How to Download All Files From a Website Directory Using Wget Windows

If you want to download all the files or just a certain type of file (for example, only images) from a sitemap, you can use a tool called Wget in Windows to download the files automatically. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Wget (a command you run on the command line) to download files from a sitemap in Windows 10.

Download all files from thelocation directory

An example of such a situation is when you want to remove all files or only certain types of files, e.g. images, PDFs, etc., from the index web directory. Instead of right-clicking each file and clicking Save As, you can automatically download each file in the folder using the Wget command from the command line in Windows 10. Here’s how.

First of all, you need to download the Wget tool to be able to use it in CMD. You can download Wget (preferably the zip version and the latest version):

After downloading, extract it to any folder. To keep it simple after that, unpack it in C:wget.

Then open an extended command line (run as administrator).

To run the command, you must first change the current working directory to the Wget directory. If you previously unpacked Wget in C:wget, type the following on the command line to change the directory to C:wget.


Enter the following command in the directory to perform an automatic download of all files on the page in the entered directory.

wget -r -np -nH

Message: Replace the site address with the address of the site folder from which you want to download the files. This command downloads all the files in the specified site directory. The parameters are case sensitive. Below is explained what each of the parameters does.

  • -r – Allow recursive loading. Otherwise, the command only loads the first file in the directory.
  • -np is short for parentless. It tells the command not to go to the parent folder. Without this parameter, the cmdlet fetches and loads files from parent directories, for example. B.,, and
  • -nH is an abbreviation for no hostname. It tells the team not to create host directories.

The files are downloaded into the same directory as Wget.exe. In the above example, new directories are automatically created in the C:wget directory, and files are uploaded to these directories.

Other parameters that you may need

The parameter – tells the command that only files of a specific type can be downloaded. For example, -A pdf tells the command to download only PDF files from the site directory. The following example shows how to insert the -A parameter into a Wget command.

wget -r -np -nH -A jpg

The -R parameter allows you to ignore a specific file or file type that should not be loaded. For example, -R index.html tells Wget to ignore the index.html file and not download it. With -R CSS, all CSS files in the folder are ignored. Here is an example of using wget with the -R parameter.

wget -r -np -nH -R index.html

The -cut-dirs parameter tells the command how many directories you want to omit. If you z. B. Boot from without cut-dir (and with -nH), the directory created on your computer will have the directory structure dir1dir2dir3. If you want to ignore the directories dir1dir2, you can use the -cut-dirs command to omit the directories. Here is an example of using wget with the -cut-dirs parameter. Note that the -cut-dirs parameter has two dashes (-).

wget -r -np -nH -A pdf –cut-dirs=3

The parameters are case sensitive. If you z. B. -A to filter only downloads of a certain file type, this will not work if you type -a.

For all other available options you can use with Wget, type the following command on the command line.


Description to share: This tutorial shows you how to use Wget in Windows 10 to download all files or just a specific file type from a folder or web directory.

frequently asked questions

How can I download the whole directory with wget?

In fact, you can run a boot and log out of the system and let wget do its job. The Wget -P or –directory-prefix option sets a directory prefix in which all retrieved files and subdirectories are stored.

How do I download a file from the web directory?

One of the easiest ways to download a file is to click the Save As link in Firefox or Google Chrome, or Save Target As in Internet Explorer. However, if you want to download multiple files from the same directory, including their folders and subfolders, this option is not suitable.

Where does wget for Windows store files?

By default, downloads are stored in the UsersNAppDataLocalVirtualStoreNProgram FilesGnuWin32 folder. The following example shows how to download files from the Windows command line using wget.

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