How to fix Netflix error S7363

Netflix has been plagued with errors in recent weeks. The most common error is S7363, which means “The Netflix service couldn’t be accessed due to an internal server issues.”

The “netflix error s7363-1260-ffffd1c1” is a Netflix error that can be fixed by changing the DNS settings on your router.

Netflix can only be accessed using a web browser on a Mac machine. Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are the top browsers for streaming on Mac.

While the overall experience is positive, some customers have reported receiving Netflix error S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1. Mac users are the ones who have reported this problem the most.

The notice – there was an unexpected issue, please refresh the page and try again – frequently appears when you receive error S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1.

It might appear in the midst of a video or when you begin watching a new video. Users have also reported encountering it when attempting to rewind or fast forward a movie.

What does problem code S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1 on Netflix mean?

Netflix error number S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1 is caused by system constraints on some Mac machines.

In other circumstances, the issue might be the browser you’re using to watch Netflix. This might happen if the browser’s cookie or cache file has a faulty or outdated setting.

If you’re using an older Mac, you could be having trouble streaming Netflix movies in the current definition since it doesn’t satisfy the minimal system requirements.

Fortunately, there are many solutions to repair this Netflix problem on Mac, including:

1. Restart your computer.

Many issues, such as crashes, memory leaks, poor connections, and error S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1, may be resolved with a simple restart of your Mac.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Select Apple from the menu bar.
  • Select Shut Down.

All active programs on your computer will close, and you will be logged out of your macOS user account. Press the Force Quit button. if it does not shut off. All non-responsive applications will be closed as a result.

Alternatively, you may switch off your Mac by pressing and holding the power button.

Restart the computer after shutting it down and attempt to open Netflix again.

2. Exit all open programs, including media players.

When you have a lot of open apps on your computer, they tend to use up a lot of resources, particularly RAM.

iTunes, as well as other apps such as QuickTime and YouTube, use up a lot of memory. Close them and try streaming Netflix once again.

Perform the following actions:

  • Select the Apple icon.
  • Press the Force Quit button.
  • If a media player is running, right-click it and choose Force Quit.

If you’re using the Safari browser, shut it down and restart it. After that, open Netflix and give it another go.

3. Change your streaming device or browser.

If you’re encountering the issue while using Safari, try switching to Mozilla or Opera to see if it helps. To view Netflix content, make sure you’re using the most recent version of your browser, preferably one that supports HTML5.

You can also delete cookies from your browser by visiting All Netflix cookies will be cleared, and you will be signed out of your account.

If it doesn’t work, try using a Netflix-compatible device. An Intel-based Mac with OS X Tiger (v10.4.11) or later is required. Installing Silverlight is another alternative.

Silverlight is a browser add-on that lets you watch videos on your Mac. If you see a Silverlight dialogue box after launching Netflix and choosing a title to play, utilize this option alone.


The Netflix problem S7363-1260-FFFFD1C1 on Mac is mainly caused by system or technical difficulties with your machine.

Restart your Mac, close any open media players and apps, and use a new streaming device or browser to fix the problem.

If it still doesn’t work, make sure your Mac is running OS X Tiger (v10.4.11) or later and that your browser has Silverlight installed.


The “netflix error codes” is a problem that has been present for a while. Netflix has released 9 fixes to fix the issue.

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