How to Fix PS4 Error Code CE-43461-8

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The PS4 from Sony is the only console that can compete with a powerful Xbox. It has the same processing power, allowing them to share multiple games. This is great news for gaming fans around the world.

When the console was launched, he received very positive reviews. Now, seven years later, pending the launch of the next generation of consoles, it seems that the PS4 is not so easy to use.

Apart from the extra power for more detail and graphically powerful games, there is not much to improve, so the PS4 will always be in the hearts of many.

If your PS4 gives random errors without any explanation, such as B. error code CE-43461-8, it can be scary and we are here to help you find a solution.

Consoles need software updates all the time, so anyone can deal with this bug at any time.

Update removal notification

Under certain circumstances, error CE-34335-8 occurs as a result of an error in the notification queue. According to some concerned users, this problem may occur after a system crash when the system is preparing to install an update.

echo date (‘F Y’); ?> Update:

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  • On the main control panel of the PS4 console, select the notification panel from the ribbon at the top.
  • Once there, press the triangular button to enter de-installation mode. Once you have successfully entered uninstall mode, select the update record you want to delete and press X – you can also use the Select All feature if you have notifications to select them all at once.
  • After selecting each message, press the Delete key and press X once.
  • At the next notification, confirm the action and make sure that all notifications of the next firmware update are removed from the notification panel.
  • Finally, reboot the console and see if the problem is solved on the next run.

Internal hard drive reinstallation

If none of the above methods helped, the problem is the internal hard drive.

Many users have confirmed that they have corrected the PS4 error CE-43461-8 by reinstalling the internal hard drive.

How to do it:

  • Switch the PS 4 off completely (not in standby mode).
  • Unplug and unplug the power cord.
  • Now remove the cover of the PS4 and the hard disk.
  • Note that the method of replacement/reinstallation is different for each of the following PS4 versions:
  • Install/replace the hard drive of your PS4.
  • Installing/replacing the hard disk on the PS4 Slim
  • Installing/replacing the hard disk on PS4 Pro

After successfully replacing/installing the PS4 hard drive, try installing one pending an update to make sure the PS4 error CE-43461-8 has been fixed.

Database recovery on PS4

If you see this error after a failed update and find that the CE-43461-8 has problems with your Blueray player, you may have a database problem.

Some concerned users suspect that this particular error is likely to be related to some logical error. In this case, restoring the database solves most of the problems that can prevent the installation of a firmware update in preparation.

  • First make sure the console is fully turned on and then turn it on in the usual way by pressing and holding the console power button until the power options menu appears. In this case, select Disable PS4 from the context menu.
  • Wait a full minute after turning off the console to make sure the power is restored.
  • Then press and hold the power button until you hear a second beep. As soon as you hear this, release the power switch and the console enters safety mode.
  • For the first playback in safe mode, connection to the DualShock 4 controller via a USB-A cable is required.
  • Once the controller is connected, use it to scroll through the available options, select Recovery database (option 5) and press X to start the process.
  • Wait patiently until the trial is complete. Don’t panic and reboot the console if you see it doesn’t work. Wait till it freezes. This process is much longer with a traditional hard drive than with an SSD.
  • Once the database recovery is complete, you will be prompted to perform a normal restart. Check that the error CE-43461-8 has been cleared when attempting to reinstall the firmware after the following download procedure.

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