How to Fix Airpod Keep Cutting Out

Airpod headphones are cutting out. This can be due to several reasons, the most common of which is because the battery has died. It’s important to determine why your AirPods have been losing power and how you can fix it before recharging them so they continue working correctly.

The “why do my airpods keep cutting out on phone calls” is a problem that many people are experiencing. There are a few solutions to the issue, and one of them is to restart your device.

How to Fix Airpod Keep Cutting Out

Searching How Do I Fix My Airpod When It Keeps Cutting Out? It’s reasonable, considering every airpod owner has various problems with their device. Whenever we begin to listen to music, we encounter a variety of difficulties. As though we’re about to turn off the music.

This is due to the fact that the airpods constantly cutting off. As we all know, every problem has a solution, so if you’re having problems with your airpods, we’ve got answers for you. The main issue is how to fix airpods that constantly cutting off. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an airpod, an airpod pro, or a previous iteration of the airpod. However, we continue to have issues with our airpods. When using two airpods to connect to the same device, you’ll run into various problems. Also, if you’re using your airpods and keep your phone away from them, there’s a potential that the sound may be turned off.

Even if you’re using various airpods, you’re still having problems with the Airpod cutting off. By following a few simple procedures and following certain reasonable guidelines for utilizing your airpods, you may effortlessly utilize them without any issues. Here are the specifics on how to get the most out of your airpods.

Apple Airpods are often used to connect to Bluetooth audio devices. Earbuds are headphones that are designed to be used with a phone. Additionally, you may use your earphones with almost any PC or laptop by connecting them to your Apple devices. 

How to Fix Airpod Keep Cutting Out

The following are some of the reasons why your Airpod keeps cutting out:

Airpods, as we all know, use Bluetooth technology. With the aid of signal radios, we listen to the noises. Any Bluetooth device may be readily connected to our PC laptop or smartphone. Bluetooth technology is used to make these work. Which can be used in short-range technologies. Airpods may be used to connect to a variety of devices. 

Because of the headset’s Bluetooth connection, we may have various challenges while connecting to an Airpod. Furthermore, issues with the sound system, such as your laptop, to which you will connect Bluetooth, may emerge.

There might be a number of reasons why your Bluetooth device has shut off or isn’t operating properly. There are many explanations for this, which are listed below. 

The first explanation is that your battery is dead. If your battery is low and your headphone isn’t operating properly, you’ll notice that the audio from the source is cut off.

Because your laptop or mobile phone is your source. If it isn’t functioning, you won’t be able to connect your Bluetooth device. Your connection will be cut off due to a low battery, and you will be unable to hear your audio well. 

It’s possible that there’s an issue with your Bluetooth connection. This will cause your Bluetooth connection to automatically turn on and off without your consent. This is due to a lack of permissions in the program. 

If you’re still using an older version of your device, your airpod may be shut off. Because certain devices may not be compatible with older versions. It’s possible that you’ll need to upgrade the version for it to operate properly.

It’s possible that you’re out of Bluetooth range, which is why your airpods aren’t working. Make sure you have the most recent version of the airpods for optimal performance, since earlier versions may cause various issues and difficulties while listening to music. 

We’ve listed a few difficulties below.

  • Listening is hampered by connectivity troubles caused by too much distance. 
  • Your laptop or smartphone’s battery isn’t fully charged, which is the cause of your sound. 
  • Airdots have a lower charge. 
  • The Airdots are a less updated variation of the Airdots. 
  • Airdots that are dirty or not clean cause audio to be disrupted. 
  • If there are too many gadgets open around you. It’s possible that your airpod will constantly cutting off. 
  • If your airpods aren’t too ancient. 
  • If the option to automatically connect to other devices is enabled. 

How Do I Fix My Airpod When It Keeps Cutting Out?

We have no idea how many errors we make when we use apple air pods. If we use our airpod incorrectly, we may have complications such as the airpod shutting off. For the purpose of resolving all issues. We should concentrate our efforts on the following topics: 

Keep your phone and Airpods closer together:

It is a serious issue that consumers are dealing with. Because a large number of customers desire to utilize their airpod at a great distance. The distance between your airpod and your device must be at least 30 feet. Because a large distance between you and your airpod will cause it to cut out. You will not be able to hear the voice well if you keep your head too far away from the airpod.      

Correct Audio Configuration:

You must double-check that your Apple Air Dot’s audio settings are right. You must also choose your airport as an audio service provider. You can quickly link the suitable audio setting with your airpod by following a few simple steps. By following the instructions outlined below, you will be able to connect the necessary audio settings.

  •  Select any song and play it on your iPhone first. Then, underneath the music play track, touch on the airpod symbol.
  • After you’ve finished listening to the song, choose your Airpod from the available alternatives. 
  • When you’re making a phone call, keep this in mind. When you call, make sure you choose airpod from the choices that will show on your screen. 
  • If you don’t want to connect your airpods after a call, just touch on the speaker to detach the airpods for the call.

Reconnect your Airpods to your phone:

You’re having trouble attaching your airpods, and they keep disconnecting from your phone while you’re listening to music. You may effortlessly reattach your airpod. If your airpods have been cut off, you may quickly reconnect them by placing them in the airpod case and leaving them there for a few seconds.

Consider Bluetooth:

-Make sure your Bluetooth is linked to your device at all times.

-You can simply verify the connection of your Bluetooth by going to the control panel and then to the Bluetooth setting. After that, just look for the green line that indicates that your Bluetooth has been properly linked.

-You may still have Bluetooth disconnectivity, but you can quickly reconnect by following these easy steps: scroll down the screen until you find the Bluetooth option, then click on it. A green Bluetooth indicator will appear, indicating that you have successfully linked your device.

-You may have Bluetooth disconnectivity even after connecting. This is a simple problem to tackle if you follow the procedures.

-Simply go to your Bluetooth settings and turn it off; Bluetooth will become white. Then simply sit and wait for a time.

-After a few seconds, click on the Bluetooth option to reconnect to your Bluetooth device. Your airpod will now reconnect with the device automatically.

-Check that you’ve chosen the correct audio setting from the available choices.

Turn off Automatic Detection:

When you insert an airpod into your ears, There is an option for automated detection. If automated detection is enabled, you may have audio disconnectivity.

Because of automated detection, any left or right airpod may get disconnected. Simply deactivate this setting in the Bluetooth connection settings. By following the procedures outlined below, you may easily disable automatic detection. 

Simply touch on the info symbol in your airpods to discover what it means. The Bluetooth connection choice will appear next, followed by the automatic detection option. Simply choose the disable option. 

Airpods that are free of contaminants:

Because we all know that clean and tidy electronics operate quicker and better, if your airpods aren’t clean, you can have audio disconnectivity. It’s simple to clean your airpod. Gently and with a little touch. Because, as you can see, airpods are quite delicate, and if you exert more effort on them, they may get scratched or damaged. 

Turn off Automatic Switching:

If you’re using an apple phone, a laptop, and many other Apple phones, you’ll need to disable automatic switching. Then you can run into a problem with audio disconnectivity as a function of distance.

Furthermore Your gadget may deactivate, preventing you from listening to your music, yet it will be linked to another phone or laptop, causing you inconvenience. By following the procedures outlined below, you may simply remove automatic switching from the settings.

 To begin, go to the Bluetooth settings and then press on the airpod info icon. Then click on connect to this iPhone, and you’ll be able to check the last time you were connected and make an informed decision. You may utilize this option on whatever device you use, whether it’s an iPad or an iPhone.

Continually use both Airpods:

 You must always utilize both airpods because if you just use one, you may have audio interruption. Because the airpod you’re now using is old, and the one you’ll place in your charging case is new. You must carry out the actions outlined below.

  • To begin, set your airpod to just utilize the one earbud microphone you choose.
  • Go to your iOS device’s Bluetooth settings, then open your Airpod case and choose the earphone you want to use.
  • Tap on the letter I to choose it. 
  • For microphone audio, choose left or right. You may utilize both airpods at the same time since it is tied to the default configuration.

How to Reset Your Airpods:

 However, if your airpods are constantly disconnecting, it is suggested that you reset them as quickly as possible.

Simply place your airpods in the charging case and press the status button, which is also known as the noise control button, to reset them. Until the indicator flashes, push the button. You will be able to reset your airpod if you complete this step.

 Your airpod will now be brand new. By following the easy instructions below, you may now reconnect your airpod. 

Go to the options menu. Connect your Bluetooth device to your airpods by looking for and connecting to the correct name of your airpod device.

Reset Network Configuration:

If your airpod is constantly being disrupted, you will need to restart your iPhone’s network. You will be able to remedy the issue by resetting the network settings. Because they generate certain hurdles that make communication with the airpod difficult.

This step will help you to fix the issue.

Simply go to settings, then to general reset, and then to reset network settings. You will now be able to rejoin your airpod, and your issue will be resolved.

How to Fix Airpod Keep Cutting Out

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Fix Airpods That Keep Cutting Out:

Why does one of my Airpods keep cutting out?

Because of the interference between your Bluetooth Wi-Fi and your airpod, it keeps turning off. Due to the fact that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi share the same frequency, there may be interference between the two settings.

This may cause a pause in the music being played. Another possibility for this is that your older version of the Airdots may be causing the airpods to keep cutting. 

Why is my Bluetooth always cutting out?

This occurred as a result of your battery. If you haven’t charged your phone that’s linked to your air dots, it’s possible that your Bluetooth isn’t working because your battery isn’t charged.

It will have an impact on the headphones’ connection. Airpods will be unplugged repeatedly. To avoid any difficulties with audio disconnectivity, you must keep it fully charged at all times. Whenever you buy an airpod, be sure to verify the battery life.

Why do my AirPods keep disconnecting?

 There might be a variety of connection difficulties, however in rare cases, if your airpods are dirty, it could be the cause of the airpods cutting out and one ear not functioning.

It definitely sounds cheesy. If any of your air dots is clogged with ear wax, it is apparent that it will not function properly. It will either cause difficulties with your hearing or it will cease operating.

Why are my Airpods glistening?

If your Airpods are constantly glitching, there is an issue with your phone’s ability to connect to the audio headset. When streaming music, you must overcome the number of devices that are open in your immediate vicinity.

Because the major source of Bluetooth interference is the presence of too many gadgets in close proximity. If you have a lot of Bluetooth devices around, your airpods will keep glitching because the signals will get too cluttered to offer you with the optimum music quality.


We’ve covered all of the issues with how to repair an airpod that keeps cutting off in this post. We’ve also gone through all of the reasons why airpods don’t function. You can fix the problem with the airpods that are out of date and causing connectivity issues.

Furthermore, if you continue to have this issue even utilizing these methods. You may still overcome these problems using some of the alternate ways presented in this article.

All of the issues, including signing off and turning off the air pods, have been explored here. Your airpod may be simply reset. If your airpod does not connect, you may choose the appropriate sound source. This post will show you how to simply repair your airpod.

You may quickly turn off the settings in Airpod that are causing problems with your listening and glitching. These techniques may be readily followed for any difficulty without causing any damage to your Airdots.

The “left airpod keeps cutting out” is a problem that has been present for a while. The left airpod keeps cutting out on Apple Airpods. There are many fixes to fix the issue, but one of them is using the volume buttons to turn up the volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my AirPods randomly keep cutting out?

A: The short answer for this is that the AirPods were originally designed to be used with a single device at one time. If you want them to work again, then try switching from your laptop back to your tablet or phone and vice-versa until they stop cutting out by themselves

Why do my AirPods keep cutting out and disconnecting?

How do you fix an Airpod that skips?

A: To fix a skipping Airpod, you need to take out the battery from your device and hold it in for 10 seconds before putting it back.

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