How to Find Trash Posts on Facebook App and Desktop

The Facebook app and desktop are the primary ways to access social media. They have a variety of functions, some that people may not use everyday but they can be helpful in case you need them. If you’re looking for specific pieces of content on your feed, this article will help provide tips on how to find posts that might have been put out by friends or companies without any real personal effort involved.

Facebook has a “recycle bin” feature on the desktop version of their app. To find posts that have been deleted, you can go to your settings and select “trash”.

How to Find Trash Posts on Facebook App and Desktop

Facebook allows you to control the material you publish on its site, such as posts, photos, and videos, in a variety of ways. Users may either trash or archive their postings so that they are no longer available to the public. When you use ‘Move to Trash,’ the material you delete isn’t permanently removed from your Facebook account. Instead, the deleted things are relocated to the trash folder, where they will be automatically removed after 30 days. Thankfully, you have 30 days to recover deleted posts or remove them from your Trash. Furthermore, if you wish to keep removed items hidden from everyone except yourself, you may shift them from trash to archive.

Many individuals, it seems, remove postings with the intention of recovering them later. If you know where the garbage is on Facebook, you can easily recover deleted posts from your timeline. However, finding trash postings on the Facebook app and website may be difficult for most users. Because there is no shortcut to the Trash folder in the Menu or Profile tab, this is the case.

Recycle Bin isn’t available on Facebook for PC, iPhone, or Android. 

You must go to Activity Log, a site where you can monitor and control your account activity, to locate garbage on Facebook. You may also access the Trash and Archive directories from the Activity Log section.

On both the Facebook app and the desktop, here’s how to access your trash folder.

How to Locate Your Facebook Trash Folder

To view posts in Trash on Facebook for iPhone and Android, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Menu tab in the Facebook app.
  2. To access your profile, tap your name or profile photo in the top-left corner. view facebook profile on iphone
  3. Next to ‘Edit profile’ and directly below your name, tap the ellipsis button (3-dot symbol). open profile in facebook app
  4. Choose ‘Activity Log’ from the drop-down menu.go to activity log in facebook app
  5. Tap the “Trash” option at the top of the Activity Log screen. how to find your trash on facebook

That is all there is to it. Here you can view all of your deleted Facebook posts as well as the amount of days before they are permanently erased.

trash folder or recycle bin on facebook appFacebook postings have been removed from the app.

On a Computer

To go to Facebook recycle bin On a Computer,

  1. On a computer, go to and log in to your Facebook account.
  2. To access your profile, click your name in the top-right or left sidebar. open facebook profile on computer
  3. Click the 3-dot button beneath the ‘Edit profile’ option on your Facebook profile page.
  4. Select ‘Activity Log’ from the drop-down menu. view facebook activity log On a Computer
  5. On the Activity Log page, under the left sidebar, click ‘Trash.’ how to go to On a computer, there is a Facebook trash folder.

All of the stuff in your garbage can now be seen, and they are exclusively viewable to you.

how to open facebook recycle bin On a ComputerOn a computer, there is a Facebook trash folder.

What is the best way to dump garbage on Facebook?

Though trashed posts are automatically destroyed after 30 days and cannot be recovered, they may be restored afterwards. It is possible to erase material from the trash before it becomes permanently destroyed on its own. You may remove several posts or all of the stuff in your Facebook trash at the same time.

To do so, go to the Trash folder and follow the instructions outlined above. Then choose the post or status you’d want to remove from Facebook permanently. To confirm, tap the ‘Delete’ option and then Delete again. To delete all of your trash posts at once, choose the ‘All’ checkbox at the top and press the Delete button.

how to permanently delete a trash post on facebook app

how to empty your trash on facebook

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The “recycle bin for facebook messages” is a feature that allows users to find and delete their old Facebook posts. The feature is available on the desktop version of the app, but not on the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you access the trash on Facebook app?

A: You can access the trash on your Facebook account by clicking on settings in the bottom left corner of any page.

Where is trash on Facebook Desktop?

A: There is no trash on the Facebook desktop.

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