How To Create Hotspot On Windows 10 PC Laptop 2022

Windows 10 introduced a new feature that allows for wireless network hotspots. However, the amount of networks available is limited and will not allow for many people to connect at once. There are two ways you can go about creating your own internet cafe with Windows 10: modifying an existing PC or buying a new one from China so it has pre-installed software capable of running this type of device instead.

The “laptop hotspot windows 10” is a tutorial on how to create a hotspot on Windows 10. This tutorial will help users who need to share their internet connection with others.

How To Create Hotspot On Windows 10 PC Laptop 2022

2022 – How to Make a Hotspot on a Windows 10 PC Laptop – Windows 10 laptops may act as hotspots for other nearby devices like as smartphones and PCs. This is a convenient technique to share the internet across two laptops.

How-To-Create-Hotspot-On-Windows-10-PC-Laptop-2022How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Hotspot on a Windows 10 Laptop

2022 How to Make a Wi-Fi Hotspot on a Windows 10 PC Laptop

A WiFi connection is usually established via a modem device, however if that location only has a LAN cable connection (no WiFi), a laptop connected to a LAN cable may be used as a hotspot. On this time, we’ll provide a quick guide on how to turn a laptop into a Windows 10 hotspot.

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Step 1: Go to the Windows 10 Settings menu.

To begin, go to settings by pressing the Start button and selecting Settings.

Step 2: Select the Network & Internet option from the drop-down menu.

After navigating to the main page of Windows 10 settings, locate and choose the Network & Internet option.


Step 3: Configure your mobile hotspot

Pay attention to the left-hand tab on the Network settings page > choose the Mobile hotspot option.


Step 4: Change the name (SSID) and password of your WiFi hotspot.

You may alter the name of the hotspot and set a password on the following screen. The Edit button and how to use it.


Fill in the appropriate hotspot name (SSID) in the Network name field.

Fill in a password with at least 8 characters in the Network password section.

Leave the default in the Network band column (Any available).


Step 5: Select “Save” from the drop-down menu.

After accurately entering all of the essential information, click the Save button to save the settings.

Step 6: Turn on the hotspot

Finally, switch the Share my internet connection with other devices option to ON to turn on the hotspot.


You’ve now successfully constructed a hotspot using a Windows 10 laptop. Using another device, such as a smartphone or a computer, verify the WiFi connection. If the hotspot connection is successful, the specified name will be shown as the hotspot name. Connect your device to the hotspot and log in using the password you set up previously.

The names of the devices connected to the laptop hotspot will display on the hotspot settings screen, along with the device’s Mac address information. As an example, consider the following:


Notes: A laptop’s hotspot can only support a maximum of 8 devices.

Another option is to use CMD to build a hotspot on a Windows 10 laptop.

In Windows 10, you may build a hotspot using the Command Prompt in addition to the Network & Internet settings menu.

Take the following steps:

1. Run Command Prompt as an administrator.

To begin, launch the CMD program with administrator privileges.

To do so, use the Windows key + R to open the RUN window, type cmd, and then press CTRL + Shift + Enter.

Another approach to get administrator access to CMD is to enter cmd into the Windows search bar, then choose the Run as administrator option from the Command Prompt menu.

2. Execute the netsh command.

Type the following command once the Command Prompt software has opened:


Press Enter.

netsh is a console-based program for configuring networks and creating hotspots.

3. Issue a WLAN command.

Then enter the command again at the Command Prompt:


Press Enter.

The command used is WLAN, which is a sort of wireless connection, since we are going to construct a hotspot.

4. Give your hotspot a name.

After that, use the following command to name the hotspot or SSID: set hostednetwork

Press Enter.

Replace with your desired name.

5. Make a password for your hotspot.

Add a password to your hotspot using the following command to make it more secure: set hostednetwork

Press Enter.

Substitute your own password for To maximize the security of a password, it is advised that it be created using a unique mix of letters, numbers, and characters.

6. Create a shared hotspot that may be accessed by several devices.

The last step is to begin sharing the laptop’s hotspot so that it may be used by other devices.

Type the following command to enable hotspot:


Press Enter.

If you wish to disable it, use the following command:

hostednetwork should be stopped.

Press Enter.

Turn on the CMD-configured hotspot.

We built a hotspot using CMD and defined the SSID and password in the previous stage. The setting is saved and may be executed instantly if the laptop is restarted or turned off and then turned on again.

To do so, start a Command Prompt with administrator privileges and type the following command:

start hostednetwork netsh wlan

Press Enter.

To terminate the command, type:

stop hostednetwork netsh wlan

Press Enter.

A third option is to use an app to establish a hotspot on a Windows 10 laptop.

You may also use a third-party program to establish a hotspot as an alternative. This is an option for individuals who desire the application’s additional capabilities, such as traffic monitoring and linked devices.

There are a number of free programs available, including:

  • mHotspot
  • HostedNetworkStarter
  • MaryFi
  • HotSpot by Maxidix
  • Baidu WiFi Hotspot is a service that allows you to connect to the internet using
  • Router (Virtual)
  • MyPublicWiFi

Please experiment to see which application is best for you, but we encourage that you utilize the first and second techniques without an application since they are simpler and safer.

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You may use these methods to build a hotspot on your Windows 10 PC notebook.

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The “hotspot for pc” is a feature that allows users to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on their Windows 10 PC Laptop. This article will show you how to create a hotspot on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make WiFi hotspot with my laptop in Windows 10?

A: You can download a WiFi hotspot app from the Windows Store like Connectify or Wifi-Hotspot.

How do I create a hotspot with my laptop?

A: The best way to create a hotspot with your laptop is to use the Bluetooth adapter that came with it. In most cases, you can simply hold down one of the two buttons on the device and then turn on Bluetooth. Then click Add New Device in Beatsavers settings menu.

Why cant my laptop create a hotspot?

A: This is a really common question. It can sometimes be difficult to find information on how to create hotspots with your laptop, but its not impossible! Hotspot links are created by connecting two devices wirelessly (i.e., without using an Ethernet cable).

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