How to Cancel HBO Membership on Amazon Prime

You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time after you’ve paid for it, but you have to do it before June 30, 2017. So, if you aren’t currently an Amazon Prime member, you can always cancel your membership with no hassle.

You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership and enjoy the benefits of the Prime Video app on your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, but can you cancel HBO? Unfortunately, HBO is available on the Fire TV and Fire Stick, but you cannot cancel that subscription.

Amazon recently announced that they will be launching an HBO NOW streaming service on May 21, 2014. The service will allow Amazon Prime members to stream HBO series and movies for $14.99 per month. In the past, Amazon has been notoriously tricky with canceling your Prime subscription if you decide to cancel it either because you hate Amazon’s policies or because you don’t want the costly Prime benefits. This time they have changed their policies to make it much easier for users to cancel.

Before we discover a quick way to cancel your HBO subscription on Amazon Prime, let’s take a quick tour of this mega entertainment channel. HBO is one of the pioneers and premium television services in the entertainment industry. It was founded in 1972 and currently has a large number of subscribers.

The reason for the huge number of subscribers – about 130 billion – is the quality of the content. Launching creative projects like Game of Thrones and Oz, the company has always met the expectations of its subscribers by offering content of unparalleled quality.

Increased demand has forced HBO to introduce plug-ins for third-party streaming services, such as Amazon Prime. To access your favorite HBO TV shows, movies and series in your Amazon account, simply install the HBO Dashboard add-on.

If you decide you no longer need a subscription, you can cancel it at any time and save yourself time and money. Most subscribers are unable to pay for expensive premium subscriptions over a year because they are only interested in a particular movie or series.

Once the series ends, they also cancel their subscription. If you also want the same but don’t know how to cancel HBO on Amazon prime, let me help you with that. I explain the whole process in easy to follow steps.

How to cancel your HBO Amazon Prime subscription

  • Go to Amazon’s official website and log in to your account.
  • After logging in, you will find the Account section to log out.
  • Click on the Prime Video Channels link under the Membership and Subscription tabs.
  • The channel list appears. Search HBO in the list.
  • Navigate to the Cancel Channel button on the HBO screen.
  • Confirm the cancellation when prompted and the subscription will be terminated.

Facts you need to know about the HBP

Knowing the different facts about your Amazon account is just as important as knowing how to cancel Amazon Prime HBO. I will give you some facts you need to know about your premium subscription and the channels you are subscribed to.

  • Access to premium channels like HBO is available to users with an Amazon Prime account. If you use a shared account or access the platform through an Amazon home account, you may not receive an HBO subscription. Use the highlighted account if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to a premium channel.
  • If you follow HBO’s cancellation method on Amazon Prime to cancel only your HBO subscription, your Amazon Prime subscription will not be affected. You can then access your account, view and update your payment options or cancel your membership.
  • If you cancel your Amazon Prime account, your subscription to the Premium channel will automatically cancel. The subscription will then no longer be charged.
  • Monthly subscriptions can be made to each channel. The payment is not refundable. If you try to cancel after paying the monthly fee, you cannot request a refund.
  • If you make the mistake of subscribing to the same channel more than once, you have the right to change or cancel your subscription.

Unsubscribing from HBO in your Amazon Prime account is simple and easy. Try the method I describe at the top of the article, and you’ll go through the whole process in a few clicks.Best Buy has an awesome offer on right now! The price of a year of Amazon Prime is $60, and in return you get 6 months of HBO for free. This is the best deal ever for Prime subscribers, and I’m sure a lot of you have been wanting to get rid of that membership. But how do you cancel your HBO membership? Well, let’s go over how to cancel HBO membership on Amazon Prime. This is the best way to cancel your HBO membership with Amazon Prime.. Read more about how to cancel amazon prime on app and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel HBO on Amazon Prime?

You can cancel HBO on Amazon Prime by following these steps: Go to the Amazon Prime website. Click on “Your Account” in the top right corner of the screen. Click on “Manage Your Membership.” Scroll down to “HBO” and click on it. Click on “Cancel HBO.” How do I cancel HBO on Hulu? You can cancel HBO on Hulu by following these steps: Go to the Hulu website.” How do I cancel HBO on Netflix? You can cancel HBO on Netflix by following these steps: Go to the Netflix website.” How do I cancel HBO on PlayStation Vue? You can cancel HBO on PlayStation Vue by following these steps:

How do I manage my HBO subscription on Amazon?

You can manage your HBO subscription on Amazon by following these steps: 1. Sign in to your Amazon account. 2. Navigate to the “Your Account” section of the website and select “Manage Prime Video Subscriptions.” 3. Select “HBO” from the list of subscriptions and click on “Manage.” 4. Select “Add or Remove” to add or remove your HBO subscription. How do I manage my Amazon Prime subscription on HBO? You can manage your Amazon Prime subscription on HBO by following these steps: 1.

How do I cancel my HBO Max subscription on Amazon?

You can cancel your HBO Max subscription on Amazon by following these steps: 1. Navigate to the “Your Account” section of and select “Manage Your Prime Membership.” 2. Select “Cancel Membership.” 3.” 4.” 5.” 6.” 7.”

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