How to Install & Setup Plex on FireStick & Android TV Box [2021]

Plex is one of the well-known media player and media server application that allows you to stream your favorite music, videos, and photos to other devices using a Plex server. In this article, our aim is to let you know how to install and set up Plex on a FireStick & Android TV Box and on your computer.

Plex is a fantastic media player and home media server that can work on both Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. You can stream your music (or other media files) to your TV, computer, mobile device, and anything else that has an internet connection. But with so many different platforms, where do you even begin?

This article will show you how to install and setup Plex on FireStick and Android TV Box. FireStick is a streaming stick that provides a full HD Plex experience on the FireTV platform.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to install Plex on your FireStick, how to register your Plex account, and how to configure a Plex server on your computer.

Plex is a client-server multimedia tool that lets you access all your centrally stored multimedia files from multiple external devices. Let me simplify things for you with an example. Plex allows you to create a media server on your computer. You can access any media files (such as videos, music, photos) on your computer’s hard drive using client applications for external devices such as FireSticks, mobile phones, tablets, TV set-top boxes and computers.

Plex has client applications for virtually any device that supports media playback. The client application can be downloaded from the official application stores. For Android, you can download the z app. For example, downloading from the Google Play Store. The FireStick is available in the Amazon store.

The advantage of Plex is that the server (your computer) and the clients (such as a FireStick or a mobile phone) do not have to be connected to the same wireless network. You can leave your computer at home and still play the videos stored on your hard drive on your phone when you’re at a friend’s house.

Important! !! Your computer must be on and connected to the Internet when you try to connect to it remotely with the client application.

However, Plex is not required to play only media files stored on your computer (server). There are several Plex channels (official and unofficial) through which you can access various online media. These channels are installed on the server and are available to all connected clients.

In addition, the Plex client application also includes certain online content. You can stream this content even if you are not connected to a Plex server. In other words, it is independent of the server.

Attention FireStick users!

Governments and ISPs are constantly monitoring your online activities, and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick can cause serious problems. Your IP is currently visible to everyone. I highly recommend you to buy the best FireStick VPN to hide your IP address and transfer your favorite games safely.

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Here are the reasons why using a VPN is essential at all times.

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Installing Plex on a FireStick

Before installing Plex on the FireStick, you must register an account if you do not already have one. So, let’s create a Plex account first.

Registering a Plex Account

Here are the steps:

1- Go to on your computer or mobile phone (you can also use a FireStick-compatible browser, such as Silk Browser or Firefox) and click Save.

2- You can sign in with your existing Facebook or Google credentials or create a new account with your email address.

3- Once connected, you can purchase one of the Plex Pass plans to take advantage of additional benefits. Plans cost $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year and $119.99 for life. We’ll talk about the benefits of purchasing a Plex Pass later in this guide.

Message: You can continue to work without Plex Pass and continue to use many features.

To register your Plex account.

Steps to install Plex on a FireStick

I will now walk you through the steps to install Plex on the FireStick. It is available in the Amazon app store. Here’s what you need to do:

1- You will find the FireStick search option on the main screen in the top left corner. Pick it.

2- Type Plex and click on it in the search results. You can also press and hold the Alexa button on the remote to get a voice command.

3- When you see the Plex application icon under Apps and Games, click on it.

4- Browse and click Get (or, if you have downloaded it before, click Download).

5- Wait for the Plex application to download and install on the FireStick.

6- Click the Open button to start Plex after installation.

How to install Plex on Android TV OS and Android TV Box

There are two types of Android TV set-top boxes: one with the standard Android operating system and one with the true Android TV operating system. They are similar in some ways and different in others.

What they have in common is that they both support Google Play services. You can install applications directly from the Google Play Store. Plex is available in the Google Play Store.

Here are the steps to follow to install Plex on an Android TV box (operation is about the same for both types of boxes):

1 – Open the Google Play Store

2- Find the plex by typing or using voice command (if supported).

3- Click on the Plex icon when it appears in the search results.

4- Click on Install

5- Click on Open to start the application

Setting up and using Plex on FireStick and Android TV Box

If you are using a FireStick, you can launch the application from your applications and channels. Press and hold the Amazon FireStick’s start button for a few seconds and tap Apps in the window that opens to access all installed apps.

If you are using an Android TV box, go to the Apps section to open Plex.

Message: The interface of the Plex application is identical on the FireStick and on real Android TV set-top boxes. For TV set-top boxes with standard Android, the situation may be slightly different. But overall, everything stayed the same.

Now perform the following steps:

1- When you start the application for the first time, the following window appears. I assume you’re already registered. So click on login.

Message: Although you can click Skip and continue without logging in, I recommend that you create an account and log in.

2- A code appears on the screen of your FireStick

3- Using a computer, mobile phone or device other than a FireStick, go to and enter the code.

You must be logged in with your Plex account details to successfully link.

After entering the code, click on Link

4- A confirmation of the account information should appear on your computer, mobile phone or other device on which you entered the code. Now you can return to the FireStick

5- After a successful connection, you will be directed to the following screen. To purchase a Plex Pass, click Subscribe. You can use any of the payment methods associated with your Amazon account for your purchase.

If you don’t want to buy a passport, click Don’t buy now.

6- If you have not yet configured a Plex server in your Plex account, you should see the message No Servers Found. We will talk about server configuration later. Click Next at this point

7- Here is the welcome screen of the Plex application on the FireStick after installation. Even if the application is not synchronized with a server, you can broadcast content for free. There are webcasts, news videos, podcasts and much more.

That’s about it. Learn how to set up and use Plex on a FireStick.

Installing and configuring the Plex server

Plex offers a multitude of online content, but its real potential lies in turning your computer into a multimedia center by turning it into a Plex server. As I said, Plex is a client-server based service. There are client applications for almost every platform imaginable, including the FireStick, mobile phones, computers, etc.

However, you can only install a server on your computer (Windows, Mac and Linux) and on some other devices (such as NAS) that you can use as a server.

Important! !! The computer you are using as a Plex server must remain enabled to access media files from client applications installed on devices such as FireSticks or mobile devices.

This is how it goes:

1 – On your computer, go to

2- Click the Plex Media Server drop-down list and select your computer’s operating system
Now click the Download button on the same web page.

3- Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the server installation file and run it. Follow the instructions specific to your operating system to install the server. For example, when I ran the file in Windows, the following pop-up window appeared. I now need to click install and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Plex server on my computer.

4- When the installation is complete, you will see the following screen. Press the Start button

The following steps are now performed in the web browser

5- You will now be redirected to the default web page of your computer’s browser. You will need to login to your Plex account if you are not already logged in.

The following screen gives you a brief overview of how Plex works. Press yes!

6- You will now be asked to give the server a name. It should be something close and recognizable. Click on more

Message: If you want to access media files on the server (your computer) from external clients (such as a FireStick), make sure that Allow access to my media outside my home is selected.

7- During installation, you can add a multimedia library by clicking the Add a Library button. Allows you to store movies, programs, videos, music, images, etc. on the server and access them from remote devices.

Press Next to continue

8- Click Finish to complete the server configuration.

Benefits of purchasing Plex Premium (Plex Pass)

You can also use Plex without purchasing a Plex Pass if you only need remote access to local media files on your computer on client devices like the FireStick. However, if you take out a subscription, you will benefit from certain exclusive advantages. Here is a brief overview:

Plex offers the following plans:

– 4.99 per month
– $39.99 per year
– $119.99 lifetime

Concluding remarks

Plex is an incredibly useful media organization tool that uses a client-server architecture to provide access to local and online media files. Whether you’re at home or on the road, setting up a server on your computer allows you to access locally stored media files anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. You can install Plex Feeds on the computer you use as a server to stream online media from all your client applications. The FireStick itself has a limited amount of memory. With Plex on the FireStick, you can access media files on your computer without taking up any storage space. Overall, it’s a great tool.


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