printer settings indicated that it would. I found that the issue was with the labels; they were printing with a different orientation than the printer’s default orientation.

Depending on the type of printer you have, you may have to adjust the settings on your printer in order for printouts to come out with the exact size and appearance of your labels.

In this article, we will show you how to adjust your printer settings for Avery labels in six simple steps. This is a quick tip, but it will save you significant time and energy, clean up printouts, and help you get the right results.. Read more about how to change printer settings to labels on word and let us know what you think.

When you need to spice up your mailing label or school scrapbook, Avery has plenty of room for you to be creative.

You may always return to print various designs and sizes to meet any urgent requirement after you’ve adjusted your printer settings to produce those gorgeous labels. What do you think? Beyond stamping envelopes and printing spice, there’s a creative aspect to labeling.

There’s good news! This task does not need the purchase of a specialized label printer.

You may create any label, anytime, anyplace if you have a laser or inkjet printer.

You may now be asking how to change Avery label printer settings.

We’ll go through how to accomplish it on any printer type here. You can print Avery labels at home even if you have an outdated inkjet or laser printer.

Continue reading to learn how to make Avery label printer settings and alignments from the comfort of your own home.

How to Change Avery Label Printer Settings

Adjusting your printers for Avery labels is a multi-step or multi-stage procedure. You’ll need to adjust the resolution, paper size, number of prints per page, alignment, and template customization.

Even if you follow all of the directions to the letter, labels may turn out horribly misaligned.

Although the online Avery Design & Print Tablet App is easy to use and now compatible with popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

It’s a good idea to learn the ins and outs of label printing by utilizing a program you’re already acquainted with. Avery labels will be easier to print and customize as a result of this.

Today is your lucky day!

Google Docs and Microsoft Word can print a complete Avery label straight to your home printer.

Let’s get this party started!

Step one: Go to mails in your Microsoft Word program.

Start a new document with your Microsoft Word program. Between References and Reviews on the new document, you’ll find the “Mailings” option. Select Recipients, Start Mail Merge, Labels, Envelopes, and other submenus will appear when you click on mailings.

Step two is to select labels and an Avery product number.

When you click on the labels from step one, a pop-up window called “Envelopes and labels” will appear. To be creative, click on options, choose a product number, and make other changes.

Type it in the Address box if you want the same text on all of the labels.

If you want different text on separate labels, however, click the new document button in the pop-up box and type your preferred content.

Step three: Go to the layout menu and find the gridlines item.

If the new document from stage two appears blank on starting, go on to the following step in this tutorial on how to change printer settings for Avery labels. If this happens, go to layout, see gridlines, and pick labels from mailings.

The pop-up window’s top row has these options. They are extremely simple to find.

Fill in the necessary address information for all of the labels here. You may also alter the color scheme, font size, and text alignment. It’s the same as if you were editing a standard Microsoft Word document.

Step four: For the Avery labels, insert, align, and resize pictures (optional)

If you want to include a template or image to the Avery label, we suggest using the online Avery Design & Print Tablet App.

However, you may print Avery labels with a picture on a Canon printer using Microsoft Word.

To do so, start by creating a new document, just as we did in step three. Locate the insert menu on the top row of the pop-up window after the label grids are on the page.

Select the image to be used on the label from the image location.

Right-click on the picture for available modification options if the image is too big or the image location is not to your liking.

At the top of the navigation bar, there are also tools for customizing pictures. Crop, align, text-wrap, position, effects, border, and image format are among the options available.

These are simple choices that will help you create the ideal Avery label for your requirements by guiding you through the customizing process with arrows.

Return to the “Mailings” submenu once you’ve finished customizing. To maintain the same design for all of your Avery labels, choose “Full Page of the Same Label.”

You may also use a single label or a group of Avery labels on one page to work with various texts and designs.

Do you want to know how to change the printer settings for 3x 5 Avery labels?

It’s simple!

Click on choices after clicking on “Mailings” and “Labels” in the Microsoft Word program. Then, on the product number drop-down, choose Avery US letters, then 5388 index cards, and you’re ready to go.

5th step: Select “print” from the “file” menu.

Return to the top menu bar, but this time to the left side. Select “File,” then “Print” from the drop-down menu. Select “Color” to print colorful Avery labels if you don’t like the default print option.

Select paper scale, quality, and size from the “additional settings” menu. To avoid chopping off artwork and text from the sides, choose “Fit to printed area.” When creating address labels, never choose “Fit to the page.”

If you can’t locate labels, use Cardstock or Premium Paper.

Select Paper Size from the print menu, uncheck Plain Paper, and then select Labels. If your Microsoft Word does not offer Labels as a supported printing medium, choose heavyweight or Cardstock instead; both will work well.

How to properly align Avery labels in MS Word

You can set rulers to auto-align the label designs on Microsoft Word. However, it is much easier to accomplish using the online Avery Design & Print Tablet App.

Using your chosen modifications, you may align the whole label to the right or left, up or down.

It is worthy of note that the online Avery Design & Print App has a menu function specifically designed for printing labels.

Selecting the Avery Product and Design, altering or customizing, evaluating your design, and printing the labels one at a time are all that is required.

Once that, the app will automatically launch your printer app after you approve the templates. This is compatible with a wide range of branded printers.

Furthermore, if you’re unsure how to change the printer settings for Avery labels on a Mac. The methods outlined above are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Which Avery label paper is compatible with my printer?

Avery goods are available in a variety of sizes, and they are among the finest label sheets available today. On their website, you may shop by materials, use, and form. Color labels, waterproof labels, transparent labels, white labels, and many more are available.

There is an option to select intended use: folder labeling, file, party & events, color coding, address & shipping, etc.

Avery products are made for laser and inkjet printers, so you’ll always be able to choose a label stock that fits your needs.

How to print Avery labels on your printer.

Your laser printer, for example, can produce Avery labels. The Avery 22816 (Print-to-the-Edge 2-inch square labels) and Avery 22807 (Print-to-the-Edge 2-inch square labels) are recommended (round labels).

This will print outside the trim line, resulting in a full-bleed output. (On the printed template, this implies no random white borders.)

If you want your designs to have no white margins on all sides, print completely borderless. Despite the fact that it is a safe choice, not all printers support it.

Overall, never use a laser printer to produce an inkjet label.

How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels


Few things are as appealing as a label with a vibrant design and attractive typography. It gives your invitation cards, mails, and correspondence a more elegant look.

For your company or personal requirements, Avery labels can produce highly customized labels. It will come in useful if you need to process and send out a large number of orders quickly.

To improve your mailing, all you need is a decent printer and a few Avery labels. Use a font size of 7+, wrap the text, arrange the pages properly, and send to the printer.

We hope this article, titled “How to Adjust Printer Settings for Avery Labels,” has answered all of your concerns.


It’s easy to underestimate the amount of tedious work involved in printing from your home computer, but it’s also easy to go overboard. You can, for example, make your printer work harder by printing too many labels, too many pages, or for the wrong number of labels. I’ve discovered that if you want printer labels to stick to the paper, you have to adjust your printer settings, and here are the easy steps to doing that.. Read more about printing avery labels on hp printer and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup my printer to print labels?

You will need to install the printer software on your computer. Then, you will need to make sure that the printer is connected to your computer and turned on. Once it is, open up the printer software and follow the prompts for setting up your printer.

Why wont my labels print correctly?

This is a known issue that we are working on. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I setup Avery labels in Word?

To setup Avery labels in Word, you will need to open the document and click on the Insert tab. There is a section called Labels that should be selected by default. From there, you can choose from a variety of different label styles.

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