How to Fix Xbox Controller Drift

The Xbox One’s title update 1.13 is finally here, but the new controller drift has created a lot of headaches for players. Fortunately there are two easy fixes that work with every 360 game regardless of how many buttons you use!

The “xbox one controller left stick drift fix without opening” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released an update to fix the issue.

How to Fix Xbox Controller Drift

It is important to preserve gaming equipment and goods in today’s gaming environment, where there is a fair playing field and severe competition. To prevent such catastrophes, it’s essential to be careful and use your gaming equipment responsibly.

Xbox and Playstations are in great demand as the gaming industry increases, and the two companies are strong competitors with well-designed products. This post will go through how to repair or correct Xbox controller drift in several methods.

What is Xbox Controller Drift, and how does it work?

The Xbox One controller’s two analog sticks, sometimes known as joysticks, let you do a variety of things while playing. However, if you have analog stick drift, the objects you’re handling will move across the screen even if no buttons are touched. 

Although this problem is most often seen in DualShock 4 controllers after years of usage, certain XBOX controllers have also started to drift, causing some to blame Microsoft of making low-quality controllers.

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Before You Begin:

Take a look at your controller for a moment. Look for any cracked or damaged parts, as well as any jammed buttons or thumbsticks. Check to see if anything is preventing the thumbsticks from moving freely and smoothly.

A tiny quantity of dust or anything similar may get lodged in there and make the stick go slower than it should. This aids in the discovery and designation of target spots when cleaning or disassembling the controller prior to starting.

It was stated by several players that turning the joysticks in rapid rotations until the drift was gone fixed the issue. If it doesn’t work, it’s usually a sign that your controller needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

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How can you get rid of Xbox Controller Drift?

Here are the several approaches for resolving the drifting difficulties on Xbox Controller. Carefully follow the detailed step-by-step instructions.

Method 1: Ensure that the Xbox Controller is clean.

So, before you go ahead and clean the controller, you must first open it. To do so, follow the instructions below:-

Switch on the Xbox Controller.

  • Slowly move the tool into and out of the neighboring section.
  • Work on the second side using the tool.
  • During the process, remove the controller’s battery and put it away.
  • Unscrew the bottom of the controller from both sides using the tool.
  • Remove the two screws on the right side of the controller and remove the back panel.
  • Press the button in the center of the upper board’s edge and gently remove it from the top.

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Keeping the Xbox Controller Clean

  • Scrub the parts of the controller that don’t have any panels, wires, or visible circuitry using a soft brush. 
  • Make certain that nothing is obstructing their capacity to move about freely.
  • With a cotton pad saturated with isopropyl alcohol, wipe over the whole surface.
  • Clean the smaller and more difficult-to-reach places using a cotton swab. Wipe anything inside gently on the plastic surfaces to remove it.

Note: Allow the pieces to air dry and rest for at least six to seven hours.

  • Don’t worry; the alcohol will not damage you, but make sure you follow the steps carefully.
  • Allow ample time for the parts to dry apart, and don’t worry, your controller will be back to normal after it has dried and been repaired.

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Method 2: Fixing the Xbox Controller

Thumbstick modules for the Xbox One are needed (not the actual thumbstick but what makes the thumbstick do what you tell it to). Torx security screwdriver (T8 Torx) (has an indent in the bit). Soldering iron is a metal that is used in the process of soldering. Some form of desoldering tool. For example, a Solder Sucker or desoldering braid.

Soldering wire is a kind of wire used in the soldering process (to solder in the new module)

‘If it’s the right thumbstick, I’m guessing you’ll also need a T6 Torx screwdriver.’

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  • To open the controller, use a T8 security screwdriver.
  • A defective thumbstick module should be removed.
  • Remove the non-working thumbstick module.
  • Add a new thumbstick module to the equation.
  • Assemble it and secure it with solder.
  • Close the controller after reassembling it.
  • It’s as simple as that.

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Repairing and Replacing Controller Parts

If cleaning the controller doesn’t work, you may want to consider replacing the joysticks. Check to see whether the joysticks are loose or wobbly. If that’s the case, you should probably alter it. Once the Xbox controller has been removed, remove the thumbsticks. After cleaning, let them air dry. 

Put the thumbsticks back in their proper places. Assemble the controller once again. Sensors on joysticks may be repaired or replaced. Using tweezers, remove the green covers from the side and bottom of the joystick assembly. It’s best to gently push in and pull out. They’re not going to be fully removed. To remove the sensor, use your fingernail or tweezers to pull it out.

Method 3: Changing out your Xbox Controller

There are times when something with the controller goes wrong that you can’t repair at home. Because controllers are easily accessible in this situation, it may be time to replace them.

Keep in mind that you are not obligated to acquire an OEM model when purchasing an Xbox controller. If you prefer, search for one that fits your hands, is neat, and has the lighting settings you want. You may also look for used controllers on the internet if you want to save money.

In any event, treat your controllers with care and keep them clean to avoid future drift issues. Before handling anything, wash your hands and avoid leaving them out where dust might collect. If you do it this manner, you’ll have enough money. Getting a new one is usually preferable than keeping with an old one, and it is also safer and more convenient.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a problem with the Xbox X controller stick drifting?

Wipe it down with alcohol and cotton wipes. Set it away until it has been mended and you are ready to use it.

Is there a way to repair the Xbox One windows controller stick drift?

If cleaning the controller doesn’t work, you may want to consider replacing the joysticks. Check to see whether the joysticks are loose or if they wobble. Replace them with new ones that are of higher quality. Once the Xbox controller has been removed, remove the thumbsticks.

What are some of the issues that might cause Xbox Controller Drift?

Thumbstick pads that are unclean may cause a similar issue in certain cases. Worn-out springs: When you take your thumb off the thumbstick sensor, two springs help it return to its original position. The springs must be replaced to remedy the issue. Overuse of the controller may cause the springs to wear down, resulting in controller drift.

The Final Word

One of the most irritating concerns is your Xbox One controller wandering. The only good element of the situation is that it happens often, resulting in a plethora of remedies. We’ve done our best in this article to explain the causes of Xbox One controller drift as well as quick fixes for the issue. Hopefully, it will be advantageous!

Controller drift is a rather common issue today, because to the competitive nature of gaming and its high intensity. This does not rule out the prospect of a drift problem developing in the coming months; in fact, this is the most likely scenario with Xbox One.

While the Xbox One does suffer drift, it happens less often and for a longer amount of time than PlayStation controllers. So, if you’re having problems with drift, use one of these methods to solve the problem and enhance your gaming experience.

To improve your gaming experience, you should constantly look after your gaming equipment and clean it from time to time to prevent problems like drift.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas on how to solve the Xbox Controller Drift problem. Also, keep an eye on this page for the most recent information on how to address the Xbox Controller’s drifting difficulties.

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how to fix controller drift without opening” is a question that has been asked many times. This article will provide you with the steps to fix your Xbox Controller Drift without having to open it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my Xbox One controller drift without taking it apart?

A: Unfortunately, the Xbox One controller is not user serviceable and cannot be fixed without removing the PCB.

How do I stop my controller from drifting?

A: The easiest way to stop your controller from drifting is by using the thumbstick. Simply hold it down and then raise up on the stick once you have reached where you need to be.

What causes controller drift?

A: Controller drift happens when your controller suddenly starts moving in a direction you didnt intend it to go. This usually happens because of hand movement or if the game is giving incorrect input and needs more time to compensate for this difference between expected motion and actual motion.

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