Do you use PowerPoint but want to know how long it takes to read a specific slide? Do you have a slide presentation that you want to know how long it takes to deliver? Then this post is for you! PowerPoint Presentation Word Count is a free online tool that will help you find the word count of a specific PowerPoint slide.

There are several ways to find the word count of a PowerPoint presentation, including: (a) Your own eyes. (b) The “Status of Presentation” page in your PowerPoint presentation. (c) The “Word Count” link on the same “Status of Presentation” page. (d) A command prompt. (e) A spreadsheet. What about the command prompt? It’s actually the easiest option, but it can also be the most time-consuming if you have to frequently check the progress of a large presentation. If you’re trying to speed things up, you can always get a command prompt with the Word Count command. Then you just have to type in your presentation’s file name or path

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software on the planet, but its extensive file size and complex formatting make finding words in your presentation quite a challenge. With the PowerPoint Presentation Word Counter, your presentations will be easier to read and present, and you’ll have more time to show off your great presentation skills!. Read more about how to find a percentage and let us know what you think.

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If you need to present your work slides at the office or teach an online course at school, you can always rely on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to deliver a professional result. With interactive and customizable slides, you can create a powerful presentation that brings your ideas to life.

Sometimes we are too busy trying to make our slide look presentable and forget that the overall result will be sustainable. If you want to limit the number of words on MS PowerPoint slides, you can check it and get information about the number of words.

Find the word count function in Microsoft PowerPoint to determine the number of words in a presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint, like other applications in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, lets you count the number of words that appear in slides, clips, and notes. The Word Count tool can be found in the MS Office desktop application for Windows 10 PCs and Mac computers. Notez que la version Web de PowerPoint ne prend pas en charge la fonction de comptage des mots.

Check out the following steps to learn how to use them to count words in a slideshow.

Review information about the number of words in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on a Windows 10 PC

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The word count is given on both the slides and the note pages. There is also an option to count only the words on the note pages. To count only the words on the note pages, you must send them to Microsoft Word.

  • Follow these steps to check the word count on the slides and note pages.
  • Start the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
  • Open the presentation you want to count.
  • Click on File.
  • Scroll down the left pane and select Information.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click Show all properties.
  • From there you can see all the details of the word count.
  • To check the word count on the annotation-only pages, do the following
  • Navigate to the presentation you want to count.
  • Select the Export option from the left pane.
  • Click on Create handouts.
  • Choose Create handouts.
  • The Send to Microsoft Word dialog box appears.
  • Click on the layout of the page you want to calculate.
  • Click Paste if you want to send the content as is, even if you update the original presentation. Click Insert Link to send content that changes due to updates to the presentation.
  • Press OK.

Searching and finding presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint Word Count on the Mac

alt=Find-and-Give-Microsoft-PowerPoint-Presentation-Word-count-on-Mac-Computer width=474 height=482 data-ez= data-ezsrc= />Credit: Microsoft

If you are using an iMac or MacBook computer to create PowerPoint presentations, you can also check the word count feature of the macOS application. The steps are listed below.

  • Start the Microsoft PowerPoint program.
  • Navigate to the presentation you want to count.
  • Select the files.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Choose Statistics.
  • From there you can see all the details of the word count.

Are you using Windows or Mac to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation? How was your experience? Your opinion is important to us, so please leave it below.

ARE YOU STILL HAVING A PROBLEM? Try this tool to repair Windows errors and safely optimize system performance in automatic mode.PowerPoint is no doubt one of the most popular presentation tools today that lets you create beautiful presentations with ease. But while creating a presentation you may not consider the word count it requires. You can check your PowerPoint presentation word count by using the Word Count tool that can be found in the View menu.. Read more about how to find the percentage of something calculator and let us know what you think.

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