How to fix PlayStation Vue home location errors

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to encounter the dreaded “You need a home location that isn’t in service, please try again later.” message during PlayStation Vue sign-in, know that this is not an error on your end; it means Sony’s servers are having connectivity difficulties and couldn’t find an available server for your location. If you’re still seeing this issue post PS4 update 4.50 or after, here are some steps that may resolve the problem:

PlayStation Vue is a service that provides live streaming of television programs and on-demand playback of recorded shows. The “Playstation Vue home location errors” are an error that can occur when trying to watch content from the app. This article will provide you with some solutions for fixing the issue. Read more in detail here: playstation vue.

If you get a message indicating you are outside of your home area when streaming on PlayStation Vue, or if local channels have been substituted by channels from another geographical region, you must change your home location. So, what’s the best way to go about it?

You may use PlayStation’s Resolve Your Location tool to fix the PlayStation Vue location problem no matter what device you’re using.

However, this strategy may not always work, which is why we’ve included extra solutions.

On PlayStation Vue, there are five methods to change your home location.

  1. The app should be updated.
  2. Fix Your Location is a useful tool.
  3. Connect your primary router to the internet.
  4. Turn off your VPN.
  5. Please contact PS customer service.

Method 1: Make sure your app is up to date.

Sony has released an update that allows PlayStation Vue subscribers to watch content from anywhere in the United States. If you’re still seeing the location error after updating your app, it’s possible that an update will fix the issue.

Only your zip code, which is used to identify your home address, will be needed. You may only stream out of your home location for 59 days before receiving a reminder that you must sign in from your home location again.

Fix Your Location (Method #2)

PlayStation has created a program called Fix Your Location to assist users in correcting location problems. It may be accessed from a computer or a mobile device.

Fix Your Location has a set of requirements that you must meet in order to use it.

  • A connection to the internet through Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off your VPN.

How to Fix Your Location is a useful tool. on PlayStation Vue

Open your browser on your computer or mobile device and follow these instructions to modify or reset your PlayStation Vue location:

  • Sign in to your PlayStation Vue account using your browser.
  • Select settings by clicking on your Account name in the top-right corner.
  • Go to Manage Subscription > Subscription Summary
  • Click Fix Your Location and follow the on-screen instructions.

Connect to the main router (method #3).

If you use a secondary router with your PS Vue, you will see a “location error.” The issue is most likely caused by PS Vue detecting the second device’s IP as being in a different location.

Connecting your smartphone to your main router is the simplest approach to resolve this issue. A similar issue may also be caused by hotspots.


Method #4: Turn off your VPN.

Before you start watching local channels on PlayStation Vue, make sure your VPN is turned off. The device normally picks up the VPN’s new location and shows material tailored to that area.

PS Vue will be able to recognize your true location and serve the relevant content if you disable your VPN.

Method #5: Get in touch with PlayStation Vue’s customer service.

If none of these solutions appear to work, contact PlayStation support through their official website or social media.

Can you watch PS Vue while you’re not at home?

Yes. You may watch PlayStation Vue on up to three devices simultaneously while you’re not at home. You can only use one device at a time away from your home network if you’re using a Set-Top-Box or stick.

You will still be able to watch sports on your local station if you are a sports enthusiast.

For 59 days, you may only view PS Vue from outside your home network. You will be requested to login in from your home location on the 60th day to continue viewing.

Is it possible to stream PlayStation Vue on the go?

Yes. You can watch your favorite programs on the move with PS Vue’s My Shows collection. You may save programs to your library and watch them on demand.

You cannot, however, capture any stuff that is unique to the location you are visiting.

That is all there is to it. There are many options for resolving the location problem on PlayStation Vue.

Do you want to utilize any additional resources? More training and useful information may be found in our PlayStation Vue guides.

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