How to Open or Play SRT Files on Windows 10

When you encounter a file with the extension SRT, it is a text file containing the subtitles of the video. This quick guide shows you how to open or play SRT files in videos on Windows 10.

What is an SRT file?

Although there are many different subtitle file formats, SRT is the most widely used subtitle format, especially when it comes to subtitles for movies. The SRT file by itself does nothing. It’s just a text document that contains text, namely timelines and subheadings. It can only work in the video player if you play the video with the SRT subtitle file.

How to open SRT files in Windows 10

If you want to view or edit the contents of the subtitle file, you can open it with a text editor such as Notepad or WordPad on Windows 10.

To do this, right-click on the SRT file, select Open With, and then select Other Application. Select Notepad, WordPad or another text editor from the list of applications to open the SRT file.

The SRT file, opened in a word processor, should look like the image below.

If you are serious about editing or creating subtitle files in SRT format, there are many free SRT editors, such as. B. Subtitle editing of Search Google for SRT editor or subtitle editor, and you’ll find many you can use.

How to play SRT files in videos on Windows 10

If you want to play an SRT file in a video, there are several ways to insert an SRT file into the video, depending on the video player you are using.

Drag and drop the SRT file to play the video

Most video players allow you to attach the SRT file to the video. Just drag the SRT file into the video player while the video is playing. The video player should now show subtitles while the video is playing.

Here is an example of dragging an SRT file into VLC Media Player while playing a movie.

Rename SRT file

Another way to play an SRT file in a video is to put the SRT file in the same directory as the video you want to play and rename the SRT file with the same name as the video.

Most video players can automatically recognize and use an SRT file as a subtitle when playing a video with the same name and directory as the SRT file.

Here is a screenshot of what the video and SRT file should look like in the folder.

Use the subtitle option in your video player

Most video players also have an option to display and open the subtitle file of the video you are playing.

For example, to add an SRT file or a file in another subtitle format in the VLC media player, click Subtitles in the menu bar and select Add Subtitle File.

Other video players should have a similar option. Try to find an option called Subtitles or a similar option in the context menu or right-click menu (right-click on the video screen during playback) of the video player you are using.

If the above three methods of adding SRT files to your video do not work in your video player, consider using a different video player. We recommend the VLC media player, also known as VideoLan. It is a free video player that is capable of playing almost all types of video formats. It is also one of the most popular video players used by Windows users worldwide. You can download VLC from

Description to share: You have an SRT file but you don’t know how to use it? Learn how to open SRT files for editing and how to play SRT files in videos on Windows 10.

frequently asked questions

How do I open SRT files in Windows 10?

Right-click on the file, select Open With, and then select the desired word processing program. In general, it is easiest to open an SRT file with WordPad or Notepad, but you can also use Microsoft Word or other word processing programs if you prefer.

Can Windows Media Player play SRT files?

Oh, no. Right click on the video and select Play with Windows Media Player. … If the video is already playing, right-click anywhere in the player and select Words, subtitles and captions > Enabled, if available.

How do I open SRT files with Windows Media Player?

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