How to customize the Start Menu in Windows 11

The Start Menu is a Windows feature that has been around for quite some time and is very easy to customize. Here’s how to do it.

The windows 11 classic start menu is a customization option in Windows 11. It allows users to customize the Start Menu with their own files, programs, and folders.


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  • Because the Start Menu in Windows 11 is one of the most often utilized elements, personalizing it to your liking is always a smart idea.
  • You may pin applications and rearrange them in whatever order you choose.
  • Adding the most essential folders will help you save a lot of time at work.
  • You may fine-tune suggestions for Windows 11 Start Menu to create a more customized experience.


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The Start menu is one of the new and enhanced features in Windows 11, and it is one of them.

However, there are differing viewpoints. Some users are ecstatic with the new features, while others are dissatisfied with the revamped Start experience.

The OS design enables you to modify the Windows 11 Start menu in a variety of ways to create a more customized experience.

First and foremost, you should be aware that the new design differs significantly from that of Windows 10. Check out our dedicated page for a complete comparison of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

What’s new about the Start Menu customisation in Windows 11?

By pressing the Windows key on your keyboard or clicking the Windows symbol on your centered desktop taskbar, you can go to the Start menu home page.


The pinned applications are shown on the left side of the window, while the All apps list button is on the right side.

You may also add and browse suggested and recent items, which display at the bottom half of the page, for complete customization.

The Start menu in Windows 11 has a completely new look, as seen in the image below, which incorporates the round corner feature.


Let’s have a look at how you may personalize this menu to suit your tastes. Make sure to read all of our suggestions for creating a distinctive Windows 11 Start menu.

How can I create a fantastic Start Menu modification for Windows 11?

Apps should be pinned first.

  1. After pressing the Windows key, choose All applications from the drop-down menu.1631786493_270_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  2. In the Windows 11 Start menu, look for the program you want to pin, then right-click it and choose Pin to Start.1631786494_90_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  3. The app will show in the Pinned area whenever you return to the Start menu.
  4. You may do this with any app you choose.

This is a fantastic choice for customizing one of the most often utilized features. We also suggest looking at other options for pinning programs to the Start menu in Windows 11.

If you change your mind later, you can simply unpin specific applications by repeating the first two steps, but instead of selecting Pin to Start, choose Unpin from Start.

2. Rearrange the applications that have been pinned.

  1. You may manage your applications after pinning them by dragging them to any location. To do so, just left-click on the program, then hold and drag it to the desired location.
  2. If you pin more than 18 applications to the Start Menu in Windows 11, a second page will appear. You may browse between various pages of pinned applications by scrolling.
  3. You may also use the alphabetical search feature to find Windows 11 applications. To do so, just visit the All applications area and then choose any alphabet letter.1631786494_139_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11

3. Fine-tune suggestions

  1. Open the Settings menu by pressing the Windows key.How-to-use-the-new-and-improved-Windows-11-clipboard
  2. Select the Start section from Personalization.1631786495_954_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  3. After installing Windows 11, you may activate the Show recently installed applications option to discover new apps or programs in the Start Menu. You will save time by not having to browse through the whole app list to locate a freshly installed program.1631786496_83_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  4. You may also enable the option to display the most frequently used applications. This will assist you in receiving app suggestions that you use often.1631786496_217_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  5. If the toggle button for Show the most used applications is greyed out, you’ll need to activate a privacy setting to make it function by following the next three steps. If it isn’t, go on to step 9.
  6. To do so quickly, go to the Privacy & Security section of the Settings main menu, then to General.1631786497_203_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  7. Look for the part that says “Let Windows enhance Start and search results by monitoring program starts” and turn it on.1631786497_945_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  8. Return to the Personalization page and reopen it. You may now enable the option to display the most frequently used applications.
  9. Show recently opened items in Start, Jump Lists, and File Explorer may all be enabled on the same page. You’ll have fast access to all of the files and applications you use from the Start Menu with Windows 11.1631786498_268_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11

4. Create new directories

  1. Return to the Settings menu in Windows 11.
  2. Navigate to Personalization, then Start.
  3. Go to the Folders section and click on it.1631786499_407_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  4. You may add folders like Downloads, Documents, Pictures, and more to the Start Menu by turning on the toggle button.1631786499_677_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  5. Go to the right bottom side of the Start menu to see these folders (next to the Power button). Without having to browse through your pinned applications, you can instantly access essential folders.1631786500_153_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  6. A custom folder may also be added to the Start menu. Select the Pin to Start option from the context menu when you right-click on that folder. 

5. Return to the traditional Start menu.

  1. To launch Registry Editor, press the Windows key, type Registry Editor, and then press Enter.1631786500_870_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  2. To get there, go to the following address: HKEY CURRENT USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced
  3. Right-click on the Advanced option in the left window pane, then choose New and DWORD (32-bit) Value.1631786501_362_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  4. Enter the following name for the value, then hit Enter to save it: Start ShowClassicMode1631786501_5_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  5. Double-click the same value, update the data to 1, and then click OK.1631786502_970_How-to-customize-the-Start-Menu-in-Windows-11
  6. Restart your computer.

If you don’t like the new look, you may customize the Start menu in Windows 11 by going back to the old one.

What are the most frequent problems with the Start menu?

The Start menu, like any other Windows feature, may be problematic at times. Take a look at the list below and be prepared for any potential issues.

  • Minor system problems – Your OS may be impacted by minor (random and transient) faults that prevent the Start Menu from launching correctly. But don’t be alarmed! It’s conceivable that serious flaws won’t impact your system.
  • Critical problems impacting your operating system — In addition to the first scenario, your Start Menu may also be affected by much more severe flaws. We must consider factors such as malware, which may corrupt or harm your operating system, while using these words. You should check these antivirus settings for Windows 11 to avoid similar scenarios.

These are the most common methods to modify the Start menu in Windows 11. We hope that by implementing each of these, you will be able to improve your digital experience.

Some users have already noticed issues with the Start Menu. If you’re one of them, consulting a comprehensive tutorial on how to fix Windows 11 Start menu problems will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Don’t forget to leave a comment in our dedicated area to share your ideas and views with us.

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There are many ways to customize the Start Menu in Windows 11. The windows 11 quick launch toolbar is a tool that allows users to add shortcuts and pins to the menu by using an external file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize my Windows Start menu?

You can customize your Windows Start menu by adding shortcuts, changing the background image, and more.

Does Classic Start menu work with Windows 11?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has removed the Start menu from Windows 11.

How do I get the Windows 10 Start menu back on Windows 11?

Unfortunately, Microsoft has discontinued the Start menu on Windows 11. There is no way to get it back on this version of Windows.

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