How to Edit Song Info on Mac Without Itunes

There are many reasons why you might want to edit the song info on a Mac without using iTunes. We’ll discuss how to do it with two different methods and help you avoid some common pitfalls that could arise from trying either of them.
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The “itunes won’t let me edit song info 2019” is a problem that many people have been facing for a while. There are several solutions to this issue, including using the command line tool “iTunes”.

How to Edit Song Info on Mac Without Itunes

As Apple pushes the newer Apple Music, iTunes is becoming less popular.

Even if you don’t have an iTunes account, Apple Music allows you to simply change song information.

How to Change Song Information on a Mac Without Using iTunes

Download another music program or use Apple Music to modify song information on a Mac without iTunes. Click on the music that needs to have its details changed in Apple Music. Then choose “Get Info” from the three-dot menu. This will open a dialogue window where you can add the new song’s details.

Read the article below for additional information on how to change information and categorize tracks on Apple Music. 

On Apple Music, you may change the information about a song.

Apple has been gradually phaseing out iTunes in favor of a simpler music app that allows streaming and organizing of downloaded music.

If you’ve downloaded any music to your Mac, it should appear in Apple Music automatically. 

To check and update the song information, open Apple Music. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. To view everything you’ve downloaded, click on your music.
  2. To drop down the menu, click the three dots.
  3. Select “Get Information” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Change the song details to your liking.
  5. Save the file.

You may update all of the song information and even add comments if you follow the instructions above. This is a simple approach to change the information for a single song. 

You may also edit several songs at the same time. To do so, hold shift while clicking on each song to choose several tracks. 

Unless they’ve previously shared information, the information will be blank when the popup opens up. 

You are not need to complete all of the fields. If you modify the title of a song, it will affect all of the songs in the group. 

Make sure you only modify the information you want everyone to know, such the artist and album title. (source)

On Apple Music, you may make changes to your albums.

While you may modify all of the information for each song separately, uploading all of the tracks from a CD makes it simpler to alter all of the album information at once. 

If you have music on a CD or an external storage device, you may quickly access it in Apple Music. 

Insert your CD or external storage drive into Apple Music. Apple Music should recognize the music on your device.

If you can’t locate it, go to the left sidebar and select “Devices.” There should be a picture of the inserted disk there. 

If you wish to alter the CD title, go to the top of the screen and modify the album title. 

You may change the name by deleting the old one and replacing it with a new one. This will rename the CD’s album. 

You may then transfer the song to your PC. To add them to your Apple Music library, choose all of the songs you want to add and then click the “Import” option. 

You may also update song information in this window, either individually or in song groupings. 

To do so, repeat the steps outlined above for modifying song information in downloaded music. 

You may tick “Album is a collection of songs by various artists” in the info dialogue box if you have an album that is a compilation of songs by different musicians. If this is the case, in the album information, put “Various” for the artist.

On a media disk, you may edit songs.

When you alter song information in Apple Music, the audio file is also modified. 

The metadata in the audio file will match the new song information if you have it saved to your downloads.

If you’re downloading music from a CD, the information you altered in Apple Music will be preserved on the CD. 

This may be changed in Apple Music’s preferences. 

Go to your music and choose “Preferences,” then “Files,” if you want your music files on your CD to maintain old information. Deselect “Keep Music Media Folder Organized” in the dialogue box.


Putting Music Together

While editing album names and artists is beneficial, there is more organizing you can do to improve your listening experience. 


On Apple Music, playlists are the most convenient method to arrange your music. 

To add a song to a playlist, go to the three dots and choose “Add to Playlist” from the drop-down menu. You may make a new playlist or add to an existing one here. 


There is a grouping part in the song information. You may organize your music by grouping it together in this section. 

For example, if you have a four-movement classical symphony, you may combine them together to keep the symphony intact. 


By modifying the genre in the song information, you may create genre groups. You may choose a genre from the drop-down menu or create your own.

Modify the Track Number

You may modify the track number to vary the order in which the music from your album or CD plays, and the song will play in that order.


You may change the BPM (beats per minute) in song information to categorize your tracks by pace. 

This is great for creating playlists for a relaxing day or for working out to. 

Apple Music’s Other Features

You can do more with Apple Songs than just download and arrange music. 

You may listen to, download, and access your old iTunes songs with Apple Music. 

While you may simply change song information and download your own music without paying a charge, the rest of the functions need a membership. 

Apple Music is a music streaming service that you may use on any of your Apple devices to listen to music.

After you exit your Mac, you may continue listening to Apple Music on your Apple Watch or iPhone. 

You may listen to radio stations and playlists based on genres and performers with an Apple Music membership.

This makes it simple to discover new music and discover new favorites. 

You’ll be able to access any music you’ve already saved to iTunes, in addition to streaming and organizing them. 

Apple Music will automatically add your iTunes music to your downloaded music, allowing you to listen to it right now. 

Here’s a link to Apple Music. 

The “how to edit song info on iphone without computer” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer is that you can use iTunes, but it’s not the only option. There are other ways to edit songs on your iPhone or iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit song Info on Mac?

A: To edit song information, you must first open Beat and then go to the File Menu -> Open Beat Saber Data Folder. This should open up a folder that has your games data in it. Once this is done, right click on one of the files (ill call them songname for now) inside of this folder and select Show Package Contents. Inside there will be another file called Song Info so double click into that as well.

How do you edit an mp3 tag on a Mac?

A: To edit an mp3 tag on a Mac, open up the iTunes app. In the top left corner of the screen is an icon that looks like three lines in front of a square with headphones next to it. This will show you your librarys information and settings such as playlists, songs etc.. Locate any song that has been uploaded into your library and then click on edit located under the title or artist name for whatever song it may be for. You can then use this window to enter text about where you would like it inserted in their files.

How do you edit the name of a song on Apple music?

A: You can edit the name of a song on Apple Music, but you cannot change it to something else.

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