How to Connect Samsung Galaxy M20 to Windows 10 PC using Your Phone

If you want to connect your Android phone and Windows 10, you can use your phone. This can be seen under Settings. The corresponding Android application called Your Phone Companion must be installed from the Play Store.

Redmi Note 4 and phones have previous versions of Android 9, could only see the latest photos, news and notifications about your phone in the Windows 10 application of your phone. But after the 1809 update, this application will be updated to see all your applications on your smartphone.

It originally worked on Samsung Galaxy S and A phones. You must have Android 9 or later to view the application’s streaming feature from Android to Windows 10. To check if the application works on the Samsung Galaxy M20, I tried connecting the two applications for your phone.

I used my TP-Link router’s wifi to verify that Windows 10 and my Samsung phone were connected to the network.

Steps to connect your Samsung Galaxy M20 to a Windows 10PC

In the latest update to 20H2, you can see the phone entry in the settings. Then make sure the General Print option is enabled in System Preferences. Only then can you add your phone to your Windows 10 computer.

  1. Install the Your Phone Companion application from the Google Play store.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account to connect the two devices.
  3. Access to your media, files and photos requires certain permissions.
  4. You can use it to access your contacts, make phone calls and manage photos, multimedia messages, text messages and files on the Samsung M20.
  5. You may also receive a warning to stop optimizing battery usage.
  6. Install the application on your phone from the Microsoft Store.
  7. In the Phone section of the Settings option, click Add Phone.
  9. You should see the login allowed notification on your Samsung M20.
  10. Finally, you will see a message Your phone and computer are connected.
  11. To view your notifications by phone, you must open the notifications on your phone.

Problem with checking your PC

If you get an error when connecting your Samsung M20 and your desktop, try the following solutions.

  1. First, install the application on your mobile phone. Then follow the steps above by linking it to your Microsoft account.
  2. Make sure the phone is not uninstalled on the computer. If yes, reinstall the application from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Sometimes the settings on the Wi-Fi router can affect the connection. In this case, change the router’s network settings. The following parameters should normally work.
  4. Change the DNS servers to 8.8.8 and


Although I managed to connect the Samsung M20 to my Windows 10 PC, I still have not been able to access the applications on my phone. It was possible to make and receive calls from a computer. However, for this to work, your PC must be equipped with Bluetooth for the calling function to work.

I also had access to photos, notifications and messages. But I think having these features on your Android computer is not enough. It would be good if you could access all the applications on your phone.

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