How to fix Rogue Legacy 2 crashes

I’m an old-school gamer who loves playing video games. I’ve always felt a sense of attachment to each and every game that I play, which is why when the developers released Rogue Legacy 2 in early October 2018, my excitement was sky high. Unfortunately, this feeling quickly turned into anger as soon as it became apparent that the sequel would be plagued by constant crashes on PC platforms due to faulty code or hardware problems with multiple users reporting issues ranging from stuttering framerates before crashing to random lockups resulting in losing progress altogether..

The “rogue legacy 2 not responding” is a problem that has been present for a while. There are some fixes to fix the issue, but it might be best to contact support for help.

How to fix Rogue Legacy 2 crashes


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  • For a large number of people, the fantastic Rogue Legacy 2 game may sometimes crash.
  • These issues must be addressed, whether they occur in the middle of the game or at the outset.
  • There are various options available, so choose one from our list.



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With more time, money, and perspective into how the genre has progressed since 2009, this game seems like a reinvented version of what its predecessor might have been.

Sure, the core idea remains the same and is still as compelling as ever: you play as a hero with a unique name, class, and characteristic who must explore a large castle, acquire riches, and defeat monsters.

Rogue Legacy 2 has a number of features that most players search for in a game when they first play it.

And, despite the fact that everyone enjoys the game, there are still certain issues that restrict or hinder great gaming, which is unacceptable.

However, in order to enjoy the in-game ones, you must first complete Rogue Legacy 2. However, some gamers are having difficulty doing so.

So, if you’re having problems with crashes while playing Rogue Legacy 2, this is your lucky day because we’re going to teach you how to solve it.

What can I do to keep Rogue Legacy 2 from crashing on my computer?

1. Examine the system’s needs


Operating System: Windows 7

2.0 GHz processor

8 GB RAM memory

Nvidia GTX 680, AMD R9 280X graphics

Version 9.0c of DirectX

Internet access through broadband

2 GB of available storage

Operating System: Windows 10

3.0 GHz processor

8 GB RAM memory

Nvidia GTX 680, AMD R9 280X graphics

Version 10 of DirectX

Internet access through broadband

2 GB of available storage

2. Verify the game’s file integrity

  1. Right-click Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam and choose Properties.1651907245_809_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  2. Select the Local Files tab and then the Verify game file integrity checkbox.1651907245_855_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes

3. Open the Windows Firewall and allow Rogue Legacy 2 to run.

  1. Select Open by pressing the Windows key and searching for Firewall.1651907246_929_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  2. Select Allow a program to pass across the Firewall.1651907247_166_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  3. Click Change Settings, then Allow another program if Rogue Legacy 2 isn’t listed.1651907247_553_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  4. Select your game using the Browse button, then push the Add button.1651907248_269_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes

4. Rogue Legacy 2 has been updated.

  1. Right-click Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam and choose Properties.1651907249_917_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  2. Choose one of the two Auto-update choices from the Updates tab.1651907249_792_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes

5. Turn off the Xbox Game Bar and any additional overlays.

  1. Select the Start menu, then the Settings option.1651907250_387_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  2. Choose a game category.1651907250_240_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  3. The Xbox Game bar should be turned off.1651907251_793_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes

6. Upgrade your graphics card

  1. Press the Windows key, type Device Manager into the search box, then click Open.1651907252_249_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  2. Expand Display Adapters, right-click on your GPU, and choose Update driver from the menu.1651907252_584_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes
  3. Select Search for drivers automatically.1651907253_644_How-to-fix-Rogue-Legacy-2-crashes

By keeping all drivers up to date and error-free, gaming may be enjoyed without any crashes, lags, or freezes. 

Manual checks might be difficult at times, which is why we propose utilizing an automatic assistant that will search for new driver versions on a regular basis.

You don’t have to be concerned if you’re a novice! DriverFix’s user interface is clever, straightforward, and entertaining, and it was designed to make your life simpler.

Obtain DriverFix

Have you been able to resolve the Rogue Legacy 2 issue using this guide? Please share your thoughts in the space below.

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